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Reaching out to Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Rutland

Everyone experiences difficult emotions at times like grief when a relationship breaks down or anger when we are faced with things we feel are wrong. When this happens drinking and using can seem like an effective way of dealing with uncomfortable feelings, but the relief that drinking and using offers is only temporary.

If you are struggling with addiction attending alcohol and drug rehab in Rutland will enable you to develop tools for managing your feelings effectively and creating a sober life that you love.

Finding Addiction Help in Rutland

The key to understanding, if you have crossed the line into addiction, is considering how your using or drinking is impacting your mental, physical and emotional health, your friends and family, and your ability to function. If you are struggling in these areas, and have been unable to moderate your using it may be time to seek some help.

For some people, their addiction may be glaringly obvious to themselves and all those around them. Addiction shows itself through its consequences, things like accidents and injuries resulting in needing medical care and engaging in reckless behaviour. Over time the consequences of addiction can cause long-term health problems like liver disease and serious mental health issues.

There can many other costs addiction that makes the illness very difficult to bear as it progresses, you may lose your job, and lose relationships. Addiction is a notoriously isolating illness. Experts agree that the best way to treat addiction is through residential rehab.

Residential rehab will give you the opportunity to break the cycles of isolation and using. You will benefit from the expertise of a team of practitioners dedicated to helping you get into recovery, and also you will benefit from recovering within a therapeutic community of peers.

In rehab you will not only put down the drugs and drink, you will have the opportunity to learn new and effective coping strategies so you never have to use again. Going to rehab n Rutland is a great way to kick start your recovery process and start on the journey to a clean, sober, and fulfilling life.

Going to Rehab


During the assessment process staff at your chosen rehab will ask you questions to discern whether or not addiction is present if you will need a medical detox, if you have any other medical, emotional or mental conditions that should be taken into consideration, and what your issues and goals are for rehab.

These questions will allow the staff to assign you the focal counsellor which will be the best fit for you and to adapt the programme they offer to best meet your needs.

An important part of the assessment process is seeing the doctor who will be able to prescribe you a medical detox on the day of your admission should you need it.


If you are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, attempting to stop abruptly and without medication, can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. As a first step, our experts will help you to detox. The Rutland area rehabs will ensure that you promptly assessed by a doctor who will prescribe you a medical detox should you need it as well as address any other medical needs you may have.

The detox period usually lasts around 7-10 days and the staff will do everything possible to ensure that the process is as safe and as comfortable for you as possible. You will be supported throughout your time in rehab and there will always be someone to talk to if you are struggling, 24 hours a day.

The Programme

After the initial detox is over your rehab will progress on to the therapeutic part of the programme. This will consist of a blend of individual therapy and group therapy, blended with various other approaches to addiction treatment. Each rehab will offer a varying programme, and that programme will be tailored to meet your individual needs as a resident. The programme will offer a blend of:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Other therapies e.g. CBT, trauma therapy,
  • Complementary therapies
  • Family Therapy
  • An introduction to the 12 steps
  • Relapse prevention
  • Gender Groups
  • Educational workshops
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • Aftercare

Therapeutic community

The Rutland rehabs facilitate healing in an atmosphere of acceptance and connection, as a resident, you will be an important part of creating this therapeutic community. Residential rehab will provide you with the opportunity to learn to love yourself. You will have the opportunity to care for and be cared for by each other.

Our ability to enjoy fulfilling relationships is important to ongoing recovery, social bonds give us meaning and a sense of purpose. In rehab you can make a difference in other people???s lives whilst healing yourself, you can create healthy, reciprocal and helpful relationships.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention in the Rutland Area

The thought of leaving rehab and going back out to face life alone can be scary, but rest assured that before your time in a primary rehab in Rutland is over you will work with your counsellor to formulate a tailored relapse prevention plan to follow when you leave.

Your relapse prevention plan will help you to identify when our thinking might be slipping back into old addictive ways, and to reach out for help and choose to do something different. This might mean staying in regular contact with your rehab counsellor for some time, it might mean calling a friend, or perhaps attending recovery fellowship meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Following completion of primary rehab in the Rutland area, you will likely be eligible to attend aftercare counselling or aftercare groups and workshops. Aftercare sessions usually take place in the rehab centre and can run on for as long as a year following primary rehab. In aftercare, you can be supported in putting into practice all the things you learned in the programme.

Most rehabs love hearing from their graduates and often invite them back into the community to share how they are getting on at home. Should you need any ongoing treatment rehab can make information available to your GP where appropriate so you can go back home with seamless care in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fund my treatment?

Privately funding your rehab program in Rutland means that there will probably be little or even no waiting list prior to your assessment. This quick access to treatment makes privately funding treatment the preferred option if you can afford it.

You may be eligible for NHS funding. To find out about an NHS funded place in rehab you should first visit your doctor. Your doctor may then refer you to a Rutland drug and alcohol service. From there you may be referred either to a community-based rehab program or to residential treatment.

Will treatment be the same for men and women?

It used to be that far more men accessed rehab than women, but now women are one of the fastest growing addicted populations and there are gender-specific consequences related to a life of addiction. Because of this, there are gender-specific rehabs available and even in mixed-sex rehabs gender sensitive therapy is usually made available in the form of women???s groups and men???s groups which clients usually find really useful.

What about my family?

The nature of alcohol and drug addiction is that when one member of the family has a problem there is usually an impact on everyone. Because of this rehabs often provide family therapy groups in which members of your family can attend therapy with you, if that is appropriate. Rehab aims to support you as an individual and as part of a family.

Family embers will also be allowed to phone in during free time and be able to visit you if you want them to, visiting is usually on the .weekend and can be arranged with your counsellor

What about my children?

We know that for many parents stigma attached to being addicted and the primary caregiver to children is a barrier to accessing rehab. Rehabs aim to enable you to create as much stability for yourself and your family as possible. If you have children the rehab in Rutland will work with you and with any other teams that might be involved with your family.

You can break the cycle of addiction.

What should I take to rehab with me?

You really only need a minimum of things in rehab, changes of comfortable clothes, nightwear, fitness wear, unopened toiletries and a small amount of money are all you really need. It is often the policy of rehabs to limit your access to digital distractions like mobile phones and tablets, this is to enable you to focus on the programme and to reduce the risk of relapse.

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