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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Dorking

Addiction Helper assists substance abusers and their families looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking, as well as elsewhere in the UK. Included in our services is a thorough explanation of the rehab options available in the client’s local area. We take the time to walk clients through a step-by-step explanation of what detox and rehab are all about so as to equip them to make the best decisions they can. We can offer you the same kind of assistance.

Understand that alcohol and drug rehab in Dorking are not a simple, three- or four-day affair. A person who is clinically addicted needs comprehensive treatment that addresses the physical, mental and emotional using a holistic approach. Otherwise, addressing only the physical aspects of addiction is not likely to lead to full and permanent recovery.

We offer clients a 24-hour helpline for access to our counsellors at any time of the night or day. Should you be in need of help, we are standing by to assist you right now. In the meantime, you’ll find a step-by-step explanation of detox and rehab for Dorking and elsewhere below.

We Start with an Initial Assessment

The first step in the rehab process is to undergo an initial assessment that will determine just what you’re dealing with. Why is this necessary? Because there are multiple levels of substance abuse. You might be in the early stages of substance abuse, meaning you would not need a comprehensive residential treatment programme. Or you might be clinically addicted, in which case residential treatment would be the best thing for you.

Addiction Helper offers initial assessments free of charge. Our assessments are based on the same medical standards a GP or registered nurse would use. The assessment can help you understand how serious your problem is so that you’re better able to understand what kinds of treatments you need.

Rehab in Dorking Includes a Medical Assessment

Assuming our initial assessment indicates a clinical addiction requiring residential rehab, the second step is to receive a medical assessment at the facility you’ve chosen to attend. The medical evaluation is necessary to fully understand the extent of your problem in relation to your current physical and mental health.

Medical assessments are used to develop bespoke treatment plans based on individual need. That’s why facilities conduct them. Rest assured they don’t take very long. Medical assessments are also very accurate in terms of directing what kind of treatments are necessary.

Detox Is Next for Drug Rehab in Dorking

The next step in rehab is to go through a detox programme. The residential clients we work with offer medically supervised detox to ensure your safety and comfort. A medically supervised setting is one in which a doctor or registered nurse continuously monitors the health of patients just in case medical issue arise.

How long does detox last? In most cases, 5 to 7 days is sufficient. Some substances may take a little bit longer, and it’s not unheard of for some withdrawal symptoms to linger for weeks or months after detox is complete.

Psychotherapeutic Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Dorking

Following the completion of detox, the next step of rehab in Dorking is psychotherapy. This is also the longest part of rehab. Psychotherapeutic treatments run the full gamut from counselling to 12-step work to life skills education and training. Bear in mind that these therapies are designed to equip recovering addicts to live life outside of the rehab facility.

The exact psychotherapeutic treatments an individual patient undergoes is determined by that patient’s bespoke treatment plan. A typical treatment plan would include some level of individual counselling, group counselling, shared group activities, exercise, and shared leisure activities.

It is important to note that the whole idea behind bespoke treatment plans is to meet the needs of patients where they are. That means one person’s treatment plan may be similar to another’s but drastically different when compared to a patient in the final stages of rehab. There is simply no black-and-white formula that applies to every addict in treatment.

Aftercare Following Residential Rehab

The final step in what would be considered ‘formal’ rehab is aftercare. It is designed to pick up where residential treatments leave off. For example, a patient may participate in 12-step work while in residential rehab. Following rehab, that individual would be encouraged to join a local support group where 12-step work can continue.

Aftercare is designed to provide the services and support a patient needs to continue learning and applying what was learned in formal rehab. The strategy here is one of preventing relapse within the first year. One year is the target because recovering addicts who make it past the first year are significantly less likely to relapse at any point in the future. Most incidents of relapse occur within the first year.

Life after Rehab in Dorking

As you can see, residential rehab in Dorking is a five-step process that includes an initial assessment, medical assessment, detox, psychotherapeutic treatments and aftercare. The entire process takes between 12 and 15 months to complete. Then comes the rest of your life.

This step-by-step process paves the way to leading a healthy, productive life completely free of addictive substances. By completing the process and giving your full effort from start to finish, you can fully overcome substance abuse or addiction. But you must be committed to doing so.

Here at Addiction Helper, we are committed to ensuring all of our clients have every opportunity to find and access the drug or alcohol rehab they need. We would be happy to assist you as well. All you need do is contact us on our 24-hour helpline or through this website. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can begin walking you through the recovery process.

Drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking is available to anyone who wants it. If you’re ready to get well, we are ready to help you do so.

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