Travel to France for Addiction Help

If you are dealing with addiction problems you are in real risk of losing everything important in your life. The reality is that this type of condition sucks the individual into a downward spiral, and the longer they remain addicted the more they will end up losing. If you are not able to stop in time it might even cost you your life. There are many options that will help people overcome addiction problems, and one of these will be to travel abroad for help.

If you are an English speaker living in France, it may be a good idea for you to travel abroad for addiction help. These days medical tourism has provided the individual with many new options, and in order to get the best possible treatment it may be necessary to travel abroad. There are some excellent facilities within a short plane ride from France ??? including destinations such as Spain and Portugal. There are also good options further afield in places such as Thailand and South Africa.

Why People Are Choosing to Go to Rehab in France

Up until the last few years, it would have been considered a bit adventurous to travel to other countries around the world for rehab help. The rise of medical tourism though, means that more and more people are seeing this type of travel as a viable option. There may be some real advantages to choosing rehab outside of France including:

  • There will be expats living in France who may be able to speak French to a high level, but would still prefer to go through rehab in English. The reality is that in order to get the most out of this type of program the individual will be need to be able to converse deeply with their therapists as well as the other clients ??? this can be difficult to do in a language that is not your mother tongue.
  • It may be a real help for the individual to be away from their usual environment. It can be difficult for the person to develop a fresh perspective when familiar things surround them. By travelling outside of France to a foreign rehab, the individual might find it easier to step outside their normal ways of thinking. It might also allow them to see that there are different ways of doing things, and that they world is full of possibilities.
  • There are some options for addiction treatment centres in France, but the individual may still find it difficult to get a bed in the facility of their choice. They might be expected to delay their recovery until a vacancy becomes available. This is far from an ideal situation because the urge to walk away from addiction can evaporate if it is not acted upon quickly. By considering foreign options for rehab, the individual will be far more likely to find something suitable right away.
  • One of the really useful side effects of the popularity of the internet is that it has allowed people to see new alternatives. The person can easily find information on what is available in other countries, and this might encourage them to choose these options.
  • It might be the case that it will be cheaper for the person to choose a rehab that is not in France. The hunt for better deals is the real driving force behind most medical tourism. The price of rehab has increased over the last few years, and there are foreign rehabs that offer a similar level of quality for less money. This also means that the individual may be able to find even a luxurious rehab for much less than they would pay in the France.
  • Some people will choose rehab away from France because they are worried about their privacy. All rehabs in this country do respect people???s anonymity, but the person can feel more secure about this if they attend a foreign rehab. They will just be able to tell their friends and work colleagues that they are going abroad on holiday.
  • Travelling to a foreign rehab can mean staying in an exotic location like Thailand. This can be a nice option for people to take their first tentative steps into recovery. This is one of the most significant points in this person???s life ??? the start of a new and better way of life. It makes sense that the person would want to this to happen somewhere special.

Things to Consider When Choosing Rehab in France

The choice to leave France can be a very good one, but it is important that the individual considers what is involved before they commit to this. Some of the things worth considering will include:

  • If the individual does not speak the language spoken in these foreign rehabs fluently, they will need to make sure that the team in this rehab will be able to speak sufficient English. It can be difficult for the individual to get the most out of the rehab unless they are able to communicate effectively.
  • The individual will need to keep in mind that they may be missing some home comforts when they choose a foreign facility. This is particularly important to keep in mind for those who are fussy eaters and do not like foreign food. If people do have specific dietary requirements, it is important that they check what is available before they go.
  • If the person is choosing a foreign rehab, they will usually have to put a great deal more effort into arranging their own aftercare program. Many of the foreign facilities will offer some type of aftercare program that is offered to the person as an outpatient, but such care might not be available to the individual who intends to return to France.
  • When comparing the cost of private rehab in the UK to a similar facility in France it is important to factor in travel costs and other expenses. When these are taking into account it may mean that travelling abroad for help no longer seems so cost effective.
  • It is vital that the individual has realistic expectations for any rehab they choose ??? there are no magical solutions. The individual will still have to work hard to get the most out of the experience no matter which rehab they select.

Together We Will Find Your Best Rehab Option

When people become serious about finding the best option for rehab, they will usually be overwhelmed by what is available. It can also be difficult to decide what each facility is actually offering. This is where our team can be of assistance. We are experts in this field, and we will be able to help you find the addiction treatment program that is most likely to work for you. If you are an English speaker then you may want to go beyond France for a rehab facility, and we will be able to tell you about all the most effective programs around the world. Contact us here right away and together we will find the path that is most likely to take you away from addiction problems.