Dungannon Rehabs

Addiction Helper Rehab LIVESEARCH shows every Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in dungannon and provides a complete overview of each facility including reviews from previous treatment centre residents.


Dungannon???s drug and alcohol support facilities are known for their effectiveness in curing patients of their ailments. One of the main issues which spring to mind, though, comes in the form of relapse. Although these drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are fantastic when it comes to ensuring long term abstinence, some people don???t have the ability to maintain their self-discipline.

The Solution to Relapse

Drug and alcohol treatment centres in Dungannon provide alcoholic help to those who need it, but they also take in people who have undergone rehab before. If they have had problems and they believe another round of private treatment would do them good, there???s nothing stopping them from getting back into one of these programs.

Staving Off Relapse??

Although drug and alcohol support facilities will endeavour to teach people how to stave off the threat of relapse, these are some of the basic techniques which can be used for getting clean both before and after entering a residential alcohol support treatment centre.

  • Substance abuser and alcoholic help for cravings can come in the form of replacement. Replacing something for something else to help fight off an addiction. For example, a nicotine patch would be used to help somebody quit smoking.
  • Distraction. Drug and alcohol treatment centres will help people distract themselves by giving them new skills and new hobbies; especially in the form of getting a job. Jobs are essential for turning a corner for more reasons than one as they give people something to hold on to.
  • Distance. Believe it or not, physical distance is enough to destroy the danger of temptation. If an alcoholic is tempted by a bar sitting across the street they would cross the street and the cravings would lessen dramatically, in terms of their intensity levels.

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