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Addiction affects millions of people in the UK. Not only are the substance abusers at risk from their own actions, but others around them are as well. When somebody is under the influence of drugs or alcohol they may:

??? Suffer from mood swings. This can lead to angry outbursts or even violence towards others.

??? Become depressed. Although many people take drugs and alcohol to make themselves happier, the effect that such substances have is actually the opposite. Coming down from each drug binge can lead to serious depression from substance abusers. This is often one of the reasons that many people become addicted; they are unable to deal with life anymore without substances.

??? Lie or steal from others in order to fund their habit. A substance abuser focuses only on how to get their substance. If this cannot be done by themselves then they will need the help of others. Unfortunately, because they know that the people who care about them will not want to support their habit, they become desperate and turn to deception and even crime to reach their goal.


Rehab offers people with addiction the chance to free themselves from their dependencies on drugs and alcohol. Although people know that such places are there to help them, unfortunately many people either don???t believe they need help or are too scared to go to rehab.

??? Non-believers ??? People who live with addiction are often very good at fooling everyone around them that they are absolutely fine. As time goes on, they believe the lies themselves and see no reason to seek help for a problem that, for them, doesn???t exist. For some people, they see themselves as casual users, not abusers of the substances. They genuinely think that just because they don???t want to give something up, doesn???t mean that they can???t. It???s this kind of perverse reasoning with oneself that is a classic trait of addicts who are in denial.

??? Too scared to go ??? For anyone, a life changing experience is daunting. Moving area, starting a new job; these are things that worry us. For a substance abuser, the promise of a better life is not all that rehab entails. They will have to completely alter everything about their lives. They will not speak to the same people. They will not cope with life in the same way. They will no longer depend on drugs and alcohol to make them feel better when something bad happens. But most of all, they might fail.

Failure is a huge worry for somebody contemplating rehabilitation. In some respects, not trying is another form of denial. There is a sense that the problem isn???t really that bad because if it was, then they would go to rehab and give up. Yet if rehab fails, then that means that they will have to admit to not only having a problem, but one that is severe enough that there might be no help for it.

In reality, there is always help for people who are open minded and willing to help themselves.

Detox centres in Sutherland

Detox centres in Sutherland have the single goal of giving people hope. They give hope by offering the chance to beat addictions and to rebuild their lives from scratch as when people first enter drug and alcohol rehab they are often downtrodden, nervous, and unhappy with their current state of affairs. Every person wants to change themselves for the better, and it???s this atmosphere which is promoted inside drug and alcohol treatment. Read on to find out more about drug clinics and how they administer treatment.

Detox First

Detox centres in Sutherland will begin a patient???s life in the same way; detoxification. It???s pointless moving onto the rehabilitation stage if there are still unresolved issues to do with toxins in the body. Only once the individual has eliminated drugs and alcohol from their system can they truly concentrate on the real issues.

The way this treatment is conducted inside drug and alcohol rehab will depend entirely on the individual. Minor addictions will be treated by simply going cold turkey. Medical help will be available if any of the withdrawal symptoms become too much. Serious addictions will employ the use of special medications which act as a placebo for the body. With no addictive qualities present, the individual won???t be able to become addicted to this new substance.

Rehabilitation Second

Group support is the most basic form of rehabilitation. Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol often don???t want anything to do with the world. By bringing them together with people who are going through the same drug and alcohol treatment connections are likely to form. Through the support of each other the chances of long term abstinence increases as they are each supporting each other, they are pooling their collective support.

Private counselling is at the heart of rehabilitation within drug clinics. The crucial part of one-to-one counselling is it strikes at the heart of the addiction. It???s not interested in the results of the addiction, or the withdrawal symptoms associated with attempting to beat an addiction, it???s interested in what triggered it. By removing the trigger of the addiction it???s possible to remove the reason for turning to drugs and alcohol.

People often report how rehabilitation is the most difficult time of rehab. However, they also report when it???s over they feel rejuvenated and like they have made real progress.

Support in the Future

Aftercare is designed to offer full support after the initial period of rehabilitation treatment has ended. By offering support in the first few months after leaving formal rehabilitation it???s hoped they will be better able to make the transition to the real world again.

Understandably, succeeding after the first period of rehab isn???t always possible for some people. Instead of callously tossing them out into the real world, private rehab clinics in Sutherland will always seek to bring former patients back into the fold. The clinic???s role as a rehabilitator of the people isn???t over until the individual can successfully achieve permanent abstinence.

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