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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Godalming

It is fairly normal for clients to contact us in the hope of finding out more about drug rehab in Godalming, only to learn that there’s more to overcoming drug addiction than detox alone. Unfortunately, the addiction recovery community hasn’t done as good a job as we could have in educating the public about addiction recovery. Addiction Helper is doing its part to address the situation by educating those who contact us for help.

The first thing we try to help people understand is that drug and alcohol rehab in Godalming or beyond involves multiple components. A complete rehab programme actually involves three stages: detox, rehabilitative therapy and aftercare. Completing all three stages gives the patient the greatest chances of long-term success.

There are those who believe detox alone should be enough to help a person addicted to drugs or alcohol overcome. They don’t see the value in rehabilitative therapy. Our experience tells us that both are necessary ??? along with comprehensive aftercare. Keep reading to find out why.

Detox-Only Rehab in Godalming

We normally associate rehab with detox in a way that leads many to believe that detox is all there is. It is an understandable mistake given the fact that detox is the most talked about part of addiction recovery. Yet detox alone is inadequate for addressing addiction.

Detox is designed to address physical dependence. In short, certain drugs like alcohol and heroin alter the way the brain works every time they are used. If the used frequently enough, the altered brain function results in other systems of the body also being altered. The user gets to the point where his or her body becomes dependent on the substance just to function normally. This condition is known as physical dependence.

What needs to be understood is that addiction is more than just a physical issue. It’s also a psychological issue involving the thoughts and emotions. Detox cannot address the psychological. In short, stopping drug or alcohol use will not change the way a person thinks or sees the world.

Rehabilitative Drug Rehab in Godalming

Rehabilitative drug and alcohol therapy goes beyond detox to address the psychological. Therapists use things like counselling and 12-step work to help patients understand who they are and why they tend to entertain addictive behaviours. They then teach patients how to avoid future addictive behaviour through certain strategies they learn to employ.

A good rehabilitative programme also equips patients to live normal and productive lives after rehab. Patients learn certain life skills for maintaining their relationships, maintaining steady employment, and so on. All these things are necessary in order to equip patients to avoid future relapse.

Long-Term Change Is the Goal

Perhaps the most important reason we need both detox and rehabilitative therapy is one of achieving the right goals. The goal of detox is short term: to help the patient stop using drugs or alcohol so the body has time to cleanse itself of the chemicals within. It is a great goal, but one that doesn’t necessarily result in a significant life change.

On the other hand, rehabilitative therapies have the long-term goal of changing the way a patient lives for the rest of his or her life. Comprehensive residential rehab seeks to address the physical (through detox) to prepare the patient to address the psychological. Once the psychological is properly addressed, the patient is prepared to implement those long-term changes that will lead to a happy, productive and addiction-free life.

Life changes affect nearly every aspect of the recovering addict???s life, including:

  • relationships with spouses or partners
  • relationships with parents or children
  • work habits and career goals
  • short and long-term financial stability
  • physical and mental health
  • contributions to society at large.


Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Godalming:


Alcoholics Anonymous
The Pepperpot, High St
Tuesday, 19:30

Rehabilitation for Family Healing

There’s one more thing rehabilitative therapy can do that detox alone cannot: promote family healing. The idea of family healing is based on the understanding that addiction doesn’t just affect the user, it affects everyone around him or her. That’s why it’s common in the rehab community to refer to addiction as a family problem.

Detox cannot encourage family healing because it only addresses the user. Detox doesn’t help family members in any way. However, rehabilitative therapy does. Rehabilitative therapy teaches the patient how to be a better family member while also equipping families to welcome their loved ones home after rehab. In cases where a patient refuses rehab, family counselling can help spouses and children learn to live with that person without allowing his or her behaviour to harm them.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Godalming

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of why detox alone is not enough to adequately address addiction. Hopefully you understand the importance of rehabilitative therapy to address the mental and emotional issues detox cannot address. Now the question is one of how to access drug and alcohol rehab in Godalming. We can help with that.

Rehab in Godalming is offered in numerous forms. You or your loved one could attend an outpatient programme through a referral from a GP or, alternatively, choose to enrol in a residential treatment programme offered by a private clinic. There are also private counsellors and local support groups available to help.

We can help you figure out what is most appropriate to your circumstances by speaking with you and evaluating your situation. Our evaluations are based on medical standards that can help us understand the seriousness of the problem you’ are dealing with. From there, we can recommend the best treatment options.

It is possible that you or a loved one is the rare exception to the rule in that detox alone would be enough to facilitate complete recovery. But before you go that route, why not contact our 24-hour help line first? We can help you understand whether you need more than just detox alone. If you do, we can help you find and access a good treatment programme in Godalming.

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