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In the UK, substance abuse is a very real problem for many individuals. It does not matter if these affected people live in large cities such as Manchester or Liverpool or a smaller town such as Rawtenstall. Drug and alcohol addiction is destroying lives both directly and indirectly. Those affected by such illnesses often believe that they are harming only themselves, but this is never the reality. The truth is that addiction is a far-reaching illness that affects the lives of so many people. It has a negative impact on the lives of the close family members and friends of the individual as well as the wider community. It is for this reason that services such as drug and alcohol rehab in Rawtenstall are so vital.

It is often difficult for those affected by addiction to appreciate why they may have a need for alcohol or drug rehab in Rawtenstall or other parts of the country. Some individuals find it easier to deny the problem exists than to face up to it and need to consider doing something about it. For those who have found themselves struggling with a drug addiction, despite never having touched an illegal substance in their life, it can be even harder to come to terms with being classed as an addict.

Do You Need Drug Rehab in Rawtenstall?

It is easy to assume that every drug addict uses illegal substances such as heroin, crystal meth, or cocaine, but this is simply not true. In fact, many people find themselves addicted to substances such as opiate pain medication or sedatives. These prescription drugs are typically offered by doctors when the patient is suffering from conditions such as severe or chronic pain or sleep disorders.

Nevertheless, most have an idea of what a drug addict looks or acts like. They might believe, for example, that all drug addicts:

  • are known to the police
  • have a criminal background
  • steal money from their family members and friends
  • are unable to keep a job
  • do not care about their personal hygiene or grooming
  • inject illegal drugs down dark alleyways
  • are homeless.

While there may be some people who do meet the profile of the stereotypical drug addict, the fact is that most do not. The one thing that all drug addicts have in common, however, is a need for drug rehab in Rawtenstall and other parts of the United Kingdom.

How Important Is Alcohol Rehab in Rawtenstall?

Those affected by alcohol addiction may also find it difficult to come to terms with their requirement for alcohol rehab in Rawtenstall. As alcohol is so widely available and socially acceptable, it is difficult for most to view it as anything other than something to be enjoyed with family and friends. The fact that it is legal also makes it seem far less dangerous than certain drugs.

However, it is important to realise that alcohol is extremely dangerous when abused. It is highly addictive and is responsible for poor health and premature death. In fact, it is the third largest contributor to premature death here in the UK, behind smoking and obesity.

Those whose life has been destroyed by alcohol addiction will understand the importance of rehabilitation programmes, but many individuals will never reach out for the help they need due to being unable to comprehend how this substance can be responsible for much of the harm in their life.

It can take a long time for addicts to realise how important addiction services actually are. Many will get to the point where they are in danger of losing their families, homes, jobs, and health before being spurred into action.

The good news is that both drug and alcohol rehab can help to turn around the life of those who have been negatively impacted by addiction. It can also help when it comes to rebuilding relationships with family members and friends.

How to Find Rehab in Rawtenstall?

If you are an affected person, the hardest decision you will probably ever make in your life is the one where you decide to turn your back on drugs or alcohol for good. If you have reached this point in your life ??? congratulations. You are now ready to embark on a journey of recovery that will change your life for the better.

Finding the right rehab provider in Rawtenstall is the next step in the process; maybe you have already begun looking. If so, you may have realised pretty quickly that there is more to this than meets the eye. You will need to know what your treatment requirements are and what you should be looking for in a rehab provider before you can find the one that meets your needs.

The good news is that this is not something that you need to worry about. Addiction Helper is a referral service with an excellent record of success when it comes to finding the perfect rehab providers for our clients. All you need to do is get in touch with us today and we will get to work immediately to find a provider in Rawtenstall you are happy with. When you do call, you can expect the following:

  1. One of our advisors will take your call and listen to whatever you have to say.
  2. If you have any queries or questions about your illness, we will provide answers.
  3. We will offer you a free and fully comprehensive assessment of your situation that will allow us to determine what your treatment needs are.
  4. We will then match you to several suitable treatment providers in your area.
  5. We will discuss the results of the assessment with you and explain why we have matched you to the various providers.
  6. If you would like help in deciding which treatment provider is best for you, we will help, but we will not influence your decision. You have the choice regarding your treatment and we will respect your final decision completely.
  7. If you would like help with the admissions process, we can assist and support you throughout.

For more information on Addiction Helper and the service we provide, please contact us today. You can get in touch by calling our dedicated helpline or by completing the form on the contact page on this website.

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