Alcohol rehab in Switzerland comes in varying forms thanks to the diverse population of patients seeking treatment in that country. From public outpatient-based rehab programmes to the most exclusive luxury clinics, Switzerland’s addiction recovery community offers treatment options to suit just about every need.

Britons looking to go overseas may choose alcohol or drug rehab in Switzerland due to a need for anonymity. As such, Switzerland is a popular destination among business executives and other well-known individuals who choose to seek rehab in a setting that is private and out of the public eye. And yet, you do not need to be a celebrity or well-known business executive to be treated. Anyone can travel there for rehab, to be treated alongside residents.

Addiction Helper is a referral organisation with the primary mission of connecting those who need rehab with the clinics and private organisations providing it. We can help you better understand the rehab environment in Switzerland should you ever consider travelling abroad for treatment. We might also be able to offer you a referral.

Public Alcohol Rehab in Switzerland

As with most other countries, Switzerland offers both public and private rehab treatments. Public treatments are not necessarily framed specifically toward treatments for drugs or alcohol. Rather, they are implemented alongside other mental health treatments at local psychiatric hospitals. Accessing public treatment requires a referral from a psychiatric clinician who has conducted a qualified assessment.

As for outpatient versus inpatient, treatment at a psychiatric hospital can go either way. There are some alcoholics who are referred to day programmes, with or without the need for detox. Others are referred to psychiatric hospitals where they will undergo long-term treatment following detox. Detox in the public setting is almost always carried out in a separate hospital environment prior to the start of psychotherapy.

Swiss doctors are known to use prescription medications to help alcoholics reduce their cravings and get through withdrawal more gradually. However, there is no national consensus on whether these kinds of treatment methods are more efficacious than drug-free rehab. Therefore, they seem to be hit and miss. One doctor may prefer the use of prescription medications while another working in the same hospital may not.

The benefit of public alcohol rehab in Switzerland is that it is provided free of charge. Swiss residents do not pay anything, yet still receive the best care the system can offer.

Private Rehab in Switzerland

Even with a fairly strong public treatment system in place, Switzerland is primarily known for its private rehab clinics. Some of the most well-known and exclusive clinics are located in the country. The quality of care they provide is considered among the best in the world.

Alcohol addicts who choose private rehab will begin the process with a comprehensive assessment conducted by doctors and therapists. More than just attempting to determine a patient’s physical and mental health, the assessment attempts to uncover the root causes of the patient’s behaviour before a bespoke treatment plan is even considered. This is key to the Swiss system.

Following the assessment and its analysis, the patient will undergo medically supervised detox either right at the private rehab clinic or at a local hospital. A strong emphasis is placed on patient comfort and minimising the risk of withdrawal symptoms. During the detox period, many of the private clinics also conduct a complete medical and nutritional exam. Nutritionists follow-up with a plan designed to help the recovering alcoholic begin eating right so as to replace the vitamins and minerals alcoholism has depleted.

Finally, patients discharged from detox are moved to a rehab facility either on the same grounds or at a different location. In rehab, they will undergo at least several weeks of psychosocial therapies ranging from cognitive behavioural therapy to motivational interviewing. They may engage in 12-step work as a precursor to joining a 12-step fellowship upon their return home.

Luxury Drug Rehab in Switzerland

It would be impossible to talk about Swiss alcohol rehab without mentioning the many luxury clinics found there. These clinics cater to clients already used to a certain kind of lifestyle their higher incomes afford them. Luxury clinics can be more like five-star hotels than medical units. However, operating as a luxury clinic in no way reduces the quality of care.

Luxury rehab clinics are known for their high-end accommodations and exclusive amenities. Rooms are almost always exclusively private, though it might be possible to find semi-private accommodations from time to time. Amenities include things like fully-equipped gyms, swimming pools, extensive libraries, and daily assistance through personal chefs, butlers, and housekeepers.

Please note that not all private rehab clinics in Switzerland are of the luxury variety. There are ample clinics priced more moderately. Also bear in mind that the cost of rehab will be heavily influenced by the accommodation level and amenities a clinic offers. Luxury clinics will obviously cost more than a more moderate alternative.

Are You Hoping for Rehab in Switzerland?

Are you looking to travel abroad in order to receive alcohol rehab in anonymity? Are you hoping for an environment that caters to the high-end lifestyle? If so, Switzerland may be the right destination for you. The sheer number of choices makes this region of Europe a top choice among Britons looking to be treated overseas.

Addiction Helper has the resources to assist you in finding the right rehab clinic in Switzerland. To get started, just contact us on our 24-hour helpline or through this website. As soon as we hear from you, we can begin working on your behalf. Our number one goal is to connect you with a rehab facility that will help you get started on the road to recovery.

If you are already a resident of Switzerland, you have the option of choosing between public and private care. Going with the public option means seeing your doctor or getting in touch with a local psychiatric hospital capable of treating you. If you prefer private care, contact us at Addiction Helper or the residential clinic of your choice. You should be able to get the information you need either way.