The Best Addiction/Recovery Biography?

Too High, Too Far, Too Soon by Simon Mason

Interview and Exclusive Book  Extracts

There’s a saying that not all addicts nor addictions are the same. At Addiction Helper, we know this to be true – we are all in recovery ourselves – and our addictions and recoveries aren’t the same. Unfortunately, this can’t be said for addiction and recovery biographies – almost all addiction biographies are the same old. Well that is, until now.

Thanks to author, recovering addict, former drug dealer to rock stars, father of young daughter Tabitha, and now a tireless advocate of recovery, Simon Mason, we have an exclusive prologue of his acclaimed biography: Too High Too Far Too Soon: Tales From A Dubious Past. And, amazingly, we also have the book’s last chapter!

Honest, inspiring, tragic and equally hilarious and disturbing at times, Simon’s book is both a deep pit of despair, near-death and hopelessness coupled with a phoenix of turned-out-just-fine and dandy. The book tells it like it is (or how it is and was for Simon) and many people will get identification throughout about the ups and desperate downs, the good and the truly awful of addiction, if not the actual scenarios Simon found himself in. Ultimately, it is a book of hope and will provide motivation for everyone connected with addiction, whether in active addiction, in recovery or affected by addiction. All wrapped up in a style of writing that allows words and narration to flow with ease and pages to turn effortlessly.

Simon Says

Simon with his daughter Lola

Simon with his daughter Tabitha

Book aside, and what it all comes down to is Simon’s recovery. That’s what it’s all about, recovery from addiction. Simon tells us how getting the right help is critical to overcoming addiction.

Simon tells us: “My ‘journey’ from a seemingly, hopeless drug addict, to the person I am today, has involved the ongoing support of many other people and continues to do so today. It is my experience that for the vast majority of addicted people, whether it be drugs/alcohol, gambling, food, sex, or indeed any other apparently entrenched damaging addictive patterns of behaviour, the intervention and guidance of others who have a clear understanding of these conditions, is essential in order to break free of such behaviours and allow the individual (s) involved, the time and space to create a better life for themselves and those who suffer with them.”

“I feel it important to state, that I am not a ‘professionally’ qualified counsellor/therapist but simply a ‘recovering’ addict, no different from any other. The ‘tools’ of recovery have been given to me freely by other recovering addicts and alcoholics along with the intervention of dedicated professionals working within the substance misuse field. The combination of which has allowed me to remain free of addiction and become the Father, Son, Brother, Uncle and friend I am today.”

Asking For It

Having been through treatment services, Simon knows the value of getting help from other people. After all, if we could do it all ourselves, then addiction wouldn’t be a problem, would it?

Simon adds: “If you or someone you know is suffering, please reach out, speak to others who understand, seek the love and ask for the help and support that IS available to us all.”

“There are many ways to ‘recover’ the only essential requirement is a desire to do so and the determination, once you have found a method that works for you, to keep doing it.”

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I wish you all the best, a day at a time, we do recover.

Book Extracts

Here are Addiction Helper’s exclusive extracts from the book:

  • Prologue
  • Final Chapter

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