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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Addlestone

Alcohol rehab in Addlestone and the surrounding area is accessible through a lot of different options. Some of those options are based on free services; others are obtained by enrolling in a residential treatment programme at a private clinic. The important thing to know is that treatment is available to anyone trying to overcome substance abuse or addiction. Our mission at Addiction Helper is to connect those offering services to the people who need them.

Perhaps you are visiting our website today because you are concerned about your own drug or alcohol use. Or maybe there’s a loved one in your family who needs help. In either case, you’ve made a good choice by coming to us. We have the knowledge and experience to help you identify the right kind of alcohol and drug rehab in Addlestone. And if you need a referral, we offer those as well.

Since there are so many options to choose from, we thought it might be helpful to discuss rehab from the standpoint of free versus paid services. As you read, keep in mind there is no right or wrong. The best choice is the choice that will lead to a full and complete recovery.

NHS Rehab in Addlestone

The NHS has long offered rehab services to UK residents. In order to access those services, the patient would first make an appointment to see a GP or registered nurse with experience in treating substance abuse and addiction issues. The GP or nurse would then evaluate the patient to determine what kinds of rehab services are necessary.

NHS services are obviously free to UK residents. However, there are some things you should know:

  • Limited Services ??? The NHS is tasked with caring for every person who walks through the door. Therefore, they are unable to concentrate significant resources on substance abuse and addiction. What they can offer is limited. NHS services have to be complemented with outside services and programmes.
  • Waiting Times ??? Please be aware that NHS programmes are often oversubscribed. That means there may be waiting times involved with getting into a programme.
  • Residential Treatment ??? Lastly, the NHS no longer offers residential drug and alcohol rehab except in the most extreme cases. Even in those cases, the actual rehab takes place in a private clinic rather than a government facility.

Other Free Rehab Services

The NHS isn’t the only organisation offering free drug and alcohol rehab services in Addlestone. Services are also provided by support groups and local charities. Support group services tend to be limited to weekly meetings, shared outings, and referrals to other services that may be available from time to time. Where charities are concerned, the services they offer depend entirely on their scope of mission and funding.

Residential Alcohol Rehab in Addlestone

Free rehab services offered by the NHS and other organisations certainly have their place within the addiction recovery arena. In short, some people are best served by free services. Your typical problem drinker is a good example.

A problem drinker is someone who abuses alcohol without necessarily being dependent on it. Problem drinkers usually don’t need residential rehab. Therefore, prescription medications and 12-step group participation are generally sufficient. However, a full-blown addiction is an entirely different matter.

Alcohol addiction is more commonly known as alcoholism. It is a situation in which a drinker has become physically dependent on alcohol for daily functioning. Alcoholism is a condition best treated through a comprehensive residential programme. Residential treatment offers the kind of environment the alcoholic needs to concentrate all his or her energies on recovery. It is something that free, outpatient treatment just cannot offer.

The Main Benefit of Residential Rehab

Addiction Helper tends to recommend residential treatment for clients who are likely to be diagnosed as clinically addicted. We believe it’s important to explain why. Keep in mind that addiction is characterised by physical dependence on whatever substance is being abused. It also entails psychological dependence in many cases.

The primary challenge of addiction is the fact that it establishes habits that are very difficult to break. Since free services are offered based on an outpatient model, the addict who uses such services is never truly separated from the environment that has long enabled his or her addictive behaviour. And without that separation, interrupting the ingrained habits is almost impossible.

Residential rehab separates the addict from his or her normal environment and places him/her in a new environment where the conditions necessary for continuing those harmful habits don’t exist. It then becomes much easier to break them. Understand that this is necessary for overcoming addiction. Addicts have to break out of their established habits in order to overcome.

What It Takes for Successful Drug Rehab in Addlestone

We have provided you with the information you need to understand the difference between free and paid rehab services in Addlestone. There is one more thing that needs to be discussed: just what it takes to be successful in drug or alcohol rehab. Suffice to say that it requires more than the treatments offered by doctors, nurses and therapists.

If you were to break your arm, you could go to A&E and have the bone reset and immobilised. In order for your arm to fully heal, you would be expected to do certain things. During the first few weeks, you would have to keep it elevated. Your doctor would also expect you to avoid any activity that could potentially expose you to further injury. If the break were severe enough, you might even be expected to go through physical therapy. In other words, you have to participate in the recovery. Alcohol and drug rehab work the same way.

Full and complete recovery requires you to give your best effort to treatment regardless of the services you use. Your commitment to getting well is just as important as your choice of free or paid rehab services; maybe even more so.

For more information about rehab in Addlestone, contact Addiction Helper whenever you’re ready.

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