Even Ultimatums May Not Be Enough to Break out of Addiction

Breaking free from addiction can be very difficult, especially for someone who has been dependent on a particular substance for a long time. Some addicts find it hard to even admit that they have a problem while others are reluctant to get help because they are afraid they will fail or that it will be too difficult.

In many instances, it takes an ultimatum to encourage an addict to seek help. This could be from a family member or friend who has decided the time has come to give their loved one a choice. However, it may also come in the form of a warning from the police or a judge. Unfortunately, in some cases, even an ultimatum may not be enough to get the addict to stop.

Prison Sentence

A man who was warned by a judge to stop drinking has been jailed for eleven months. Luke Bennett was told by a judge during his case for harassment and battery that he would ‘blow it all’ by having just one drink. The judge gave Bennett a second chance by handing him a twenty-one-month jail prison sentence, suspended for twenty-four months.

Nevertheless, Bennett had only five months left to serve on the twenty-four-month sentence when he was pulled over by police for erratic driving. He had taken his partner’s car without permission and police found that there were empty lager cans strewn about the floor of the vehicle. Bennet pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen and driving while disqualified.

Judge Julian Lambert told Bennett that he had taken a big risk when imposing a suspended sentence in November 2013, considering that Bennett had an especially bad record for drink driving and violence. He said, “I warned you not to drink again. I warned you that one drink would blow it all and that is what has happened here.”


Bennett had taken his partner’s car when police saw him swerving between lanes, with no lights on. Before they pulled the car over, it actually stopped in the middle of the road before Bennett drove on. The passenger foot well had a number of empty lager cans, and police suspected Bennett of being under the influence of alcohol. He was taken to the police station but refused to provide a breath sample. He was then charged and strip-searched, after which drugs were found. Bennett then admitted to drink driving and driving without a licence.

His lawyer spoke of how Bennett had been suffering from alcohol addiction for many years and said his client had been trying to quit. He went on to say that his client is waiting for a detox programme and is attending a number of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings each week.

Hard to Quit

Many alcoholics such as Luke Bennett find it extremely difficult to quit their addiction, even when faced with the prospect of a prison sentence. The pull of addiction is often too strong to ignore, and unless the addict seeks professional treatment, it can be impossible to kick the habit.

Luckily, there are many treatment options available for those suffering addictions to substances such as alcohol and drugs. As well as numerous private clinics throughout the country, there are charity organisations, local support groups, and NHS funded programmes too.

One of the biggest issues for those with addictions is not knowing how to access the treatments that are available. That is where Addiction Helper comes in. We are a free service working hard in all areas of the country, putting addicts and their families in touch with suitable providers for their needs. If you or a loved one have an addiction and need help, contact Addiction Helper today.


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