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Encouraging somebody to enter a rehab centre isn???t easy, especially if they have had bad experiences with rehab clinics in the past. It???s not uncommon for people who have had awful experiences with rehabilitation centres before to not want to attend them again. It is important to not give up on the idea of going into rehabilitation clinics for treatment for alcohol, though. That is why Addiction Helper is here to answer all your questions about drug and alcohol rehab in Crawley.

There are many benefits of going to rehab when you want to stop drinking or using drugs. We can discuss the pros and cons of alcohol and drug rehab in Crawley with you whenever you call. Here are some of the benefits of private clinics in the Crawley area:

  • The patient is at the heart of everything. Every program uses the same general line of treatment, but they also have important variations which are dictated entirely by the patient. If they feel as if they need more help in one area, or if they want to talk about something specific, the choice is entirely up to them.
  • Nowhere else can this standard of treatment be found. Rehab centres in the private sector offer the best medications and the best healthcare staff members. People who decide to enter rehab clinics in the private sector are guaranteed to receive the best treatment.
  • Rehabilitation centres offer more than just treatment for an addiction. Through creative endeavours offered to all patients within rehabilitation clinics, they can learn new skills for the future. It???s not just about treating an addiction; it???s about keeping it away by changing the individual forever.
  • Aftercare is offered in Crawley which extends the length of time support can be taken advantage of to the first few months after rehab. This is where the recovery is most fragile, so offering aftercare treatment for alcohol and drugs is the only logical option. When patients opt for rehab they are guaranteed to receive treatment which lasts!

What???s Important about Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Crawley?

When rehab in Crawley sounds like a scary option, it is important to get the facts about rehab from the experts in the field. Addiction Helper has a 24/7 helpline staffed by trained and experienced counsellors who will spend as much time as it takes on the phone with you to answer your questions and explain the recovery process to you.

During the phone call, the counsellor that you speak to will do an assessment of your situation, as well as your personal, financial, and work circumstances in order to give you the most relevant information. This information will be about rehab in Crawley, financial commitments if you go to a private rehab, NHS services near you, local charities, as well as support groups near you that can help you with your recovery process.

Do I Need Detox Before Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Once you have decided to stop drinking or taking drugs, you need to go through a detox phase. This is best done under medical supervision in a hospital or a specialised rehab facility. The withdrawal can be unpleasant; in some cases, extremely so, so you need a medical professional to monitor your health and your progress. Where necessary, your GP or attending medical professional can prescribe and administer medication to manage the withdrawal symptoms as well as the cravings. Typically, you can expect this phase to last for between 7 and 10 days.

After completing the detox has been completed and all remaining traces of the toxins have been expelled from your body, you can go for treatment ??? either as an inpatient at a residential rehab or as an outpatient. Your choice will depend on personal, financial, and work circumstances. We strongly advise an inpatient rehab, as we believe treatment will be much easier as you will be removed from your day-to-day life where you have to deal with constant problems and temptations. When you are in rehab, you can focus on getting well and nothing else.

If you choose outpatient treatment, you will still live at home and only come to the clinic for treatment and counselling sessions. When your sessions for the day are finished, you go back home. This could be difficult for some affected individuals as there will need to be, among other things, a very stable and supportive home life to help you through the process. You will also still have to deal with everyday challenges, and you will not be able to focus completely on your recovery.

Upon completion of your treatment programme, it is advisable to avail of aftercare for at least a year after treatment. Most rehabs offer aftercare free of charge after you have completed your treatment. The first year after treatment is when you will need the most support. Statistically, if you can avoid a relapse in the first year, you will have a greater chance at long-term sobriety.

What Treatment Options Are There during Rehab in Crawley?

When you are attending rehab, there are various therapy options that you can discuss with your therapists and counsellor. The most common one (and very effective one) is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This is usually a talk therapy that can be done in either an individual counselling session and/or a group therapy session. CBT looks at your behaviour and what caused your behaviour (triggers). Then you explore ways that you can manage these triggers to avoid future incidents of drug use or drinking.

In addition to CBT, there are many other types of therapy that can be used to teach you the new life skills, thought patterns, and coping mechanisms needed to live a sober life. Among these could be treatments as diverse as art and music therapy. Music and arts and crafts, for example, are used to teach you new ways of expressing yourself and your emotions in a safe and constructive manner. This type of treatment is very non-threatening and non-judgemental as well as a lot of fun, so you will get to relax and enjoy yourself while learning these new skills.

There are also diet and fitness programmes to teach you how to take care of your new, healthy body. This is important as addicts tend to neglect their physical health in favour of the drugs or alcohol. For a more spiritual approach, some rehabs also like offer meditation as a form of therapy. At the end of the day, each facility tailors its treatments to the individual, so treatment options will change from one facility to the next, depending on the person being treated.

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