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All over the UK, substance abuse is affecting the lives of countless people and their families. In the Hampshire town of New Milton, it is no different. Just as in other parts of the United Kingdom, individuals in this market town abuse mood-altering substances to such an extent that their life and the lives of those around them are being negatively affected. Assuming that substance abuse affects nobody but the person abusing the substance is na??ve and categorically untrue. The reality is that substance abuse is responsible for harm to individuals all over the country. It has a knock-on effect on entire communities and society in general and costs the economy billions of pounds every single year. This is why services such as drug and alcohol rehab in New Milton and beyond are so important.

Overcoming addiction is never a straightforward process, but with alcohol and drug rehab in New Milton it is definitely less of a challenge. If your life is being destroyed by addiction, you should contact us here at Addiction Helper for advice and information on how to overcome your addiction. As a free referral service with many years??? experience working in the addiction field, we have built up an extensive database of information pertaining to rehab providers across Britain and beyond. We can access the information you need in a matter of minutes and can help when it comes to finding a rehab provider to suit your own needs or the requirements of an addicted loved one.

Does Your Family Need Drug and Alcohol Rehab in New Milton?

Addiction has a devastating impact on the lives of so many people, but those closest to the addict tend to feel the full force of this illness. It is never easy to live with a person who is under a cloud of addiction. As it affects the way the brain functions, it often causes the addicted individual to act in an unpredictable and chaotic manner.

Addicts may become manipulative and selfish as their obsession with their drug of choice is all that matters to them. Everything else in their life fade into insignificance and, unfortunately, this often includes their family members.

Parents, spouses, children, and siblings are profoundly affected when one member of the family develops an addiction. The actions and behaviour of the addict can be hurtful and leave family members feeling upset and resentful. Relationships are often taken to breaking point, and in many cases, the damage done cannot be reversed.

If addiction is affecting your family, you need to get help right now. Alcohol and drug rehab in New Milton and other parts of the country can help. The longer you wait, the more your family unit will suffer. Each day is another day that you will never get back, so we urge you to delay no longer ??? call us right now to start the ball rolling.

What to Expect from Rehab in New Milton?

If you are ready to take the next step on your journey towards recovery, call Addiction Helper. We can put you in touch with providers of drug and alcohol rehab in New Milton or wherever else it is you happen to live in the British Isles. If you have no experience of addiction treatment, you could be wondering what to expect from rehab in New Milton. We can tell you that rehab here is similar to rehab in every other part of the UK.

It is provided by many different organisations including the NHS and private clinics; the comprehensive recovery programmes provided are usually made up of the following elements:

  • Detox ??? For most people who want to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, a programme of detoxification will be the first step in the process. Detox is necessary when it comes to dealing with the physical aspect of the illness and it breaks the bond between the patient and the substance to which he or she has become addicted.
  • Inpatient Rehab ??? Inpatient rehabilitation programmes offer recovering addicts the chance to leave their everyday chaotic lives for the peace and tranquillity of a clinic that is free from distractions. A concentrated and intensive schedule of treatment is created for the patient and he or she will be forced to tackle the emotional and psychological side of the illness head on.
  • Outpatient Rehab ??? Not everyone can avail of inpatient treatment and this is for a variety of reasons, so outpatient programmes offer an effective alternative. These programmes are ideally suited to those with plenty of support at home as the patient does not stay overnight in the clinic. These programmes last longer because they are less intensive than inpatient programmes.
  • Aftercare ??? There is a common belief that the recovery journey ends with the cessation of a rehab programme, but this is rarely the case. Continued maintenance is essential for most people if they are to stay sober going forward. Aftercare programmes are provided by rehab clinics as well as local support groups.

Why Family Therapy Is an Important Part of Rehab in New Milton?

Addiction is commonly referred to as a family illness because of the impact it has on the entire family unit. Rehab providers understand that while the addict is the one who needs the most comprehensive treatment programme to overcome the addiction, those closest to them also require help if they are to be able to move on.

Addiction can leave family units in tatters, so there is no point in helping the addict to move on without offering some form of counselling to the other members of the family who will have been deeply affected by their loved one???s behaviour and actions.

Most rehab providers will, therefore, include family therapy as part of their programme. Therapists who have treated the addict will usually invite family members to attend the clinic for occasional sessions. These sessions may be held with or without the recovering addict in attendance. Family therapy is typically offered by both inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes, and we would advise family members to take advantage of this service if it is offered. Family therapy can be an essential part of the recovery process for all members of the family. Without it, the family unit may never recover.

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