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Drug and Alcohol Rehab options in Birmingham

For many residents of Birmingham, it is never easy to admit that drugs or alcohol have become a problem in their life. Reaching out for help can be even harder. For many with addiction, it is easier to blame others or to completely deny the problem exists. However, for those who can come to terms with the fact that these chemical substances have become a negative force in their lives, there are plenty of options available in terms of drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham.

If you are an affected individual, Addiction Helper is aware of the struggle you are facing when it comes to overcoming your addiction. We know how devastating this illness can be to both you and your family members. Nevertheless, as many of our team have completed recovery journeys of their own, they are in a perfect position to help when it comes to offering advice about alcohol or drug rehab in Birmingham as well as in other parts of the UK.

Why Alcohol Rehab in Birmingham is Necessary?

In Birmingham, the number of people abusing drugs and alcohol is increasing, and one of the many negative impacts of this is the strain on health services in the city. Sadly, those who abuse alcohol and drugs are often the perpetrators of, or the victims of, violent crime. In many cases, those under the influence of these substances will resort to crime in order to feed their habit. Other times, they may act in a violent manner because of the effect of the substance they have taken.

The reality, however, is that drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham could go a long way in preventing many offences from being committed. The more people that access these services, the less crime the city will have to deal with.

Alcohol abuse also contributes to a high number of hospital admissions every single year in towns and cities across the UK. At peak times in Birmingham, for example, around seventy per cent of hospital admissions can be attributed to alcohol. In fact, the alcohol-related hospital admissions in England???s second city are higher than the national average.

When all is said and done, alcohol abuse costs the city???s economy millions of pounds every single year in health provision, policing and lost productivity due to sick days. As is evident to see, the need for rehab in Birmingham has never been more important.

Do You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Birmingham?

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you most certainly need treatment to get better. Addiction is a progressive illness and one that will not go away if you ignore it. Maybe you do not believe that you have a problem, however. It could be that you feel your loved ones are raising concerns for no reason or that they are exaggerating the problem. If this is the case, surely there is no harm in finding out for yourself?

If loved ones have voiced concerns regarding your drinking or drug-taking habits, contact us here at Addiction Helper. We will discuss your situation and ask you some questions that will help us to determine whether you need help or not. Provided you are honest when answering our questions we can make sure that you get all the information you need when it comes to addiction and treatment.
You have nothing to lose by contacting us; our service is free, and if we believe you do not have a problem, your fears will be eased. If that???s not the case, though, we will confirm your fears, but you can then start a journey towards recovery and a new drug- or alcohol-free life.

Our service is completely confidential, so anything we discuss will be kept private. We will never divulge any information without your express consent. Call us now for a free in-depth assessment of your situation or to discuss your options in terms of alcohol or drug rehab in Birmingham.

Starting with Detox

Before rehab begins, a programme of detoxification is often required. Detox is the process of quitting drugs or alcohol and waiting until the body has eliminated all toxins. Detoxification should always be carried out under supervision from fully qualified professionals as suddenly quitting these chemical substances can be dangerous.

It is common for those detoxing from drugs or alcohol to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be life-threatening if not managed correctly. With a supervised detox, patients will be carefully monitored and, in some cases, medication will be administered to lessen or prevent the most severe symptoms. A supervised detox is the most comfortable and safest way to quit drugs or alcohol. Addiction Helper can help when it comes to finding the most suitable detox facility for your needs in and around Birmingham. Once detox has been completed, the patient will have a clear mind and body and will be ready to begin a programme of rehabilitation.

Is Detox enough? or is Alcohol Rehab needed

Many people believe that once detox has been completed, they are cured of alcoholism or drug addiction; as the individual now feels good, he or she does not feel the need to go on to rehab. It is important to remember that no matter how good you feel after completing detox, the euphoria is unlikely to last.

Those who quit treatment after detox are taking a huge risk with their sobriety because, more often than not, they will relapse. It is common for recovering addicts to experience mood swings, for example, and while they may feel on top of the world one day, they could be down in the depths of depression the next. This can often lead to relapse.

Detox is not the same as treatment for addiction. It is a process that deals with the physical side effects of addiction but not the psychological ones. Without rehab, an affected individual is unlikely to deal with any underlying issues that are causing the addictive behaviour, making it almost a certainty of returning to drugs or alcohol at some stage.

Rehab is not just about quitting drugs and alcohol; it is about learning how to start a new drug- or alcohol-free life. So while detox is an essential part of the recovery process, it is certainly not the most important part.

For more advice and information on detox and rehab in Birmingham, contact Addiction Helper???s helpline today.

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