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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Radcliffe?

Drug and alcohol rehab in Radcliffe comes in many forms. There are outpatient programmes offered by the NHS and private counsellors; there are support groups services provided by charities and organisations like AA; there are entirely residential rehab services provided by private clinics. As Addiction Helper focuses mainly on residential rehab, it is important that you know who is best suited for this kind of treatment.

Before we get into discussing that, you should also know that Addiction Helper is not limited to residential rehab or those facilities offering it. We understand that residential rehab is not the best treatment option for everyone. Therefore, when residential care is either inappropriate or not possible, we assist our clients in finding other avenues. From NHS services to support group participation, we have access to a full range of options our clients can choose from. Alcohol and drug rehab in Radcliffe is by no means limited.

Different Levels of Substance Misuse and Abuse

In order to understand who is best suited for residential rehab in Radcliffe, it is helpful to understand that there are different levels of substance misuse and abuse. Below we offer some general guidelines. Please note that we cannot be more specific than this because clinical definitions vary within the different disciplines of medicine and psychotherapy.

As a general rule, the three levels of substance misuse and abuse are as follows:

  • Casual Misuse ??? Casual misuse is the lowest level. It is characterised by the occasional use of drugs or alcohol for recreational purposes, but not to the extent that such use inhibits a person’s normal daily functioning. For example, getting drunk is misuse of alcohol by any measure. But if a person only gets drunk once or twice a year, there is probably no serious problem to worry about.
  • Substance Abuse ??? The next step up is substance abuse. A person at this level misuses drugs and alcohol more frequently and in volumes large enough to begin causing problems. Consider the university student who begins using stimulants as a means of helping him/herself study. Repeatedly doing this as a matter of habit would be considered substance abuse. The earliest stages of substance abuse may look more like casual misuse while the later stages start looking a lot like addiction.
  • Addiction ??? Also known as dependence, addiction is the highest level of substance misuse and abuse. It is characterised by the user’s inability to control how much is consumed. An addict has also reached a place where alcohol or drug use is now interfering with daily life. It interferes with work, school, family relationships, etc.

Drug and alcohol rehab in Radcliffe begins with an individual assessment that will determine the level of misuse or abuse a person is dealing with. From that evaluation, professionals can determine the best course of action.

Drug Rehab in Radcliffe for Addicts

Residential drug rehab in Radcliffe is appropriate for individuals who have been clinically diagnosed as addicts. These are people whose lives are being completely controlled by the drugs they use; they are people for which drug use is the primary activity of life.

Residential rehab is appropriate for addictions to:

  • illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc.)
  • legal highs (synthetic cannabis, designer stimulants, etc.)
  • prescription medications (morphine, methadone, etc.)
  • over-the-counter drugs (like sleeping pills and diet pills)
  • household chemicals and solvents (aerosols, adhesives, etc.).

Some of the drugs treated in residential rehab are so powerful that it is nearly impossible for addicts to recover without aggressive and comprehensive treatment. Heroin is an excellent example. This is why Addiction Helper tends to recommend residential rehab to people whose drug problems qualify as a clinical addiction.

Alcohol Rehab in Radcliffe for Alcoholics

Alcohol is a drug by definition, but we tend to separate it from other drugs because it is a legal and socially acceptable substance. Still, the qualifications for residential alcohol rehab in Radcliffe are the same. We recommend residential rehab for people who are assessed as being dependent on alcohol ??? or alcoholics if you prefer that term.

Alcoholics, like drug addicts, are controlled by their drinking. Their days are spent procuring alcohol, consuming it, and then trying to function while under its influence. Unfortunately, alcohol is the most used and abused drug around the world. Some estimates suggest that in the UK alone, nearly 7% of adults show some signs of alcohol abuse or dependence.

Alcoholics are perfect candidates for residential treatment because they need the kind of care and environment a residential facility offers. We know first-hand that outpatient treatment doesn’t work as well for most people because there are far too many distractions and temptations that prevent the alcoholic from giving his or her full attention to recovery.

Rehab in Radcliffe Is Available to You

It should be clear that residential rehab is designed to treat individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol. Those best suited to it are people whose lives are being controlled by the substances they use. However, residential rehab is not limited to addicts alone. There are those on the upper edges of drug or alcohol abuse who can also benefit from residential rehab. There are even some who misuse at lower levels but do not trust their own ability to succeed in outpatient care and, thus, choose residential rehab to be on the safe side.

Here’s what you need to know for your situation: if you or a loved one is in need of any kind of rehab in Radcliffe, it is readily available. Whether residential or outpatient rehab would be most appropriate for your situation does not matter as much as your decision to contact us so we can get things started.

When you call our 24-hour helpline, we will offer a free and confidential assessment of your situation followed by recommendations for the best course of treatment. From there, you will be encouraged to decide what you want to do. Whether you choose outpatient or residential care, we will stand behind you the entire way.

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