Alcohol rehab in Turkey is very similar to what can be found in the UK. A lot of people travel to Turkey in order to receive treatment if they don’t find something they like here or there isn’t enough available bed space. As an addiction treatment referral organisation, we can help you locate and gain admission to a rehab clinic as soon as you are ready to seek treatment for alcoholism.

Alcohol and drug rehab in Turkey is based on the same foundational principles you might already be familiar with. For example, addiction is a medical problem requiring medical solutions. Treatments at a private clinic are administered with that in mind, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that patients permanently overcome their addictions in order to return to the kinds of lives they were used to before addiction set in.

Why Choose Rehab in Turkey?

The usual course of action for alcoholics in the UK is to seek out treatment at a local rehab facility. That treatment can be either inpatient or outpatient based. However, there are times when an alcohol addict wants to travel outside the UK. In some cases, the desire to travel is linked to a desire for anonymity. The alcoholic wants to be treated in a place where it is virtually guaranteed no one will know that person.

There are other cases in which alcoholics and their families believe that being treated outside of the country would mean a better environment for the individual. Again, rehab in Turkey is an option. The system in that country is very modern and similar to ours in terms of medical standards and modalities.

Private rehab centres utilise the same kinds of treatments including medically supervised detox and counselling-based therapies offered in a residential setting. There are also outpatient rehab options in Turkey, but they are noticeably fewer in number. The primary model of alcohol treatment is residential.

Why the Emphasis on Residential Drug Rehab in Turkey?

It might seem unusual that 90% of the rehab clinics in Turkey are residential in nature. The reason for that is simple: Turkish addiction experts believe that the residential model is the better choice for people in need of alcohol and drug rehab. The country’s three non-residential clinics are reserved for people who substance abuse issues do not warrant residential treatment. By and large though, alcohol addicts go through residential treatment at one of the 33 residential clinics.

The emphasis on residential treatment is rooted in the same principles we are familiar with in the UK. Residential treatment offers an environment that is distraction-free and, therefore, more conducive to addiction recovery. Doctors are free to focus all their efforts on addicts, and the resources given to those clinics to operate are fully dedicated to addiction treatments only.

To that end, please note that most of the funding for addiction treatment in Turkey is provided by the government. Financial support comes directly from healthcare and social funds set up by the Turkish government. This is beneficial to patients in that anyone who receives a referral from a doctor or psychiatrist in that country does not have to worry about paying for residential treatment entirely. On average, patients only pay about 20% ??? and that is only for certain kinds of treatments involving costly prescription medications. Many patients pay nothing at all.

Who Regulates Alcohol Rehab in Turkey?

If you are thinking of travelling to Turkey for treatment and are afraid the quality may not be there, we want to set your mind at ease. The implementation of alcohol and drug rehab falls under the scope of the Ministry of Health and the Science Committee for Substance Addiction. Individual clinics are licenced throughout the country via Provincial Healthcare Directorates.

In short, rehab in Turkey is taken very seriously by government officials. They view it as their responsibility to make sure that rehab clinics are properly licenced, doctors and nurses are licenced and trained, and that each patient gets the best possible care.

Turkish standards for alcohol rehab are rooted in addiction research and medical science. Treatment clinics exist in three separate formats: therapy and education centres, hospital-run clinics, and university-based clinics. The most interesting aspect to this is the fact that there are 36 operational rehab clinics in Turkey at this time. Of that number, 33 are residential in nature.

Rest assured that you will receive high-quality treatment should you desire to travel there. Also rest assured that your treatment will be monitored and supervised by medical professionals at all times. In order to get into a Turkish clinic, you have to be referred by a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist; your progress and overall health would be monitored by medical professionals throughout.

What is rehab in Turkey like?

Rehab in Turkey is based on the same two principles utilised in the UK: detox and psychotherapeutic treatments. Detox is medically supervised and monitored in a residential setting where patients are made as comfortable as possible and, where appropriate, prescription medications are used to help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Detox is followed by a number of psychotherapeutic interventions designed to help addicts overcome the negative thoughts and emotions attached to addiction. Two of the more common therapies used in Turkey are cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing.

The former is a goal-based therapy that helps uncover the underlying reasons for a person???s addiction. The idea is to help recovering alcoholics understand why they think and behave as they do. From that more enlightened standing, techniques can be developed for focusing thoughts and behaviours in a more positive direction moving forward.

Motivational interviewing is all about finding positive ways to motivate patients to live substance-free lives. It is also a goal-based therapy originally created to overcome ambivalence among problem drinkers. It is a very positive therapy that seeks to identify and take advantage of all the positive aspects of life in order to direct patients to make life changes that aid in the pursuit of those positive things.

Turkey is one option for getting alcohol rehab outside of the UK. The nation’s 36 clinics treat alcoholism from a medical standpoint by offering medically supervised detox and proven psychotherapeutic treatments. Please contact Addiction Helper if you want more information about alcohol rehab in that country.