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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Chertsey

A person entering drug rehab in the 1970s and 80s was usually funnelled into a very structured, black-and-white programme that was more like an assembly line than anything else. The thought back then was one of applying the same solutions to every drug and alcohol problem regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. Today things are different. Alcohol and drug rehab in Chertsey, as well as throughout the UK, is implemented through bespoke treatment plans.

Our mission is to come alongside those who need help to connect them with rehab facilities offering tailored treatments based on individual need. We offer comprehensive assessments, free advice, and referrals to service providers at no cost to the client. With just one phone call to our 24-hour helpline, you could be well on your way to accessing the treatment you or your loved one needs in relation to drug or alcohol rehab in Chertsey or beyond.

Rehab in Chertsey: The Old Way of Looking at Things

It wasn’t too long ago that our understanding of substance abuse and addiction was fairly limited. For example, addiction was barely recognised as a legitimate concern back in the 1960s and early 70s. Alcoholism was really the only substance abuse issue that got any attention. By the time we understood the implications of the post-war drug explosion, we were already behind the game.

Addressing substance abuse back then quickly became more about controlling a quickly emerging problem rather than trying to truly understand it. The result of this mindset was a one-size-fits-all approach to treating everything from alcoholism to heroin addiction.

That approach did work for some people who respond well to it. But it didn’t work for everyone, which led the addiction recovery community to begin exploring other options. We eventually arrived at the place where we understood that substance abuse and addiction are individual problems heavily influenced by personal circumstances. We discovered a better way to approach drug and alcohol rehab was through tailored treatment programmes.

The New Way of Seeing Things

The modern approach to alcohol and drug rehab is decidedly different. First, patients are viewed as individuals with their own circumstances and histories that play into current substance abuse. As such, those circumstances and histories have to be considered when devising treatment plans. Second, the tailored approach to rehab is one that accounts for the fact that people respond differently to certain kinds of treatments.

For example, one patient may respond very well to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) yet still struggle to express him or herself through artistic means. Another patient may thrive in an arts-based therapy but struggle with CBT. Both these patients need a bespoke treatment plan that takes into account how they respond to various treatments.

Finally, the bespoke treatment plan model is a holistic model designed to treat the patient as a whole person rather than just look at the physical or mental by itself. This might be the most unique aspect of how we approach modern drug and alcohol rehab in Chertsey.

Assessments for Drug Rehab in Chertsey

In order to make the bespoke treatment model work, patients have to be assessed according to certain standards. This happens three different ways. The first assessment is offered by an organisation like ours or a medical professional like a doctor registered nurse. It is designed to determine what kind of substance abuse or addiction problem a patient is dealing with, and how severe the problem is.

Medical professionals conduct the second assessment at the start of a drug or alcohol rehab programme. This medical evaluation is necessary for developing a bespoke treatment plan that will be both safe and effective. Doctors and nurses pay close attention to physical and mental health as part of this assessment.

The third assessment is actually a series of assessments conducted by therapists throughout the treatment process. These periodic evaluations are designed to measure a patient’s progress so that adjustments can be made if necessary.

Positive Results from Bespoke Rehab

The way to measure the success of any drug or alcohol rehab programme in Chertsey is to look at the results it produces, right? Absolutely. So it should be no surprise that operators of private residential rehab centres are pleased to be able to say that the bespoke treatment plan approach produces positive results. Private rehab clinics in the UK have graduated untold numbers of patients over the years, patients who have gone on to full and complete recovery with proper treatment and aftercare.

The positive results our clinics generate is directly related to creating tailored treatment plans for each patient. Just like the GP gets better results when he or she treats patients individually rather than uniformly, drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Chertsey and beyond get the best results from individually tailored treatments.

Your Bespoke Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Chertsey

You should now have at least a basic understanding of what bespoke rehab is and why it is beneficial. It is your choice as to what you will do with the information you gleaned from this post. We sincerely hope you are ready to seek out bespoke drug or alcohol rehab for yourself or the loved one you are concerned about.

Addiction Helper is here to come alongside with free support and referral services. We invite you to contact us either through our website for by calling our 24-hour helpline and speaking with one of our counsellors. We are available to answer all your questions regarding bespoke rehab. We can walk you through your local treatment options in Chertsey as well. We can even offer you a comprehensive assessment that will help determine exactly what you are dealing with.

It was only a few decades ago that we were still using the one-size-fits-all approach to rehab. We are achieving much better results now through bespoke treatment plans tailored to need. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, there’s no better time to get help than right now. Contact us so that we can help you gain admission to a bespoke rehab programme right away.

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