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Anybody who has worked with people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol within rehab centres for long enough knows how different the reasoning for an addiction can be. What happens to be a problem for one person is no issue for another person, and vice-versa. It spells a lot of complexity for rehab clinics as they have to alter their programs to suit the specific individual. If they can???t do this there???s a good chance a number of the residents within a rehabilitation centre at any one time will fail.

What Causes an Addiction?

There are no specific causes of an addiction. Rehabilitation clinics in Durness realise it can be due to a myriad of reasons. Here are just some of the things which have been known to warrant treatment for alcohol and drug abuse in the past:

  • Childhood abuse.
  • Neglect by parents and other family members.
  • The stresses and strains of daily life. Never underestimate how many highly-strung workers can turn to drugs and alcohol for a way out.
  • Peer pressure. Rehab centres have their fair share of people who have turned to their vices because they have seen other people do it.

As can be seen from the above list, there are no concrete causes for an addiction. Contrary to popular belief, rehab clinics don???t mainly consist of people who have a genetic predisposition to addiction; in fact, this makes up a tiny proportion of people.

General Solution

Although these reasons for addiction are very different, only minor tweaks are needed by rehab clinics to create the perfect program for people to take advantage of. The general line of treatment inside rehabilitation centres remains the same. Here???s the order in which most patients meet the different treatment mechanisms:

  1. Detoxification begins immediately to help eliminate any lingering toxins from the body.
  2. Rehabilitation clinics will introduce patients to the other residents to help them form bonds and additional support.
  3. Private counselling delves to the heart of the issue to understand exactly what caused it in the first place.
  4. Additional classes in the form of cooking and fitness, to name just a few options, are there to develop the skills needed to build a better future after they leave treatment.

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