There will be expats living in Nigeria who are dealing with addiction problems. Trying to break away from this type of condition while living abroad can be difficult, and the treatment options available locally are limited. There will also be Nigerians who are struggling to deal with alcoholism and substance abuse problems but who are unable to find adequate treatment options in their own country. In both of these situations, the best option may be for the individual to leave Nigeria in order to get the addiction help that they need. We are experts in the field of addiction treatment centres and we will be able to advise people about their international options for drug and alcohol rehab and detox in this regard.

The Reasons Expats Fall into Addiction

It is often the case that individuals who never seemed to have problems with alcohol or drugs when they lived in their home country, can fall into substance abuse as expats. There are a number of reasons for why this can happen including:

  • When people are in their home environment, they will usually feel controlled by their social network. Family and friends will influence the individual to behave well, and the person can feel that they are expected to keep up a certain level of appearance within their community. When the person moves abroad it can feel as if all those influences that were holding them back are gone, and they are now free to do what they want. This means that the person who kept their alcohol and drug use under control because of the expectations of society will now feel free of this influence, and it will be easier for them to behave badly.
  • Living in a foreign country can stressful, and the individual will no longer have their usual safety net. There is also likely to be periods of culture shock and loss of identity. In order to deal with these stresses the person may turn to alcohol or drugs.
  • The expat community tends to be made up of heavy drinkers, and most social occasions will involve alcohol. There can be a good deal of pressure put on people within this community to drink heavily and frequently. The individual may feel that they have a choice of either joining in the action or feeling isolated and alone in a foreign country.
  • The cost of alcohol is cheaper than some western countries so this may encourage the individual to consume more.

Difficult Ending Addiction in Nigeria if Unsupported

The lack of viable addiction treatment options in Nigeria can mean that the individual may want to try to go it alone. A minority of people do seem able to end alcohol or drug abuse, at least in the short term, without support, but the majority of substance abusers do not seem able to manage this. The reality is that to have the best chance of breaking away from addiction the person is going to need something like rehab. There are a number of reasons for why this is the case including:

??? One of the first hurdles that a person faces when they try to break away from addiction is making it through withdrawals. These are rarely any worse than mild flu symptoms, but they are complicated by the fact that the person knows that they can end the discomfort at any time by relapsing ??? it can be very tempting for them to do so. The majority of people who try to give up addiction alone never make it beyond this stage.

??? A minority of people are at risk of developing a serious type of withdrawal symptoms known as delirium tremens (DT’s), and this can be potentially life threatening. It is vital that any person who is at risk of developing DT’s has their withdrawals medically supervised. Such supervision can be provided by those rehabs that also provide detox beds.

??? Ending addiction is not simply about quitting the alcohol or drug use. There will be reasons for why the person turned to this behaviour in the first place, and the likelihood is that these reasons will still be there when the person becomes sober. In many instances, the reason for why the individual fell into addiction was that they felt unable to cope with life, and this is likely to be the same after they become sober. It is therefore vital that the individual begins to develop new effective coping skills for dealing with life, and this work can be best done in rehab.

A rehab facility provides the individual with the ideal environment for breaking away from addiction problems. The person will be surrounded by those who are on a similar path, and the whole environment will be designed to empower them and keep them motivated. The real reason for entering rehab is not simply to give up alcohol and drugs ??? it is to provide the person with the tools they are going to need in order to build a great life away from addiction problems.

How We Can Help You Break Away From Addiction

If you want to have the best shot at breaking away from your addiction problems, it may be necessary for you to go outside Nigeria for help. Medical tourism is now extremely common, so it is no longer such a big deal to travel to other countries for addiction help. There are some excellent addiction treatment centres within easy reach of Nigeria by plane. One option worth considering would be South Africa, which currently attracts people from all around the world because they offer such effective and unique treatment option. There are also other countries worth considering including Thailand, Spain, Portugal, United States, and the UK. We are experts in this field and we will be able to offer you advice on what would be your best option. When you phone us, a member of our team will listen to your circumstances and together you will come up with a few options that will be most suitable for you. So do not waste any time ??? call us right now.