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Those who live in Whitstable and who have found themselves in trouble with drugs or alcohol can rest assured that help is available. Both drug and alcohol rehab in Whitstable is available to those who need it. Addiction Helper works hard to provide a link between those in need of help for addiction and those who provide it. We know that no matter where you live in the UK, you can be affected by addiction if you use mood-altering substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medication. We also know that many individuals have not yet reached out for help because they are afraid of what others will think of them.

Is this why you have not yet sought alcohol or drug rehab in Whitstable? Are you afraid that people will judge you because you have an addiction? If so, we can help. We understand that shame and embarrassment is a major reason so many individuals never get the help needed for addiction, but we also want to assure you that this should not be the case.

There is absolutely no need for you to be ashamed. Are you aware that addiction is a recognised illness of the brain? Do you know that it can affect anyone, no matter how old they are or where they come from? This is an illness that does not discriminate based on geographical location or wealth. But we do realise that there is still a certain amount of stigma attached to addiction; however, attitudes are changing every single day as increasingly more people begin to understand the nature of this illness.

Do Not Let Fear Stop You Accessing Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Fear should never be allowed to stand in your way of accessing alcohol or drug rehab in Whitstable. Whether it is fear of what others will think, fear of failure or fear of what rehab will be like, we can tell you that delaying is a massive mistake. Without rehab in Whitstable, your situation is going to get worse.

You cannot hope to get better by doing nothing. Addiction is not like the common cold or a virus; it will not pass if you ignore it. It requires treatment to help break the bond between substance and user and treatment to help the individual learn how to deal with the underlying cause of the addiction.

If you are ready to put your days of substance abuse behind you, today is the day to act. Each day that you wait is a day that you are never going to see again. As each day passes, your addictive behaviour is causing more harm to your health, your relationships, and your finances. The sooner you reach out for drug or alcohol rehab in Whitstable, the sooner, you can start to turn your life around.

Can I get Detox before Rehab in Whitstable?

To fully recover from addiction, a comprehensive programme is generally required. This usually begins with a physical detox to help separate the individual from the substance to which he or she is addicted. Detox is necessary before rehab because the patient must have a clear mind and body before he or she can even think about dealing with any emotional or psychological issues.

A detox should normally be carried out in a dedicated facility, although some people prefer to do this at home. Detoxing at home requires constant supervision at all times. This means that the addicted individual will need more than one person to agree to take shifts looking after them.

The risk of complications during a detox should never be understated either. For most, it is going to be safer and much more comfortable to detox in a supervised facility where fully trained staff are on hand to monitor and act in the event of an emergency.

Moving on to Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Whitstable

The process of recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction is lengthy; the addict will not recover overnight. Many people make the mistake of thinking they are cured upon completion of a programme of detox. As these individuals have managed to stay clean for a period of up to two weeks, they will convince themselves that they can stay clean going forward. Nevertheless, this is rarely the case.

It is more likely for people who have detoxed without rehabilitation to relapse than it is for those who have completed a comprehensive programme of recovery. Treating the physical side of the illness with a detox is just one part of the process. This must be followed by rehabilitation as it is this that will tackle any emotional and psychological issues. So, what is rehab in Whitstable like?

When it comes to rehab programmes, you will have the choice between inpatient and outpatient programmes. Outpatient programmes tend to work best for those who do not have a severe addiction or those who are confident they can recover at home with a supportive network of people around them.

Regardless of how severe an addiction is, inpatient programmes are considered highly effective and provide the quickest way to overcome this illness. Below is a bit more information about each type of programme.

Inpatient Programmes

Inpatient programmes tend to be provided by private clinics and usually run for around six to eight weeks. Some people will require a longer stay, particularly if they are struggling with addiction and mental health problems or if they are addicted to more than one substance.

During their programme, they will stay in the clinic and will spend every day in treatment. Inpatient programmes offer a distraction-free environment with no access to triggers or temptations.

Outpatient Programmes

With an outpatient programme, the patient does not stay in the facility. Instead, he or she will attend regular treatment sessions before returning home afterwards. Some people view this as a disadvantage, but many experts believe that this environment is the best way to overcome addiction as it is the most true to real life.

If you would like further information on what rehab programmes in Whitstable are like, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us now. Our team of advisors are available 24 hours a day to take your call. Alternatively, you can contact us via this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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