Addiction Helper is an online addiction support service.

We set up Addiction Helper to address the need for treatment for those affected by addiction. As recovering addicts and alcoholics ourselves, we recognised that there was a lack of real support for those affected by addiction and unhealthy compulsive behaviours. Addiction and alcoholism are illnesses, just like cancer and diabetes are illnesses. And this is acknowledged by the British Medical Council. Too many people die from addiction but there is treatment out there, as there is for cancer and diabetes. Addicts can recover. However, finding the right treatment can be overwhelming, getting your loved one to accept treatment can seem an impossible task. We wanted to use our experience and expertise to take away the confusion and fear from the recovery process.

The Addiction Helper team consists of trained addiction treatment counsellors and we work with therapists and some of the leading medical specialists in the field of addiction and mental health.??We will always suggest a minimum of three rehab centres to offer you a breadth and range of facilities that best suit you and your individual needs. What we do is get people suffering from addiction and compulsive behaviours into the best treatment plans for them. We work with only the most successful and renowned treatment clinics in the world, and we ensure that the centres that we work with in the UK are members of the Care Quality Commission.

Addiction Helper is not only about getting addicts into private rehabilitation clinics. Rehab is not the only form of treatment available and is not always the most appropriate one. We find our clients the right help, whether that is intervention, outpatient rehab, counselling, CBT or holistic therapy, and we provide ongoing support and aftercare to prevent relapse. There is free help out there too and we can advise on NHS services in your local area

We also provide much-needed free advice and support for the families of addicts, and information about addictions and mental health issues to promote better understanding. And that???s exactly why we launched Addiction Helper: to have all the information required by those affected by addictions and mental health issues in one place.

Addiction Helper is a treatment provider and receives bed fee discounts from rehabs. This enables us to deliver our service to all enquirers.

Addiction Treatment LTD has agreed to be acquired??by UK Addiction Treatment Group please see??the following link