Midlands Rehabs

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in the Midlands

Drug and alcohol rehab in the Midlands is accessible in many ways. From residential treatment to free services provided by the NHS, substance abusers and their families have plenty of options to choose from. Here at Addiction Helper, we have access to all of them. You need only contact us to learn what would be the best option for you based on your circumstances. We can even help with admission in some cases.

In this article, you will learn about aftercare and free rehab services offered to substance abusers and their families. Please note that Addiction Helper also works with private, residential facilities offering alcohol and drug rehab in the Midlands. We can help you access a residential treatment facility if you decide that this is the way you want to go. Whatever we can do to help within the scope of our mission, we will do for you and your family.

Aftercare & Rehab in the Midlands

Even though aftercare is the last step in drug and alcohol rehab, let us deal with it first. Aftercare begins as soon as a substance abuser finishes formal rehab at either an outpatient or residential clinic. In an outpatient setting, aftercare may not be arranged for the client; the individual may have to arrange aftercare for him/herself. Things are different with residential treatment. Most of the residential clinics we work with include aftercare arrangements as part of their treatment packages.

At any rate, aftercare services usually include things such as:

  • ongoing counselling (both group and individual)
  • support group participation
  • ongoing medical care (when necessary)
  • life skills training
  • job skills training
  • reintegration services.

Aftercare services are offered with three goals in mind. The first goal is to prevent relapse within one year of completing formal rehab. Statistics show that recovering substance abusers who access aftercare services through the end of the one-year mark are significantly less likely to relapse.

The second goal of aftercare is to help recovering substance abusers and their families get their lives back on track. Substance abuse and addiction are family problems, and families need help putting things back together after formal treatment.

The third and final goal of aftercare is to help the recovering substance abuser reintegrate into society as a productive contributor. This is the purpose of offering life and job skills training. Life skills teach things such as budgeting and household maintenance while job training prepares the individual to go to work.

Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Midlands

Rehab treatment itself is available free of charge through a number of channels. The most common one is the NHS. As you probably already know, the NHS is the UK’s national health system providing all necessary healthcare services to UK residents with no out-of-pocket expenses.

NHS rehab is an option for someone who does not want to attend a residential programme. And while it is free, it does have its drawbacks. First and foremost, the NHS no longer offers residential treatment except for rare cases. Second, NHS services tend to be oversubscribed most of the time. That means there are waiting times for getting into a programme.

Other options for free rehab in the Midlands include programmes offered by charities and support groups. As for the charities, there are several drug and alcohol organisations throughout the UK offering different levels of rehab services that range from counselling to group support. The main concern is that charities can only provide services as funding allows. That means a programme available last year might not be available this year because there is no funding for it.

As for support groups, they do very good work inasmuch as their resources allow. But support group resources are even more limited than the resources charities have. Therefore, relying exclusively on support group participation to overcome substance abuse or addiction may not be the wisest choice.

Finding the Right Drug Rehab in the Midlands

Addiction Helper would never dissuade a client from seeking out free alcohol or drug rehab in the Midlands. In fact, we encourage free rehab services when they appear to be the best possible option. How do we know? By conducting an individualised assessment on every client who contacts us.

One of the hallmarks of modern drug and alcohol rehab are the bespoke treatment plans now offered by so many service providers. Bespoke treatments account for the individual circumstances of each substance abuser rather than lumping them all into the same programme. Addiction Helper begins the process by providing an initial assessment for the client before treatment is sought out.

Our evaluation is based on current medical standards. We ask a series of questions that help us understand how serious a client’s addiction problem is. Additional questions help us to better understand the client’s history, current health, and objectives for recovery. The answers provided by the client give us a very good idea of what kinds of rehab services would be most effective. We offer our recommendations accordingly.

Your Opportunity for Rehab in the Midlands

There are enough sources of free rehab in the Midlands to get you into a programme for drugs or alcohol. If this is something you are interested in, we invite you to contact Addiction Helper on our 24-hour helpline or through this website. Doing so will give you an opportunity to receive a complete assessment from one of our trained counsellors followed by our recommendations for treatment.

Should you decide that free services are your best option, we will help get you started by pointing you to the resources in your local area. Should you decide residential treatment is a better option, our counsellor will walk you through the various options you have.

Your rehab in the Midlands can start as soon as you make the decision to contact us. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, we hope you will make that decision today. The sooner treatment begins, the sooner you will get your life back on track.