A Guide To Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatment In Devon

You don’t have to stay trapped in your addiction if you’re struggling in Devon. There are private and public treatment programmes in the county which are all very effective in treating addiction. Treatment will help you avoid the imminent dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse, which could otherwise cause severe health damage, as well as other serious problems.

While there are lots of treatment options available, there may only be a select few that can adequately tackle your unique situation. This is why you should take extra care when choosing a treatment option. However, you can easily pick an ideal recovery plan with the proper guidance. There are also support groups in the county, and counselling services that can help you stay strong in the long run. If you’re unsure about anything, or just need extra help, we can assist you in finding treatment options and provide additional guidance, when you give us a call.

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Finding Treatment near Devon

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Devon
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Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Devon

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Private Rehab

Private rehabilitation centres are regarded as the best treatment option for addiction. This is because these centres entirely focus their treatment plans on a per-client method, without compromising on the level of care and comfort that they provide. There are a number of private rehabs in Devon, where you can get adequate treatment that will see you kick your addiction for good.

During your rehab regimen in a private facility, you’ll be put through different treatment programmes, which may begin with detoxification if your addiction is critical and you require stabilisation. The detox team will put you through different medication therapies, which will help minimise your withdrawal symptoms, and allow your body to rid itself of the substance you’re addicted to.

Your rehabilitation programme will involve a combination of both group and individual counselling sessions, where various therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, 12-step therapy, meditation, and more, will be carried out. Family recovery programmes are also conducted in most private rehabs, to inspire the addict to stay committed to recovery.

The Pros And Cons Of Private Rehab

Private rehabs certainly come with many advantages over other forms of rehabilitation. These benefits include the following:

  • A treatment framework that allows client choice
  • A confidentiality policy that makes sure your details stay private
  • Free aftercare programme for a year, that will help you transition back into your home environment
  • Immediate admission on-the-day
  • Additional services, such as catering and laundry service, to keep you comfortable
  • Easy access to psychotherapists and professionals
  • Free transport service from your Devon location to the facility and back
  • Different treatment programmes are carried out on-site
  • Integrated family recovery programme
  • Additional therapies, such as art and music, as well as a fitness programme


It is not free

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of rehab depends on different circumstances and factors, including the type of rehab you choose to go through, the type of treatment programmes employed, the length of treatment, and location of the rehab centre. Prices typically range from £1,000 to £2,500 per week, but these may fluctuate depending on the factors mentioned. There are cheaper options starting from £834 per week. Call us to discuss your options!

NHS Addiction Treatment

NHS treatment programmes and local government funded alcohol and drug services, are a viable means of fighting your addiction and are available in Devon. These services provide support for residents throughout the county, both young and old, who are ready to kick their abuse of these harmful substances. Services can be accessed through a referral from your GP, or friends and family. In some cases, these programmes are open access and you can refer yourself.

The Pros And Cons Of NHS Treatment

The main benefit of NHS treatment is the fact that it gives addicts who can’t afford private rehab a chance to fight their addiction. Other pros include getting treatment close to home, and the confidentiality of the service.

On the other hand, NHS treatment comes with certain issues, including a prolonged admissions process; going through treatment in different centres, the uncertainty of getting referred to a residential rehab, and the difficulty of going through outpatient treatment if your environment is a drug-enabling one.

Addiction Support Groups

Going through rehab does not give you full immunity to a relapse. Maintaining recovery is a lifelong process and requires constant commitment, and you’ll need help along the way. Addiction support groups are ideal to give you that required aid and support that will see you maintain your sobriety. Addiction support group meetings are free, and you can find different venues in different locations in Devon.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Devon

What Is NA?

Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship with members all over the world. It is dedicated to people struggling with addiction to drugs who are determined to achieve and maintain recovery and quit their drug misuse for good.

What Is AA?

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a well-known society of recovering alcoholics, with meeting locations spread across many different countries. You can find a venue close to you in Devon.

Types Of Counselling

One-to-One This is the most commonly known type of therapy. It involves a counselling session between therapist and patient in the same room. It may be held in an office, coffee shop, garden or any place where the patient feels most comfortable. Face-to-face therapy includes techniques such as motivational interviewing, simple yet effective QnA or unloading where the client releases whats been on there mind causing anxiety, fear, sadness etc… before the therapist interprets this and helps the client to uncover the root issue.

Online This includes all counselling services provided through the internet. It includes sessions via emails, Skype, and support group chat rooms such as SMART Recovery online support groups. It is easy, convenient, and promotes anonymity.

Group Involves a number of people struggling with similar issues coming together to discuss these issues openly, and in the presence of a certified counsellor. Through this process, each participant gains a deeper insight into their addiction, while providing support to others in the group at the same time.

How Can I Get to Devon?

By Rail

The main railway stations in the county include Plymouth, Exeter Central, and St David’s, which provide links to and from Bristol, the Midlands, London, Cornwall, and Somerset. The largest operators in the area are GWR and the South Western Railway.

By Road

The M5 motorway provides connections to Devon coming from Bristol and terminating at Exeter, where it goes on to the A38 heading to Cornwall with access to Plymouth. Due to holiday travellers congesting the only motorway coming into the area, during these times we advise you to pick an hour that’s before usual traffic or way after it, so that you can have a calmer and tranquil road experience.

The larger coach stations in the county are served by National Express, Megabus, as well as the South West Falcon services which you can use to arrive at Exeter and Plumouth and then transfer via local busses (or continue on the service you initially chose) to your final destination. A number of local buses can help you reach smaller areas such as Princetown, Tolnes, and Frogmore.

By Plane

It is possible to enter county Devon by air – this can be realised via the Exeter International Airport. It links the county with Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, France, spain, The Netherlands and more.