Lerwick Rehabs

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Alcohol and drug addiction centres in Lerwick have the goal of giving those with an addiction the best chance of turning their lives around. Lerwick alcohol and drug treatment centres have the tools on hand to help people cope with their withdrawal symptoms, and this is a serious obstacle for those who are trying to beat their addictions. Only through a drug and alcohol detox can the issues caused by withdrawal symptoms be overcome.

The ???hair of the dog??? method is very much the only way to deal with withdrawal symptoms No amount of drug and alcohol counselling will help people to beat them. To handle these symptoms they have to be experienced. Those who suffer from severe addictions will often find it the hardest to think about cleaning themselves up due to how severe the symptoms can be.

The symptoms of a minor addiction are normally not a cause for concern. They are irritating, but through some careful monitoring by professional healthcare staff it???s usually not an issue. Alcohol and drug addiction centres will pay careful attention to those with more serious addictions, though. These addictions can involve hallucinations and organ failure, to name just a few things. Alcohol and drug treatment centres will often prescribe specific medications to deal with this.

Patients will find drug and alcohol counselling to be a small distraction from their withdrawal symptoms. Instead, medications are used to offer some relief. They replicate the feeling of taking the original drug without harming the patient. The addictive qualities found within these dangerous substances are taken away so the body gradually loses its dependency.

Once the dependency has been lost through a drug and alcohol detox, patients will be able to enter the rehabilitation stage with a clear head. The worst of the withdrawal symptoms are over and the next stage of recovery for residents can commence.

We offer dedicated local treatment across Shetland includingLerwick,??Baltasound, and??Scalloway.