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Going through a drug alcohol detox in Kendal is never easy. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms as a whole is never easy, yet it???s the most important process and can???t be avoided. Drug and alcohol counselling is practically useless if the individual hasn???t yet been cleansed of the drugs and other substances afflicting them.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Centres Detoxification

The detoxification program is customised depending on the specific patient. Some individuals respond to one method of treatment, whereas other patients respond to something entirely different. Individuals will be assessed depending on their addictions and given the treatment which is best for them.

Differences in Addiction

  • Minor addictions will have the withdrawal symptoms of dry mouth, shaking, and trouble with sleeping, amongst other things. These addictions can be treated, along with their withdrawal symptoms, by going cold turkey during the detox stage. Alcohol and drug treatment centres will ensure no medical harm comes to them during this time.
  • Serious addictions can have symptoms ranging from organ failure to death. These are much more dangerous and have to be handled using special medications to eliminate the body???s dependency on the drug. If the body can do this there???s nothing stopping the individual from cleansing their minds within alcohol and drug treatment centres.

Detoxification Long Term

The initial goal of detoxification in alcohol and drug addiction centres is to remove the influence of these substances prior to drug alcohol counselling. Going through an alcohol detox is hard work, but it???s something which lasts for many years to come. Detoxification within residential alcohol and drug treatment centres is but the beginning of a process which will take a very long time to complete. The more serious the addiction the longer it will take.

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