A Guide to Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Powys

Powys, like the rest of the UK, is in the grip of an increasingly serious addiction epidemic. Old scourges such as alcohol, heroin, and cocaine have been joined by newcomers like spice and an array of legal prescription drugs to bring individual tragedy and collective social woe to the streets of Powys’ towns and villages. The costs – human, financial, environmental, ethical and more – continue to mount, day by day and year on year.

Nevertheless, this bleak picture is not unremittingly so: hope is out there in the form of growing expertise and increasingly capable facilities in the field of addiction treatment. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction in or near Powys, and are ready to seek help.

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Finding Treatment near Powys

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Powys
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Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Powys

Private Rehab

Private rehabilitation facilities provide a structured environment, focused on the recovery though bespoke treatment and therapies. Within these centres, people suffering from addictions and their families can benefit from expert staff, often with personal experience when it comes to battling addictions, available on a 24/7 basis.

Looking at the treatment options, private rehabs offer the most intense options, all tailored for each client. Every good private rehab devotes 100% of their time to their guests and to making them win the battle against addiction, regardless if it’s alcohol, an illegal or prescription drug, or a behavioural pattern they are dependent on. Specialised help is available for both the psychological and physical needs of those who are fighting addictions.

As part of treatment, private rehabs offer a sophisticated assessment process and easy admittance after that. Clients then go on to medically assisted detox, where needed, followed by rehabilitation – a tailored combination of analytical and holistic approaches, assisted by exercises and healthy meals. Most good private rehabs offer at least six months of aftercare, with the majority being a whole year of ongoing, continuous counselling and support.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab


  • Immediate admission
  • 24/7 care and support from staff
  • Expert team members with proven relevant background
  • Medically assisted detox when needed
  • Options for luxury, private suites
  • State-of-the art facilities including gyms, pools and more
  • Treatment programme tailored to the individual’s needs
  • CQC supervision


  • Cost can be a barrier but should be weighed up versus longer term cost of addiction both financial, physical and mental.

What Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of private rehab can vary significantly by treatment programme and from one facility to another, and depends upon which of a variety of optional extras are selected. As a rough guide, standard costs for rehab in or near Powys range from between £5,500 and £11,000 per month, though the cheapest rehab treatment can start from as little as £834 per week.

NHS Addiction Treatment

For most individuals battling addiction, the major benefit of government-funded treatment is that it is free. Councils and charity organisations partner to ensure that every area of the county has one form of addiction treatment for its residents. Services are mostly targeted towards the homeless, individuals who can’t afford private treatment, and those who don’t have private insurance. Even with limited access to funding, most of these government rehabs or outpatient clinics still provide decent treatment, which has helped thousands of people break free from addiction.

Pros and Cons of NHS Treatment

The benefits of NHS treatment are mostly focused on costs – they provide free rehab for all people whose health insurances checks out. Problems, however, have been on the rise when it comes to waiting times. With the recent budget cuts on addiction treatment through the NHS and the immense demand for this type of treatment, there are clinics in the UK with as much as three months.

Addiction Support Groups

Addiction-related support groups can be two types: support groups for addicts and support groups for the families and friends of addicts. The basis of these organisations is mutual help. Throughout the meetings, organised all over the UK and with a number of them available in Powys county, participants learn about each other, share their experiences and give and receive advice on how to manage past and upcoming problems.

What is NA?

One of these organisations working with addicts and their loved ones is the Narcotics Anonymous (NA). It is the second-largest support group organisation worldwide and, as the name suggests, provides help to recovering drug addicts specifically. The NA meetings in Powys are rare, but some groups get together more often than others. It’s important to know if you’re looking for a meeting nearby your location or away from your usual crowd.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Powys

What is NA?

One of these organisations working with addicts and their loved ones is the Narcotics Anonymous (NA). It is the second-largest support group organisation worldwide and, as the name suggests, provides help to recovering drug addicts specifically. The NA meetings in Powys are rare, but some groups get together more often than others. It’s important to know if you’re looking for a meeting nearby your location or away from your usual crowd.

What is AA?

A.A. stands for the Alcoholics Anonymous – an international organisation, a community of people who have or have had a drinking problem. The phenomenon is based on self-help and mutual support. Membership is available for everyone who wants to do something about their drinking habits, regardless of age, gender, social status. The way they help is by following the 12-step spiritual principles and guiding each other also using the Book of Alcoholics Anonymous book, first published in 1939.

Types Of Counselling

Counselling options in Powys and nearby areas include a number of private practices and rehab-based professionals who provide a variety of services including holistic and medical (psychological and physical) therapies.

Holistic therapies focus on healing the mind and body through understanding the relationship between the person and the surrounding environment. This means healing the individual as a whole. This said, rehabs in Powys provide different options for holistic, non-medication-based, therapies including acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, yoga, massages and more.

Regarding mental health, more integrative therapies can be used including Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and Cognitive analytical therapy (CAT). They all help us identify the root causes for both out harmful and beneficial behaviours and how to manage them better.

How Can I Get to Powys?

If you are planning to travel for addiction treatment in Powys then you’re in luck, and it’s rather easy to reach this Welsh county. Powys is the largest unitary authority in the country, boarding a total of twelve other counties in both England and Wales including Wrexham, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Gwynedd.

By Road

There are many roads crisscrossing the Powys area and allowing for easy access to the various cities, towns, and villages in the region. They include the A458, A483, A470 and A489, the A44, A40 and A479.

If you’re arriving from London, the fastest route to the largest city in Powys – Newtown – is via the M1 and M6 which will take you about 4.5 hours. You can get on the M1 from the A41, after that and at the M6 exit for Coventry/Birmingham, you should take the M6 until you see the signs for Wales/Telford/Wolverhampton/Shrewsbury/A5. You can exit the A5 at the first exit in the Churncote roundabout which will take you onto the A483 (already in Powys). You should continue straight until you see the signs for Newtown at Kerry Rd/A489. The A489 goes through Newtown and you can use it as a point of reference also on your leaving the city.

By Train or Bus

If you are coming to Powys from a different part of the UK, Edinburgh for example, and you don’t want to use your own vehicle, you may want to consider one of the many public lines running through the area. Reaching e.g. Welshpool from Edinburgh can last a bit over five hours with the Virgin Trains. Getting on the train for London Euston, you should switch to Transport for Wales’ Aberystwyth service at Wolverhampton station. It will take you to Welshpool in about an hour and a half.

Transport for Wales is the railway service you need to search for when travelling within the Welsh counties. There are over a dozen active railway stations in the county including the ones in Newtown, Welshpool, Caersws, Dovey Junction, Machynlleth, and Knighton.

Coach services in Powys are run by National Express. We advise you to check each timetable before engaging into a long-distance bus ride.