Addiction Problems in Saudi Arabia

There are almost certainly a number of expats living in Saudi Arabia and dealing with addiction problems. This type of problem tends to be kept hidden because expats know that admitting to any type of drink or drug problem would have consequences for their future in the Kingdom. There are no real options when it comes to addiction treatment in Saudi Arabia, so it is usually necessary for expats to leave the country in order to get the help they need. Our team is expert when it comes to addiction treatment plans and rehab placements, and we offer a discrete service that will be able to place Saudi expats in appropriate facilities elsewhere in the world. To get the help you need just call +44 203 1511488 right away ??? our team is ready to take your call 24 hours of the day and 365 days of the year.

Do You Need Rehab?

It is not uncommon for people to move somewhere like Saudi Arabia because they believe that it will help them break away from addiction. The fact that alcohol is illegal in this country can give people the idea that staying sober will be easy, but this is usually not the case. The reality is that when people want to get their hands on alcohol there will usually be no real problem in doing so. It is not uncommon for people who moved to places like Saudi to escape addiction actually found that the situation deteriorated. Even when people are able to stay completely dry during their stay in the kingdom, it does not mean that they are recovered. This is because stopping the substance abuse is just the first step in a journey to recovery ??? there is much more work that needs to be done in order to build a good life free from alcohol and drugs.

It is common for people to misunderstand the purpose of rehab ??? they believe that it is just a place where the person goes to stop drinking or drug using, so if they can do this themselves they will not need rehab. The reality is that helping the person stop the substance abuse is just the tip of the iceberg of what a rehab has to offer ??? in fact, many of them do not even deal with the detox phase. The real goal of this type of programme is to provide the individual with the tools they are going to need in order to build a full and satisfying life. It is sort of like a boot camp for sobriety, so that the person has a solid foundation for their future life. The type of thing that the person can expect from this type of facility will include:

  • ??? The opportunity to begin examining the roots of their addiction. This is important because unless these are removed the person will be at risk of relapsing or falling into new maladaptive behaviours.
  • ??? Coping strategies for dealing with the difficulties of life. The reason for why many people will relapse after a period of sobriety is that they feel overwhelmed by life ??? they just do not have the right coping strategies. This is because most people will have been using alcohol or drugs as their method for dealing with life’s problems and when this is removed, they do not have anything to replace it with. By entering rehab, the individual will have the opportunity to develop new coping strategies that are far more effective than anything they have used before.
  • ??? Another goal of rehab is to help the person develop life skills ??? this would include things like assertiveness training and anger management. Many people will fall into addiction at a young age before they have had a chance to develop proper life skills. By entering rehab, they can be fast-tracked through these skills, so that they will be better able to function in society.
  • ??? Becoming sober means having to find a new meaning and purpose in life. If the individual feels that their life lacks a purpose, they will not see the point of staying sober. One of the goals of rehab is to give the person the opportunity to develop this purpose.

This is just a small number of the general benefits you will experience in rehab, and when you call us on +44 203 1511488 we will be able to go over some of the many ways that this type of programme will be able to benefit your life.

How to Choose a Rehab from Saudi Arabia

If you are staying in Saudi Arabia, you will need to leave the country in order to get the help you need. The problem is that it can be difficult to assess what is available in other countries, and this is where we can help. We are experts in this field and we have contact rehabs in many countries around the world. When you contact us we will assess your exact needs, and we will then be able to make suggestions based on this. Many of our team members have had personal experience with addiction problems, so the advice we give will often be influenced by person experience as well as knowledge of what is available in regards to treatment.

One of the concerns that people in Saudi Arabia are likely to have in regards to addiction treatment will be anonymity. They may be worried about what will happen if their employer finds out that they have been to rehab. This concern is understandable, but there is no reason for why your employer (or anyone else) should ever find out. You are just going abroad on holiday, and you don’t even need to use your real name in rehab if you do not want to. So don’t waste any time. Contact us right now on +44 203 1511488 and we will be able to help you on your journey away from addiction.