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Have you heard of something known as the ‘bespoke treatment plan’? If so, you’re probably already aware that modern alcohol and drug rehab no longer relies on a single treatment applied to every patient. Instead, bespoke treatment plans are developed on a case-by-case basis. If you’re not familiar with bespoke treatment plans, rest assured that alcohol and drug rehab in Swinton are not identical for every person undergoing treatment.

Substance abuse and addiction are complex problems requiring complex solutions. Making matters more complicated is the reality that people are different. It doesn’t make sense to try to apply identical treatments to three or four individuals who have completely different backgrounds. Each patient needs to be treated individually. That’s how drug and alcohol rehab in Swinton works.

Different Substances Require Different Treatments

In addition to the differences between patients, there also differences in the way addictive substances affect the body and mind. We can clearly illustrate this by comparing alcohol and cannabis.

Alcohol is a highly addictive drug that creates both physical and psychological dependence. In terms of physical dependence, the body gets more used to having alcohol in the system the longer the alcoholic drinks. Things can get to a point where the body cannot function without a minimum amount of alcohol. This is physical dependence. Psychological dependence is similar in that the mind of the alcoholic is convinced it cannot function without drinking.

Cannabis is less addictive in the sense that it is unlikely to create severe physical dependence. Psychological dependence is very real, and just as strong too, but recovery doesn’t usually require supervised detox or other medical treatments ??? short of addressing any issues that may have resulted from smoking or ingesting cannabis.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Swinton

There is yet another thing to consider for drug and alcohol rehab in Swinton, something that further enhances the need for bespoke treatment plans: dual diagnosis situations. A dual diagnosis scenario is one in which the patient is diagnosed with both a substance addiction problem and a mental illness.

Again, let’s use alcohol and cannabis as examples. Both drugs do strange things to the mind with prolonged use. Remarkably, it is very common for alcoholics and cannabis addicts also to suffer from at least some level of depression. In situations where the depression is mild and can be directly attributed to substance abuse, we may not be dealing with a dual diagnosis scenario. But where depression is more severe, and it’s not possible to tell cause-and-effect, we then have a dual diagnosis on our hands.

Dual diagnosis patients have to be treated differently because doctors and therapists must address both problems simultaneously without one negatively impacting the other. It should be clear that effectively treating dual diagnosis patients means utilising bespoke treatment plans.

Detox and Alcohol Rehab Swinton

The principle of using bespoke treatment plans is applied throughout a patient’s entire treatment. It starts with detox. When we???re dealing with something like alcoholism, the need for detox is nearly universal. That’s the nature of alcoholism. But how detox is carried out may differ from one patient to the next.

One patient may be able to go through a cold turkey detox and come out fine on the other hand. Another patient may need a more gradual withdrawal followed by prescription medications designed to discourage future drinking. That patient may even need to continue taking the prescription medications for months following alcohol rehab.

After detox, the potential for variation is even greater. Alcohol rehab in Swinton doesn’t necessarily follow the same path when detox transitions to psychotherapeutic treatments. One of the main benefits of this reality is that therapists have so many options available to them. They can treat recovering alcoholics in just about any way that will benefit them. From counselling to art and music to job skills training, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Prescription Medications and Drug Rehab in Swinton

It should be noted that bespoke treatment plans for alcohol and drug rehab in Swinton are not without their potential problems. This is easily seen in the area of using prescription medications as a rehab strategy. Doctors and therapists must tread very lightly so as not to create a situation in which recovery is actually being inhibited by medications that are supposed to be helping.

Heroin rehab comes to mind in this regard. For years, we have used methadone as a substitute drug to enable heroin addicts to gradually withdraw in a safer and more comfortable environment. However, somewhere along the line it became acceptable to start putting heroin addicts on long-term methadone prescriptions. The hope was that in doing so, we would encourage addicts to slowly withdraw on their own. Things haven’t worked out that way.

We are now in a situation in which countless numbers of heroin addicts haven’t overcome their addictions by taking methadone. Instead, they have merely substituted one drug for another. They are happy to continue using methadone because the NHS provides it free of charge.

We don’t mention this to criticise the NHS or government-sponsored drug and alcohol rehab in Swinton. Rather, the point here is to help you understand that bespoke treatment plans have to be applied with a considerable amount of forethought if they are to help. Residential treatment facilities are in a better position to do this because they specialise in alcohol and drug rehab.

The Choice of Rehab Is Yours

Rehab differs from one case to the next based on an extensive list of factors. In the end, rehab based on a bespoke treatment plan is the best way to go. We hope you’ll consider this carefully if you or a family member needs help with drugs or alcohol.

The choice of rehab is yours; Addiction Helper can assist you in making that decision by providing you with a list of rehab facilities and treatment options appropriate to your circumstances. Call us on a 24-hour helpline to learn more. If you need rehab in Swinton, we can help free of charge.

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