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As a free referral service, we work with organisations providing drug and alcohol rehab in Swanscombe and other parts of the UK. Our mission is to connect the people in need of rehab with the facilities that provide it and as such, we talk to individuals every day who need help. Our clients come from all walks of life; they are of different ages, races, religions, and from all different backgrounds. The good news is that we can help them all. We know that addiction does not discriminate and that it affects people, no matter where they come from and how much money they have.

The only thing all these individuals have in common is a need for alcohol or drug rehab in Swanscombe and other parts of the United Kingdom. When it comes to who they are and how addiction affects them, they are all different. That is why they all have different treatment needs and all require programmes of care that are tailored to these requirements.

Why Rehab in Swanscombe Provides Bespoke Treatment Plans?

It was once the case that all addicts were treated in the same way. The illness of addiction has been misunderstood for a long time and it is only recently that attitudes have started to change. Experts have discovered that each patient reacts differently to addiction and as such, they require different treatment plans.

These days, providers of drug and alcohol rehab in Swanscombe and elsewhere offer bespoke treatment plans for each patient. The patient will be fully accessed upon arrival and will have a plan created for them that offers the best chance for a successful recovery. Bespoke treatment plans usually incorporate elements of traditional treatments such as one-to-one counselling, peer-to-peer therapy, family therapy, 12-step work, and cognitive behavioural therapy. They may also use various holistic treatments too, such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, and massage.

A combination of treatments will help to treat the person as a whole, not just the addiction. This is the best way to guarantee success. Another benefit of a bespoke plan is that it is so flexible. If one element of the programme is not working as expected, it can be quickly and easily changed with minimum impact on the individual.

Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Swanscombe?

The fact that you are reading this article indicates that your life has been affected by addiction in some way. Maybe you are reading this because you are worried about a loved one, or perhaps you are here because a concerned family member or friend has suggested you may have a problem. Either way, we can help. We work with addicts and their families to help them find alcohol and drug rehab in Swanscombe and beyond.

If you believe that you do not have a problem and that your loved ones are overreacting, then we can also help. We often get calls from individuals who have been urged to get in touch with us by a concerned friend or family member. Many believe that they can stop drinking or drug taking at any time ??? they just don???t want to yet.

However, it is often a completely different story when they do try to quit or even cut back. Many find that their relatives were right; they do have a problem. It is challenging to admit that substance abuse has become a problem, but we urge you to think about whether you need help or not. You should consider the possibility that you may need rehab in Swanscombe if:

  • you have been drinking more than you used to
  • you are regularly using illegal drugs or are taking prescription medication and have upped your dose
  • you feel guilty about your substance use and are lying about it to your loved ones
  • your substance use is getting in the way of your everyday life and responsibilities
  • you are suffering various withdrawal symptoms when you are in need of your drug of choice
  • you have tried to cut down on your level of consumption but were unable to.

What Could Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Swanscombe Mean for You?

You may have noticed various negative consequences of your substance use. Those who abuse chemical substances will be unable to go for a long time without their mental and physical health being affected. In the short term, these substances can lead to mood swings, irritability, nausea, high blood pressure, and a rapid heartbeat. Continued regular abuse of substances such as alcohol or drugs can lead to diabetes, obesity, liver damage, lung damage, heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer.

Nevertheless, it is not just health that is affected by addiction. This is an illness that has many negative consequences and relationships with family members and friends often suffer dramatically. Those who are affected by addiction often become selfish and manipulative. They will neglect their responsibilities at home and work and may act in a manner that is unpredictable and erratic. They tend to be poor providers, which means that their immediate family members may suffer financially.

Funding an addiction often becomes the addict???s number one priority. He or she will spend much of their time worrying about how they are going to get the substance to which they have become addicted, and everything else takes second place.

The more the addiction progresses, the more the individual will need to spend on alcohol or drugs. In addition, he or she will find that they spend more time under the influence of these chemical substances, which will subsequently affect their ability to work and earn the money they need. Some will resort to desperate measures and will steal from loved ones or engage in criminal behaviour to get their hands on the substance they need.

With rehab in Swanscombe, your life could change for the better. You can turn your back on alcohol and drugs once and for all and can look forward to a life where these substances do not feature. All you need to do is get in touch with us today for information on how to do this. We are waiting to hear from you.

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