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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Havering

There comes a time when some people realise that if they don???t stop drinking or doing drugs that they will inevitably ruin their life; some will choose to seek help in the form of drug or alcohol rehab in Havering.

The problem is that it isn???t always easy to quit. In fact, ending an addiction can be one of the hardest things a person will face in their lifetime. Because addiction is such a complex condition, the thought of quitting is much easier than the actual act of quitting. Getting treatment however, can help. Many people that have gone to drug or alcohol rehab in Havering have reported success with their sobriety and have gone on to live happy and fulfilling lives. Addiction isn???t something anyone deserves to struggle with. And although admitting to having a problem with drugs or alcohol can be hard, it really is the first step toward freedom from the chains of addiction.

Going to Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Havering

Oftentimes when an individual understands they have a legitimate problem with addiction, they will make the attempt to quit by themselves. And while some people, even in the area of Havering itself, find success this way and can just walk away from drugs or alcohol and never look back, the majority who try and quit without help find they are soon back to their old behaviours. Quitting drugs or alcohol isn???t as simple as just never using a substance again. It is a process that takes time. A person doesn???t become an addict overnight, and quitting is no different. Because of their reasonable pricing and high-class services, centres providing alcohol or drug rehab in Havering will help them see that there is much more to the process of addiction recovery.

Rehab is an excellent decision because it gives people the tools they need to both get and stay sober. Some of these include therapy, education, different coping mechanisms that help patients adjust to a newly sober lifestyle. Rehab ensures that someone is equipped with the knowledge and understanding to cope with life???s daily pressures without the urge to use drugs or alcohol. Without the various means to successfully heal from and overcome addiction that are offered in rehab, one significantly increases their chances of relapse. Whether you???re looking for alcohol rehab or drug rehab in Havering, we can answer any questions you might have about the process and effects of addiction treatment. We understand addiction and are very aware of what a difficult decision going into rehab can be. We???re here to help through every step of the process towards realising the desire to end the addiction for good.

Different Options for Rehab in Havering

The decision to go to rehab is truly something to be celebrated. Unfortunately, the process of choosing a rehab centre can prove to be an overwhelming task once someone begins looking at the different options. While there are many rehab centres to choose from, the decision doesn???t have to be a difficult one. It is important for people with addictions to take a positive approach to their recovery. There are several different treatment and rehab options, but probably the best approach would be to enter an inpatient rehab centre. Here, people learn how to deal with alcohol and drug abuse, and how to avoid situations that may get them back into the habit. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • A private rehab centre is a safe and peaceful environment for the individual to go through the detox procedure.??When getting treatment for addictions, relapses are always possible, but being in the secure surroundings of a private treatment centre limits this possibility. Withdrawal symptoms are also going to be a problem, so what better way to deal with it than under constant medical supervision?
  • The one thing that an individual must learn is what triggers got them into addiction in the first place. Something may have happened to them earlier in life or they may just handle stress in an inappropriate way. Nevertheless, once they are in group therapy, or perhaps one-on-one therapy, the reasons should make themselves known.
  • A main reason why people ???fall off the wagon,??? so to speak, is that they cannot cope with life after their addiction. They may manage to stay sober for a while but then relapse suddenly. However, a stay in a rehab centre will reinforce proven coping mechanisms that will allow them to stay clean and live a fuller life.
  • One thing that a person will come away with after a stay in a rehab centre is a solid foundation so that they can build on their recovery. Whatever comes after this should not interfere with the new and sober life that they have chosen for themselves.

The first thing a person will decide upon is if they want to go to a private rehab or attend an outpatient care facility. And no matter what they choose as their final decision, it is best to keep in mind that going to rehab in Havering will give them the deserved piece and expert help as centres in the area are staffed by top medical and support staff.

Private rehab will entail a person to stay at a rehab facility the entire duration of their treatment, while outpatient rehab allows for them to stay at home while getting well. Both have their advantages depending on the individual personal needs and desires. Many people who get help for addiction find private rehab to be a more idea option, as it allows them to focus on their sobriety without any distraction.

Others however, prefer the freedom outpatient care gives them as they can come and go as they please. The problem with this freedom though, is that many people find it very difficult to resist the urge to use when the opportunity is presented to them while away from the treatment centre.

Understanding each option in more detail will help one make their final decision. When deciding on private or outpatient rehab in Havering, it???s important to know that many private rehabs do accept insurance. Many people think that outpatient care is their only option due to financial reasons however, we can help you find various private rehab options in Havering that do accept insurance.

Private Rehab: What to Expect

Going to private rehab is an experience that has the potential to completely change a person???s life. Countless people who have gone to private rehab in Havering have gone on to experience very successful lives once treatment was over. Attending a private rehab is so beneficial because it removes the addict from their familiar environment where the temptation to use drugs or alcohol is often difficult to overcome. At private rehab, the only thing a person needs to focus on is attaining the sobriety they desire.

A stay in private rehab is typically 28 days, but can last up to six months or more depending on one???s own personal needs. The length of an individual stay will include everything they need to eradicate the desire to continue to use drugs or alcohol. This will include therapy, different treatment options, aftercare strategies, and more. When choosing a private rehab in Havering, one will find many more choices for treatment options than they will at an outpatient centre. Private rehabs vary considerably, and one can choose from a multitude of different options. From luxury retreat-style rehab centres to basic private facilities, there truly is something for everyone when it comes to private rehab.

Private rehab will begin with a professionally administered detox. Because the physical withdrawals of some addiction can be so intense, a medically supervised detox may be required. Addictions such as those to heroin and opiates can make a person extremely sick, which is often why most people stay trapped in their addictive habits. The ability to have help through this very difficult aspect of overcoming addiction is a welcomed relief to many who have gone through the rehab process.

Therapy is an integral part of any rehab, with the therapy offered in a private recovery setting some of the best one will find. At private rehab, a patient is placed with a licensed addiction therapist who will work with them one on one for the entire extent of their time in rehab. These private therapy sessions give a patient the opportunity to talk to someone about their addiction and the problems from which it stems. They offer a person the understanding necessary to successfully overcome the psychological components of which their current addicted state is comprised. Group counselling sessions are also a part of the therapy found at private rehab. Sitting and talking with others who share similar problems is not only a great way for individuals to better understand themselves and their own addiction, but can help them forge positive connections with others.

Private rehab in Havering is definitely something to consider when looking for solutions that help a person succeed in ending their addiction for good. Not only does it remove them from an environment that impedes the realisation of sobriety, but allows them to focus all their energy and attention on getting better. A stay in private rehab in Havering is something that has positively helped many people, and anyone suffering from addiction in the UK or abroad could truly benefit from it.

Outpatient Rehab

For those caught in the vicious cycle of addiction that cannot attend private rehab for any number of different reasons, it is important to know that there are other options available. Getting help in an outpatient treatment centre is also something that has helped many people find the freedom they???re looking for when making the decision to quit using drugs or alcohol. Addiction is something that affects people from every background. No one is immune. Which means that there are people who can???t take time out of their lives to go to a private rehab centre. Outpatient rehab is a good option for those who have family responsibilities or obligations that cannot be broken. People that can???t take time off work or school can still get the help they need when attending outpatient rehab.

Going to an outpatient rehab in Havering requires a person to get to the treatment centre for all their various appointments. These scheduled meetings are important and need to be treated as such. Because the responsibility of getting to each appointment is up to the individual, it is vital they are committed to the recovery process. If they aren???t, going to an outpatient rehab could prove to be too difficult to handle on their own. It???s also important to note that the temptation to use drugs or alcohol will be intensified in outpatient treatment because one has not removed themselves from their familiar environment. Relapse is a reality to 50-90 percent of people that attempt to get sober, which is something to keep in mind when attending rehab. Commitment is key, and the entire process should be taken very seriously.

What to Expect after Going to Alcohol or Drug Rehab

It???s extremely important to note that treatment doesn???t end after rehab is over. After attending rehab in Havering, there will be certain aftercare strategies to adhere to. This ensures that a person remains sober and is equipped with all the tools necessary to be successful in this new endeavour. Aftercare will consist of various meetings and activities that will help someone stay on the path of lasting sobriety. Oftentimes people will attend 12-step programmes that can help immensely. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are both free of charge, confidential, and open to anyone who wishes to attend. Some people may choose to continue talking to a private therapist. Aftercare is something that should not be overlooked just because treatment is over.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Havering:

Ardleigh Green

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
All Saints Church, Ardleigh Green Rd. RM11 2LG
Saturday, 19:00
Ardleigh Green

Chase Cross

Havering Drug and Alcohol Services
High Street, Ballard Chambers, 26 High Street, Romford, RM1 1HR
Tel: 01708 747 614
Chase Cross


Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
St Helens Church Hall, St Helens Court, Off Upminster Rd South., RM13 9YU
Wednesday, 19:00

Collier Row

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
St Andrew’s Parish Centre, St Andrew’s Rd, RM7 9AT
Monday 19:30
Collier Row


Cocaine Anonymous Meeting
???Spiritualized??? Upminster Methodist Church, Hall Lane, RM14 1AE
Thursday, 19:30

Gidea Park

Cocaine Anonymous Meeting
???There is a Solution??? St Michael & All Angel Church Gidea Park, Main Road, Romford, RM2 5EL
Tuesday, 19:00
Gidea Park


Al-Anon Meeting
Salvation Army, High Street, Romford, London, RM1 1JJ
Wednesday, 20:00

Elm Park

CGL – Wize Up Havering
Elm Park Children???s Centre, Diban Avenue, Hornchurch, RM12 4YH
Tel: 01708 451110, Email: WizeupHavering@cgl.org.uk
Elm Park

We Will Find the Best Rehab in Havering to Fit Your Personal Needs

Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol is something that will destroy a person???s life if it isn???t taken care of. We are here to make sure this doesn???t happen. The impact of addiction can be devastating, but by going to rehab the chance of it becoming any worse is significantly reduced. We are here to help because we have personal experience in addiction and don???t want to see it ruin one more person???s life. Please call us for unbiased and no obligation advice on how to successfully end your addiction for good by finding a reputable rehab in Havering.

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