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With a population of just under 20,000, you might not expect the people living in the village of Abbots Langley to be worrying about problems such as substance abuse. However, here, just as in every other part of the UK, these problems do exist. The truth is that where mood-altering substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication exist, problems with abuse inevitably follow. That is not to say that everyone in the village struggles with substance abuse; on the contrary. In a similar pattern to the rest of the country, most individuals here never have a problem with substance abuse. But just like everywhere else, both drug and alcohol rehab in Abbots Langley is required for a small number who are struggling under the weight of addiction on a daily basis.

It is easy to say that addicts should just stop with their addictive behaviour and that all their problems would miraculously disappear. But it is only those with no experience or understanding of addiction who would even dream of saying such things. There are also some people who blame addicts for their illness, believing it is a moral failing or a consequence of poor decision making. This is not the case; addiction is an illness and the addict is no more to blame for it than the cancer patient is to blame for being affected by their illness. Those who do suffer with addiction require help and support, which is why services such as alcohol and drug rehab in Abbots Langley are available.

It is also the reason referral services like Addiction Helper exist. We are working hard in all areas of the United Kingdom to make sure that anyone affected by addiction can access the help needed to get better. We have already helped many individuals to access rehab in Abbots Langley and beyond, and we want to help you too. Call us today if you are worried about yourself or a loved one.

Do You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Abbots Langley?

It is hard to accept when substance use progresses from regular or social use to something a bit more problematic. It is even harder to come to terms with the fact that it has developed into an addiction. For those who are alcohol or prescription medication users, the very idea of needing alcohol or drug rehab in Abbots Langley may have once seem incredulous. However, if you are someone who has found yourself in need of alcohol or prescription pills to function, it could very well mean that you need help.

The progression from substance user to substance abuser can occur without the individual realising. It is often the case that a tolerance to the effects of the substance develops, and without even noticing what is happening, the individual will start to increase his or her consumption. It is only when their use of that substance begins to affect their everyday life that it dawns on them that there might be a problem.

If you are consuming more alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication than you once did, it could be that you have an increased tolerance. Even if you are not yet addicted to this substance, you are likely to end up that way if you continue in this vein without getting help. We urge you to call us now and allow us to assess your situation to determine if you could indeed benefit from a programme of drug or alcohol rehab in Abbots Langley or elsewhere.

Why Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Abbots Langley?

Addiction affects the lives of many people across the country. Those who find themselves addicted to mood-altering substances will suffer with poor health. The structure of their brain will change and they will find that they are no longer capable of making logical decisions. This means that these individuals cannot see how their substance abuse is negatively affecting their lives. Even when loved ones explain to them how much harm their behaviour is causing, they will be unable to connect the dots and will still not see the substance as the culprit. Many will continue in the belief that the substance to which they are addicted is the one good thing in their life.

Addiction affects far more than the user, however. It leads to relationship troubles with family members, friends, and colleagues as well as financial problems. It is common for addicts to find themselves out of work when their production levels decrease due to the effect their addiction is having. Some will continuously call in sick because they are not capable of working, which leads to a lot of lost time for businesses that in turn affects the entire economy.

The cost of treating and policing addiction-related illnesses and incidents in the UK is billions of pounds every single year. This has a knock-on effect on every taxpayer and, as such, services such as rehab in Abbots Langley and other parts of the county become ever more important.

What Does Rehab in Abbots Langley Entail?

If you are a sufferer, you may be wondering what to expect from detox and rehabilitation, and this is understandable. Of course you will want to know what is ahead of you before you get started. For most people, a detox is the first step on the road to sobriety. You will need to stop taking chemical substances and be clean before you can tackle the other underlying issues that caused your addiction in the first place.

Here at Addiction Helper, we can put you in touch with treatment providers in and around Abbots Langley where you can have a medical detox in comfort and safety. Your welfare is our number one priority and that is why we always recommend a supervised detox.

When your detox has finished, you will attend an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programme where the emotional and psychological side of your illness will be addressed. This will help you to get to the root cause of your addictive behaviour and here you will learn skills that will help you to avoid a return to substance use going forward.

For more information on rehab in your area, contact Addiction Helper now. We are available twenty-four hours a day so that you can reach out for help when you are ready. We can put you in touch with a treatment provider that will suit your individual situation as well as your treatment needs. Call today for more information.

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