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Yorkshire is one of the many regions where detox centres are available for addicted individuals. Their only goal is to give patients hope and to lay the foundations to create a better future. Drug and alcohol rehab in Yorkshire uses a number of different methods to accomplish their goals, and all are available regardless individual patient need. The treatment programmes within Yorkshire’s clinics are customised, though.

Your key to accessing customised alcohol or drug rehab in Yorkshire is getting in touch with Addiction Helper. As a referral service, we make it our business to know what local clinics are offering. We also have plenty of information about NHS programmes, local 12-step support groups, private counselling opportunities, and more. You could say that we have all the information you need to take full advantage of customised rehab.

Why Customised Rehab in Yorkshire?

You might be wondering why there is such a strong emphasis on customised programmes for drug and alcohol addicts. Well, the truth is that it’s imperative that an individual program be created for the individual patient. The nature of addiction demands it.

A common mistake is to believe that every addiction is exactly the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Addiction can actually be radically different from one addict to the next. Evidence of this is seen in the symptoms and motivations. A group of patients with the same addiction symptoms can vary widely in the things that motivate them toward addictive behaviour. Likewise, individuals with similar motivations can exhibit drastically different symptoms. Then there are those patients with both symptoms and motivations completely unique to them. There just is not a single model that applies to every addict.

The primary motivation behind customised treatment is to meet every patient where he or she is. It is not to conform each patient into a single program applied evenly to all, but to encourage patients to proactively participate in their own rehabilitation through customised treatment plans that meet their needs.

Does the customised approach work? Absolutely. Customising treatment allows doctors and therapists to address individual patients at a very personal level. This allows for the underlying causes of addiction to be fully uncovered and addressed, followed by developing coping skills that are once again unique to the individual. Patients who successfully complete customised rehab are in a very good position to go on to permanent abstinence.

Characteristics of Drug Rehab in Yorkshire

Individual counselling and detox make up the bulk of rehab. Counselling is combined with other psychotherapeutic treatments such as 12-step work, group activities and life skills building to create a holistic treatment experience that addresses the whole person rather than just the symptoms of addiction. There is a very good reason for addressing rehab in this way.

Holistic rehab gets to the heart of addiction. It brings out into the open the very reasons addiction was triggered in the first place. Holistic rehab utilises confidential sessions where the most difficult issues in the minds of patients are targeted and openly dealt with.

Group therapy sessions for drug and alcohol treatment are also a major part of every rehab facility’s efforts. These sessions are intended to create connections between patients. People better relate to those who are experiencing the same things they are, especially when it comes to something like alcohol and drug rehab, and bringing patients together in a group setting takes advantage of that dynamic. Recovering addicts learn from one another as well as benefiting from the mutual support group therapy provides.

Detox and Alcohol Rehab in Yorkshire

Though counselling and rehabilitative therapies are critical to successful addiction treatment, rehab in Yorkshire doesn’t start there. It begins with medically supervised detox under the watchful eye of experienced doctors and nurses. Detox is as critical as counselling and rehabilitative therapy because it addresses physical dependence on the substances being used.

Detox treatments are customised to suit each addict, just as rehab is. Detox cleanses the body of both the substances being used and any lingering toxins in preparation for entering the psychotherapeutic phase of rehab. With a fully detoxed body, patients are better able to concentrate on beating their addictions. As such, detox is one of the first things new residents encounter in treatment.

Rehab in Yorkshire Offers Further Support

Additional courses of treatment follow residential rehab through aftercare services. Aftercare gives patients something to hold on to following discharge. Some aftercare courses give patients a new sense of responsibility by encouraging them to learn new skills which can be then put to good use in the outside world. Still other aftercare therapies can offer a spark of inspiration for developing new hobbies that help patients escape the temptation to relapse.

Of course, there are rehab clinics in Yorkshire that do not wait for aftercare to begin offering these additional courses of treatment. There are clinics that include things like art, music, and drama, and others to kick-start new hobbies and passions before actual discharge. The idea is to give them something to devote their energies to while in treatment, so that they continue to pursue those things in aftercare.

In the end, residential treatment only lasts for a set amount of time. Once Residential treatments are complete, recovering addicts must reintegrate into their local communities and get on with life. But this is not a bad thing.

Aftercare programmes are there to help patients further develop their coping skills. Counselling is available as is 12-step fellowship and, when necessary, ongoing medical care. No recovering addict is left to him or herself unless a conscious choice to that end is made.

For the record, aftercare is about providing former residents with opportunities to continue the recovery journey closer to home and alongside love ones. Over time the support mechanisms provided by aftercare can be removed, allowing patients to stand on their own two feet and support themselves in their quest to achieve long term abstinence.

We have provided quite a bit of information about rehab in Yorkshire. Now the only question is whether you are ready to reach out for help. If you are, contact Addiction Helper and let us get started on the process of helping you get well.

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