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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Ashtead

There are numerous ways to approach drug and alcohol rehab in Ashtead. One option is to tackle it strictly as a behavioural problem that can be addressed by changing how you do things. Another option is to look at it as a medical problem to be solved with medical intervention. You can even combine both approaches or try something else entirely. Addiction Helper recommends the holistic approach utilised by many of the private rehab clinics we work with.

The Oxford dictionaries define the holistic approach to medicine as “characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of the disease.” Applying this definition to alcohol and drug rehab in Ashtead can only mean one thing: holistic rehab can’t be just detox alone. It also cannot be just a prescription and a counselling session. It has to be more.

What Is Holistic Rehab in Ashtead?

The definition of holism indicates that it views patients as whole persons, concentrating equally on the physical, psychological and spiritual. It is based on the knowledge that we are three-part beings with inseparable interconnectivity between those parts. To treat one requires treating all three ??? if true healing is to take place.

In a practical sense, this means the holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab must involve numerous components. And it does. Detox addresses the physical aspects of addiction alongside exercise, diet and nutrition. Psychotherapy treatments and counselling address the mental and emotional aspects, while things like 12-step group participation and life skills building deal with the spiritual aspects.

Please don’t misunderstand the term ‘spiritual’ here. Private rehab centres in Ashtead are typically not religious institutions or even religious-based organisations. Rehab facilities don’t require patients to practice a specific religion, join a church, etc. The spiritual component of rehab is the part of rehab that gets to the core of who you are, underneath your physical body and your thought patterns. That’s all the term means.

Why Is??Drug Rehab in Ashtead Better?

Its proponents view the holistic approach to healing as a better way for a number of reasons. First is the obvious assertion that abuse and addiction affect the person as a whole rather than just the physical or mental. If a person is wholly affected by substance abuse, it makes sense that treatment must also address the whole person.

Holistic rehab is also seen as a better approach because of the way it addresses the guilt and shame of addiction. Bear in mind that the majority of people who enter drug or alcohol rehab do so with a very low opinion of themselves. They are ashamed of what they are doing; they are ashamed of how they are hurting their families; they often feel as though they don’t deserve the opportunity to get well.

Holistic rehab helps to gradually eliminate that shame and guilt by helping patients truly understand who they are as people. Patients learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses; they come to understand why they have engaged in addictive behaviour in the past; they are given renewed hope with the knowledge that they can go on to live substance-free lives that are happy and productive.

What Is at the Core of Holistic Rehab?

It is difficult to characterise holistic drug and alcohol rehab as being medical or psychological. It actually combines components of both disciplines. A better way to understand it is to consider it therapeutic. Doctors and nurses use certain medical therapies to address those things they are concerned with while counsellors and therapists use counselling and behavioural therapies to do what they do. It is this therapeutic core that makes all the difference in the world.

A private rehab centre in Ashtead following the holistic approach strives to create a therapeutic environment that is highly conducive to healing and wellness. Between living accommodations, facilities and treatment programmes, patients find themselves in a place where they can fully concentrate on recovering without any distractions or concerns for their safety. In summary, holistic rehab is therapeutic rehab that seeks to change lives rather than just address symptoms.

How Can I Access Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ashtead?

Holistic rehab is the way to go if you or a family member is struggling to overcome substance abuse or addiction. There are private rehab centres in Ashtead, Surrey, and throughout the UK utilising this proven approach to healing. Rehab is capable of addressing substance abuse involving:

  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs
  • prescription and OTC medications
  • legal high substances
  • household solvents and chemicals.

You can access holistic drug and alcohol rehab in Ashtead in one of two ways. The first option is to search out all the public and private rehab facilities in your local area. A lot of people exercise this option, but it can be time-consuming, frustrating and confusing. Your second option is the one we recommend.

What is the second option? It is reaching out to Addiction Helper. We are an organisation specialising in helping substance abusers and their families access treatment. As part of our mission, we make it our business to keep up-to-date information on local rehab centres, the treatments they offer, where they are located, etc. All you need do to get that information is contact us on our 24-hour helpline.

When you contact us, we will offer you a comprehensive assessment of your current situation. Through this evaluation, we can help you understand how serious your substance-abuse problem is and what kinds of treatments will be necessary to help you fully recover. We will then walk you through all the treatment options. Ultimately, you will have the opportunity to choose if, when and where you want to receive treatment.

Holistic rehab in Ashtead represents your best opportunity to find healing from substance abuse or addiction. We can help by connecting you with a rehab facility best suited to your needs.

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