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Going through an alcohol detox is one of the hardest things somebody can ever do. Drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth is even harder as it involves bringing up issues which have been long buried under the surface. However, they are both something which have to be done if somebody is to turn their lives around. Alcohol and drug addiction centres offer both of these things to help patients beat their addiction demons. If you or someone you care about is looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth, then we are more than happy to help you onto the road of recovery.

At Addiction Helper, we assist those who are struggling with substance abuse by providing guidance, support, and referrals to the most suitable programmes of alcohol or drug rehab in Wandsworth. We work closely with the NHS, private healthcare services, charity organisations and support groups in the area in order to offer you the best possible chance of beating your addiction. By getting in touch with us today, you will be making that first crucial move towards achieving a full recovery, so pick up the phone and together we can start to turn your life around.

What Is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol and drug treatment centres have the first step of making sure any lingering substances are removed from the body. The main way in which this is done is simply through withholding the substance from the individual. At the same time, to prevent any health complications medical attention will be on stand-by to protect the health of patients; especially those who are suffering from serious, long term addictions.

Where Can I Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wandsworth?

Going through alcohol and drug addiction centres will always involve regular counselling sessions. Group support sessions create support mechanisms to help when people are down, but the real treatment takes place between the individual and a substance abuse counsellor. These counselling sessions are often the most emotional time for patients, but if they can make it through these sessions, whilst being completely open and honest, they have a very good chance of coping with whatever traumatic issues drove them towards addiction in the first place.

Is There After Treatment Included?

Counselling and detox sessions are offered after leaving Wandsworth clinics. Through aftercare programs offered to all patients, long term abstinence can be obtained by taking advantage of this constant support. Studies have shown people who are supported immediately after residential rehab have a better chance of long term abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Finding the Right Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Wandsworth

We know that no two people???s experiences with substance abuse are ever the same. We know this because we too have been there and battled with alcohol and drug misuse in the past. And it is thanks to this deep understanding and connection with addiction that we are able to determine after an assessment which type of programme of rehab in Wandsworth would be the most appropriate for you.

However, a referral can only be put in place once we have spoken to you about your addiction. Knowing as much about you, your history of substance abuse, your current situation, and any commitments you have is extremely important. This will help us to ensure you receive the best treatment based on your individual needs.

The severity of your addiction will also play a big part in determining the best course of action in terms of treatment. It may be that 3-4 weeks as part of a residential programme will benefit you the most, or we may recommend outpatient treatment and a support group. Our final decision is very much dependent on your personal circumstances.

Can You Help Me Find Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Wandsworth?

For many, the first step towards receiving treatment at a rehab in Wandsworth is the most challenging of the recovery process. Before the wheels can be put in motion, you need to have admitted to yourself that you have a problem, which we know is not easy. It is likely that close friends and relatives have tried to raise their concerns about your alcohol or drug misuse in the past and you have either been in denial or ignored their pleas to get help. This is completely normal. However, the fact that you are on our website today means that things have progressed and that it is now time to take control of your life and seek the help you need.

You can call us at any time. Our fully trained addiction counsellors are available to chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be more than happy to run through your rehab options. When you speak to a member of our friendly, expert team, you can rest assured it will be completely free and confidential. If you are worried about opening up and admitting to having a problem, that is perfectly understandable. We want to reassure you that no matter how difficult it may be for you to face your demons, we are here to listen and support you without judgement.

Can Rehab in Wandsworth Also Help My Family?

If you have been suffering with an alcohol or drug addiction for quite some time, it is highly likely that you will have experienced relationship struggles. Maybe your partner is threatening to leave if you do not get help or perhaps they already have. Your relationship with close friends and family members can also be tested as a result of substance misuse. There are few addicts who manage to hold down a job, therefore it is not beyond the realms of possibility for someone abusing substances to become homeless.

Then there are the health implications ??? liver disease, heart disease, severe mental illness and even premature death have all been associated with frequent alcohol or drug misuse. But by contacting Addiction Helper, you can start the reversal process and the negative impacts on yourself and those around you. So make that call today.

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