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Bespoke Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Hampshire

Sometimes, life can feel really challenging. For all sorts of reasons, some of us end up developing addictions as coping mechanisms. Drugs and alcohol certainly seem to work for a while but eventually, addiction will begin to take its toll on our lives, making our problems much worse. This is where rehabilitation comes. If you or a loved one are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire, there is hope ??? multiple providers will help you recover.

Part of the reason addiction is so hard to face is that it is such an isolating illness, this is one of many causes making recovering in a residential rehab so effective. In rehab, you will recover within a community of peers, whilst benefitting from tailored, research-based, therapy compiled by a team of experts.

Going to alcohol or drug rehab will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to get sober, stay sober and build a build a positive, substance-free life.

Feelings and Addiction

Alcohol and drugs are such an established part of life. For many people, social events revolve around drinking and using and it seems like a normal, acceptable part of life. No one purposefully gets an addiction or develops alcoholism.

Feelings can be a powerful driver for developing an addiction. Sometimes all it takes is one difficult experience to trigger addiction. Using drugs and alcohol to fix the way you feel is often referred to as self-medicating. Yes, the drugs and alcohol fix the feelings for a short while ??? by taking them away ??? but to heal you have to be able to process your feelings in a healthy way.

When you are unable to manage your emotions without drugs and alcohol, your whole life can start revolving around getting and using your substance of choice. Rather than trying to resolve the issues in your life, you focus only on taking the experience of them away.

Rehab will help calm the noise of compulsive, addictive thinking. Our experts will help you to separate the illness of addiction from the real you. With a reliable recovery plan, created by your Hampshire rehab of choice, you can learn effective ways of living and enjoy life without the use of drugs and alcohol!

You can face your pain and move through it and towards joy.

Are You Too Ashamed to Seek Help for Addiction?

Sometimes shame and guilt are the initial triggers behind addiction. But it can also keep you in the cycle of using. Active alcoholism and addiction cause a chronic sense of shame and unworthiness which can lead to depression and hopelessness. This sense of unworthiness can become a barrier to accepting help and getting sober.

As work and life become increasingly more difficult to manage, you may use more in an attempt to escape from the uncomfortable feelings. When your problems become worse due to your addiction, your sense of shame may escalate. Every time we fall victim to this cycle, life becomes more unmanageable and our sense of shame strengthens.

Here is where alcohol and drug rehab comes, Hampshire has many options for people willing to learn more about and fight addiction.

Healing the Shame with the Right Rehab

Overcoming shame may require revisiting some difficult memories, and re-evaluating them from a new perspective. In rehab, you will learn to practice self-acceptance and self-love. You will have the opportunity to heal your shame in a safe and structured environment.

We heal our shame by identifying our negative and shaming thinking patterns and then turning them around to get a balanced perspective. Yes, you may have done destructive things during your active addiction, but that is the nature of the illness. Now it is time to take responsibility for your illness.

Healing from shame and addiction with professional help will take time and effort on your part ??? but with devotion, honesty and willingness, you can do it! Hampshire rehabs offer access to proven, relapse-prevention techniques.

What Can I Expect from Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Rehabs?

In our drug and alcohol services in Hampshire, we believe in a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol addiction. Treating addiction as a multifaceted illness ??? medically, mentally, physically and spiritually, is the most effective way of breaking the cycle of addiction.

We believe that prompt treatment and a long-term commitment to support you is the best way to treat addiction. Addiction is a progressive illness that thrives on isolation. Through our services, you can stop your addiction in its tracks and get on the road to recovery and create a life that???s worth living.

What Happens during the Assessment Stage?

Every person???s experience is unique to them. This is why you will receive a detailed??clinical assessment??to determine the right course of action and addiction treatment for you.

During your assessment, you will be asked to give some details relating to your drugs and alcohol usage, lifestyle, and medical needs.??You may also be asked some questions relating to family, employment and mental health. You will also have an opportunity to explore what your goals and expectations regarding treatment are.

This process will help us determine exactly what programme will be most beneficial for you.

What Treatments Do Alcohol & Drug Rehabs in Hampshire Offer?

At our Hampshire drug and alcohol rehabs, we are highly skilled, experienced and passionate about recovery. We offer various programmes that take into account your individual requirements and goals.

On admission, you will be given a welcome pack which will contain a timetable.??Alcohol and drug rehab in Hampshire works by the same beliefs as do quality rehabs all over the UK. ??You will be able to heal with group therapy sessions, individual therapy, written and other creative other assignments, recovery groups, and have free time.

What Is the Programme?

We have dedicated and expert addictions counsellors who are passionate about recovery. The programmes we deliver consist of a bespoke treatment plan made out of:

  • Medically supervised detox (where needed)
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behaviour therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • Group counselling
  • Family groups
  • 12 steps
  • Exercise and fitness programmes
  • Healthy eating
  • Educational talks
  • Relapse prevention
  • Aftercare
  • Complimentary therapies

Your physical, mental and spiritual health will start to improve as you practice the self-care tools and methods you will learn during these therapies and treatments.

Start Anew without Addiction

In rehab, you will learn many new behaviours that will help you to build resilience, focus on the positive, and learn to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. Practicing these behaviours will help you to build a life in which you do not feel an overwhelming need to amend your feelings.

  • Connect. In rehab, you can recover with peers. You would be able to invest in each other???s recovery and experience the joy of helping others and of being helped. Your experiences can benefit others.
  • Gratitude. Understandably, addiction is often accompanied by negative feelings and sometimes even depression. In rehab, we will break this pattern of negativity through focusing on things we are grateful for. Things like a warm place to sleep, enough food, a day clean and sober, and hope for the future.
  • Health and Fitness. Through exercise, you will start to experience natural endorphins that give a great surge of positivity and start to create a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. Self-care isn???t just fixing your feelings in the moment.

Questions about Rehab and Addiction in Hampshire

Sometimes we cannot decide if we want what we need when it comes to alcohol and drug rehab. This is maybe why it???s hard to decide ??? should you admit yourself, or a loved one in need, to rehab? Treatment involves multiple aspects of healing ??? including mental, emotional and physical. Many logical questions arise, and it is important to take an educated decision before embarking on the voyage to sobriety.

Will there always be staff on duty in rehab?

When it comes to residential rehabilitation, there will be staff on duty continually for 24 hours a day. The supervision is constant and advise and counselling are readily available for all residents at all times.

Would rehab of choice allow me a smartphone during treatment?

Most rehabs will not allow you to bring electronic devices and phones into treatment with you. This is because electronic distractions are unhelpful. You will need to be focused on your recovery.

Sometimes people seem to overpack for rehab. We advise you bring some comfortable clothes for everyday use and maybe some smart clothes for visiting day if you feel that is appropriate. A tracksuit and trainers will be useful for fitness sessions and some nightwear and some toiletries you will need for your stay. The internet is usually not widely available during rehab.

Can I have visitors?

After you have completed the detox ??? usually 7-10 days ??? you will be allowed to have visitors at set times, usually on the weekends.

Visitors would be able to come during visiting times, only after being approved as harmless to your recovery.

How much would rehab in Hampshire cost?

If you are able to privately fund a rehab programme, you will find little or even no waiting list prior to assessment and admission.

If, however, you are unable to fully fund your treatment, you might want to talk with our advisors about NHS funding. We can then refer you to local drug and alcohol services in the Hampshire area.

Aftercare Options in Hampshire?

Completing treatment is a time to celebrate and please be reassured that you will not be returning to ???normal??? life without a support network. We offer after care groups for those wishing to continue working in a group therapy setting.

You will leave our Hampshire services thoroughly equipped with a personalised, continuing care plan that you will have created with your therapist and your peers. Our doctors will contact your G.P. so that ongoing follow-up can be provided should you need it.

Before departure, we will give you information about Hampshire Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous groups, which provide a wonderful and free community support groups for recovering addicts and alcoholics. You will not have to face your addiction alone anymore.

12 Step Groups in Hampshire

  • Alcoholics Anonymous ??? Big Book Meeting ??? Tuesday 19:30 – St John’s Centre, St John’s Church, 7 Church Rd, Locks Heath, Southampton
  • Alcoholics Anonymous ??? Bitterne Meeting ??? Saturday 19:30 – Bitterne United Reformed Church, Bitterne Precinct, Bitterne Village, Southampton
  • Alcoholics Anonymous ??? Joys of Recovery ??? Wednesday 19:30 – Fratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Place, Southsea, Portsmouth
  • Narcotics Anonymous ??? Newcomers Meeting ??? Tuesday 19:30 – Southsea Community Centre, St Paul’s Road, Portsmouth

With the help of our experts in Hampshire and your peers in the programme, you can recover and build a life that you love.

Please get in touch with our addiction experts if you would like to learn more.

We offer dedicated local treatment across Hampshire including Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke, Newport, Alton, Andover, Bordon, Eastleigh, Emsworth, Fareham, Farnborough, Fleet, Gosport, Havant, Locks Heath, Warsash, Whiteley, Hedge End, Horndean, Hythe, Lymington, New Milton, Romsey, South Hayling, Stubbington, Tadley, Totton, and Aldershot.