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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Lewes

It is hard for most people to make the connection between addiction and alcohol because of the fact that alcohol is a legal substance and one that most adults consume to some extent. It is much easier to comprehend the fact that illegal substances such as crack cocaine or heroin can cause addiction. The truth, however, is that both illegal drugs and alcohol are prone to abuse and are capable of causing devastating addictions to individuals living in areas across the UK; from large cities such as London or Birmingham to small towns such as Lewes. With substance abuse and addiction a problem throughout our isles, the need for drug and alcohol rehab in Lewes and other areas is evident.

Here at Addiction Helper, we know that alcohol and drugs blight the lives of countless people around the country. We are already helping affected individuals to access alcohol and drug rehab in Lewes, and we can help you too if you let us. We are a free referral service working with organisations that provide assistance to those who want to overcome their addiction.

We do not offer treatments ourselves; what we do is help those in need of addiction services to connect with the facilities that provide them. These organisations include the NHS, private clinics, local counsellors, local support groups, and charities, and we work with all of them. This means that no matter what your circumstances or needs, we will be able to find a rehab provider to suit.

Is Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Lewes Something You Need?

Are you worried about the amount of alcohol you have been consuming lately? Or do you worry that you are unable to resist illegal drugs or prescription medication? Maybe you do not believe that you have an addiction and are reading this article because a concerned loved one has suggested you get help?

What we can promise you is that by calling us today, we can discuss your situation in detail and will help determine if you have a genuine need for drug or alcohol rehab in Lewes. We have been working with addicts and their families for many years, and in that time, we have found that more often than not, family members are correct when they suggest that drugs or alcohol may be a problem for a loved one.

The issue for most affected people is that they have their own idea of what an addict looks or acts like, and because they do not fit this profile, they will be unable to see themselves in this way. The affected person may believe that an alcoholic is someone who drinks cheap spirits as soon as they wake up, and because they only drink beer, and only in the evening, they could not possibly have a problem.

Similarly, those who have never touched an illegal drug but who cannot function without their prescription medication may be unable to believe they could have an addiction.

The truth is that addiction is not about the substance being abused or the frequency with which the person abuses it; it is about the individual???s control over that substance when it is used. Anyone who uses mood-altering substances is capable of allowing their use to spiral out of control.

Accessing Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Lewes

If you call us today, we can provide an in-depth assessment of your situation to allow us and you to get a clearer picture of your treatment requirements. We will discuss your substance use as well as your overall health to gauge the severity of your illness and the type of treatment programme that will suit you best.

We will also take other factors into consideration, such as your preferences for treatment, your finances, and whether you have any commitments at home or work that could affect the type of programme we recommend.

Once we have completed this evaluation, and if you are happy to move to the next stage of the process, we will discuss various treatment options that are available to you. We will talk about these with you in detail to ensure you have a full understanding of what each entail, and we will help you with the decision-making process if you wish. However, the final decision will always be yours.

Once you have chosen a rehab programme, we can help with the admission process and can provide answers to any questions you have.

What is Rehab in Lewes Like?

When it comes to alcohol and drug rehab in Lewes, you will have plenty of choices. Most programmes are either inpatient- or outpatient-based. We recommend that patients complete a comprehensive recovery programme that includes a detox, rehabilitation and aftercare to improve their chances of long-term sobriety. Below is a brief outline of what to expect from each:

  • Detox ??? Detox is usually the first step on the road to recovery; it is the process designed to tackle the physical aspect of the illness. It begins when the patient stops drinking or taking drugs, and it usually lasts for around seven to ten days, during which time, various withdrawal symptoms may occur. These symptoms will be mild to severe, and because it is impossible to tell who will suffer the most severe symptoms, it is advisable for a detox to take place in a dedicated facility under close medical supervision.
  • Rehab ??? Rehabilitation programmes are either inpatient- or outpatient-based, and the choice will depend on need and preferences. Inpatient programmes run for around 6-8 weeks, or slightly longer for those with a dual diagnosis. Patients spend their time receiving intensive treatment in a distraction-free environment before returning home on completion of the programme. With an outpatient programme, the patient will return home after each counselling or therapy session. Programmes are far less intensive and tend to run for longer ??? some last many months while others continue for a year or longer.
  • Aftercare ??? Once rehabilitation programmes are complete, the recovering addict will continue to require help and support. Aftercare is vital in helping with the transition to normal life, and it is usually included in a rehabilitation programme.

For more information on any aspect of the recovery process, including detox and rehab in Lewes, contact us here at Addiction Helper today. You can get in touch via this website or by calling our 24-hour helpline now.

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