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There are many individuals living in Walkden in desperate need of help for substance abuse and addiction. However, many of those who need drug and alcohol rehab in Walkden do not even realise they are in trouble. It is common to abuse substances without being aware that your use has reached a problem level.

Alcohol is commonly abused by people in all areas of the UK, but because it is a legal and widely available substance that is actively encouraged in modern society, most are unaware of how dangerous it can be. The idea that it can cause addiction is difficult for many to come to terms with. Prescription medication is also commonly abused and can lead to addiction, but most would find it difficult to imagine that this is even possible. Nevertheless, both alcohol and drug rehab in Walkden are required for those struggling with alcohol and prescription drug addictions.

Maybe you have found yourself struggling to quit alcohol or prescription medication and are now wondering if you have a problem that requires rehab in Walkden. If so, then please call us. As a referral service, we are working with people from all over the UK to ensure they can access help for substance abuse and addiction. We want to help you too.

Are You in Need of Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Walkden?

It is hard to come to terms with being a classed as an addict. This is usually due to the negative perception that many have about this illness. In fact, some do not even class addiction as an illness and just see it as something that happens to those with no willpower or those who are weak or bad. It is no surprise that so many people delay reaching out for treatment.

However, what we know here at Addiction Helper is that addiction is indeed an illness of the brain. You are not to blame for being addicted. You yourself know that you did not choose to be an addict and that you have absolutely no control over your use of mood-altering substances.

Your brain has been altered by the substances you use, but with alcohol or drug rehab in Walkden, the reverse can happen. Scientists know that the brain can be changed again and that negative behaviours can be replaced with positive ones that will allow you to put an end to your substance abuse for good.

If you are concerned about your substance use, we urge you to get in touch with us. We will assess your situation to tell you whether you could benefit from a programme of detox and rehabilitation. If you want to take the next steps and get started on a programme of recovery, we will assist you every step of the way.

What Will Alcohol or Drug Rehab Be Like?

Before you agree to get started on a recovery programme, you probably want to know more about what it is going to be like. If you have a physical addiction to alcohol or drugs, then you will more than likely need a programme of detoxification first. It is necessary to have a clear mind and body before starting rehab.

Detox programmes usually last for about 7-10 days and you will find that the process is safer and more comfortable in a supervised facility. Here you will be cared for and monitored by experienced staff ready to act in the event of an emergency. Many of the worst symptoms can even be prevented in a supervised facility.

Rehab programmes are based on the residential or day care model and the type of programme you choose will depend on your needs and personal situation. With an outpatient programme, you will stay at home but will attend regular treatment sessions in the clinic. This type of programme usually lasts for several months.

If you choose an inpatient programme, you will leave your everyday life and will move into the clinic. For a period of between six and twelve weeks, you will stay in the clinic and will attend treatment sessions every day either with just a counsellor or with a group of other recovering addicts and a counsellor.

Regardless of the type of programme you choose, the aim will be the same ??? to help you overcome the emotional and psychological issues pertaining to your illness. You will learn the reason you became addicted in the first place and will be given the skills and tools required to avoid a return to addiction going forward.

What Happens During Rehab?

While the aim of rehab in Walkden is to break the cycle of addiction, there are numerous ways in which this is done. In years gone by, treatment providers all used the same methods to treat every single patient, but thankfully those days have gone.

It is now common practice for treatment providers to create bespoke treatment plans for every patient. These bespoke plans are designed around the needs of the individual and tend to include both traditional and holistic treatments.

Traditional treatments include:??

  • individual counselling
  • peer-to-peer therapy
  • motivational interviewing
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • dialectic behavioural therapy
  • 12-step work
  • contingency management
  • life and work skills
  • relapse prevention
  • family therapy

Holistic treatments include:

  • yoga
  • massage
  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • drama
  • music therapy
  • sports therapy
  • exercise and nutrition
  • equine therapy
  • acupressure

The use of both traditional and holistic therapies gives a whole-person approach to recovery. The combination of both methods helps to heal the mind, body, and spirit and not just the illness. This has proven time and again to be an effective tool when it comes to beating addiction.

If you would like more information on how to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol, or if you would simply like to talk to someone to help you get a clearer picture of your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our free helpline is available 24-hours a day, every single day of the year. We can help you find a programme to suit your needs if you are ready to move on to treatment in Walkden or beyond. However, if you simply want answers to your questions, we are here to help as well.

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