Addiction Help for Expats in the Netherlands

If you are looking for help ending your addiction problems you will have options. There are now many different types of rehab facility, and they will use a variety of approaches to help people break away from addiction. These days??? people will not only be limited to facilities in their county or even their country; the popularity of medical tourism means that an increasing number of people are now going abroad for help. If you are an English speaking expat living in the Netherlands, you may find that it makes more sense for you to go abroad for addiction help. The level of English in Netherlands is generally relatively high, but there can still be communication barriers and these can be a real problem when looking for addiction help.

Good Reasons to Choose an Alcohol and Drug Rehab in the Netherlands

Travelling to another country for alcohol and drug rehab is not something that most people would have considered up until recent years. There are some good reasons for why people might want to choose this option including:

  • The internet has made the world appear like a much smaller place, and it has made it easier to compare what is available in other countries to what we have at home. The fact that the information about foreign rehabs is so easily available makes it an easier choice to make.
  • The rise in medical tourism has occurred because people have found that they can sometimes get better deals by going abroad.
  • It can often be the case that there are few suitable rehab beds available to suit the person???s needs in the Netherlands, and this means that the person will need to either wait or choose something less than ideal. By considering other countries around the world, the individual will greatly increase their chances of finding a suitable rehab bed right now.
  • There will be some people who do not want to go to rehab in the Netherlands because they are worried about anonymity issues. This occurs when the person wants to keep their alcohol or drug problem private for professional or personal reasons. It is the person???s right to do this. By choosing to go to a rehab away from the Netherlands, the person will be helping to protect their own anonymity.
  • Some rehabs will have a particular approach to recovery that is appealing to certain individuals. This person may need to travel abroad to find that option that resonates best with them. This makes sense because the person will be increasing their chances of success by choosing the very best rehab they can. Just because a facility works well for one person does not mean that it will work well for someone else, so it is important that each individual find the place that is most likely to work for him or her.
  • There is a lot to be said for going abroad for rehab as it gets the individual out of their current environment. It is often said that in order for people to be able to think differently it helps if they can change their surroundings. A simplistic example of this is how going out for a walk can allow people to see solutions that they would have missed if they had stayed at home. By travelling to Holland for addiction help, the individual will be in a completely new environment, and this will give them a chance to see things in a different way. The individual will also be far away from their usual temptations.
  • One of the main driving forces behind medical tourism is that people realise that they can find better deals by travelling abroad. Even when the cost of travel it taken into account the individual may still find that it is cheaper for them to receive treatment abroad.
  • The individual may be able to find a reasonably priced luxury rehab abroad even though they would never be able to afford such a facility back in the Netherlands. This can be a good choice because the individual will be eliminating many of those avoidable discomforts that make the treatment program more demanding. It is best to make things as easy as possible, so that the individual can put all their concentration where it is needed.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab in the Netherlands

There are a number of things worth considering when choosing a rehab in the Netherlands including:

  • People in the Netherlands speak good English, but this is not always the reality with foreign countries, and it might be a mistake to assume that this is always the case. It is important to ensure that the team in the rehab will be able to communicate sufficiently in English.
  • It is vital that the individual has realistic expectations no matter what rehab they choose. Travelling to foreign countries can be an excellent choice, but there are no magical solutions out there. Some rehabs are going to be more suitable than others are, but at the end of the day, it will always be up to the person to get the most out of their recovery.
  • The individual may find a rehab in another country that appears to be cheaper than a place in the Netherlands or even their home country, but when they factor in travelling expenses and other costs it might work out more expensive. It is important to factor in all expenses when judging which option is the best value.
  • It may arguably be a more difficult transition back home when you stay in a foreign rehab. It will not really be practical to enjoy an aftercare program provided by that facility because the person will be in a different country. This means that they will have to arrange their own aftercare.

We Can Help You Find the Most Appropriate Rehab Facility

Our team is expert when it comes to advising people on their addiction treatment program options, and we welcome calls from anyone who is unsure about how to proceed ??? you are not under any obligation to us for just calling for a chat about your options in this regard. We have contacts in all the top rehab facilities around the world, places like the United States, Thailand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom (to name just a few), and this means that we are almost certainly going to find something that will be suitable for you. By choosing the right rehab, you will be significantly increasingly your chances of achieving long-term sobriety, so do not waste any time and contact us right now.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in the Netherlands

There are plenty of English speaking AA meetings in the Netherlands including:

  • AA Keep it Simple Meeting ??? Wednesday 20:00 – 5612HK, Kronehoefstraat 22-28, Gebouw De Kroon, Eindhoven
  • AA Discussion Meeting ??? Friday 20:00 – De Pater’s Kerk, Nijverheidsingel 391, Breda
  • AA Groningen zuid ??? Tuesday 19:30 – VNN detox unit, Vondellaan 71, 9721 LB Groningen