Life after Recovery Can Be Very Rewarding

A drug addiction can devastate the life of the person addicted and that of their family and friends. The addict is always going to be at risk of injury or illness while taking these illegal substances and their family and friends will constantly be worrying about where they are and what they are doing. It can rip families apart and can cause addicts to lose their jobs and, in extreme cases, their homes too. Many drug addicts have died from accidental overdoses and others have developed illnesses as a result of their addiction. It is an all too familiar story and one that Kevin Ginnelly knows all about.

Ginnelly spent more than twenty years struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, which led to a destructive path and almost cost him his life. He was placed in care as a young child and was adopted at the age of five. Despite his adopted family being loving and nurturing, he struggled with the trauma he had experienced as a child and began to get into trouble during his teenage years. He started drinking with his friends and, when he did not have money to pay for alcohol, he would steal.

Trauma of War

At the age of sixteen, Ginnelly joined the Army and it looked as though he was getting his life back on track. However, the horrors of war were too traumatic and he turned to alcohol to relieve the pressure. Once he was back drinking alcohol, his behaviour declined and he was asked to leave the Army. Once he was back at home, his drinking made him violent and his family life suffered as a result.

Prison Sentence

Ginnelly moved out of his family home and his life spiralled out of control as he moved from town to town. In 1995, he was convicted of attempted robbery and sent to prison for three years. After his release, his life began to improve and he married and started a family. However, a drink addiction is always nearby and he found that he kept going back to it and, eventually, was unable to function without it.

He was jailed again in 2005 for his part in an armed siege at his family home. This resulted in the complete breakdown of his marriage and, while in prison, he found himself turning to crack cocaine and heroin – pretty soon, he was addicted. He battled this addiction for four years before realising that he needed help. He turned to recovery groups for support and managed to kick the habit. It was these recovery groups that helped him turn his life around; soon he became more involved in a mentoring role. He trained to be a recovery coach and then counsellor, before finally becoming a director of Changing Lanes, a support group for recovering addicts.

Help Is Never Far Away

If, like Kevin Ginnelly, you are struggling with an addiction, help is just a phone call away. Despite the fact that he struggled with addiction for more than twenty years, he has managed to beat his demons and is now using his experiences to help others. At Addiction Helper, we can put you in touch with a suitable rehabilitation centre and can talk to you about the treatment options that are available.

Our experts are fully trained in all types of addiction and are waiting at the end of the phone to hear from addicts or their families. They will offer advice and support and will help you take your first steps towards recovery.

Source: Macclesfield Express

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