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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Fallowfield

Our focus for drug and alcohol rehab in Fallowfield is naturally toward individual substance abusers and their families. But in helping these people, our mission also extends to the community. Every time a substance abuser is able to change his or her life for the better, the entire community benefits by having one less person whose substance abuse has a negative impact on society.

We have long known that drug and alcohol misuse is linked to social breakdown. From this understanding comes a responsibility among all of us to do our part in establishing drug and alcohol recovery programmes that actually help people. That’s what Addiction Helper is about; that’s what residential drug and alcohol rehab in Fallowfield is about.

Are you struggling with drugs or alcohol yourself? If so, your actions are having an effect on your family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Your actions are also affecting your community to some extent. Whether you know it or not, the fallout from drug and alcohol abuse reaches far deeper than just your own home or workplace. What you’re doing is contributing to social breakdown.

How Does Alcohol Rehab in Fallowfield Address Family Breakdown?

At the root of social breakdown is the breakdown of the traditional family. Studies have shown as much time and again. So the key to addressing the social impacts of alcohol and drug abuse is to address the family. In short, drug rehab in Fallowfield addresses social breakdown by combating family breakdown.

Imagine an alcoholic whose marriage relationship is starting to break up. That relationship is probably in trouble for several reasons, such as:

  • verbal and/or physical abuse
  • financial problems
  • lack of personal responsibility
  • constant arguing and bickering.

Each family member affected by the alcohol problem then carries the consequences of that problem to work, school, etc. Their troubles outside the home have a negative effect on those they interact with. Meanwhile, government services may have to get involved to keep the family together. The whole community must keep those government services going if they are to be helpful.

Can you see how far adverse impacts of drug and alcohol abuse reach? They start in the family and work out from there. But so does rehab. By helping substance abusers get their lives back on track, we’re helping families do the same. That helps communities recover as well.

How Does Drug Rehab in Fallowfield Address Crime?

The social breakdown that occurs due to drug abuse touches so many areas. We certainly know that it affects crime rates. Communities with rampant drug problems also tend to have high crime rates as well. They have more burglaries, robberies, assaults, thefts and so on. It boils down to the inability of the drug user to control his or her thoughts and emotions, and therefore his/her actions.

Drug rehab in Fallowfield helps to address the crime issue by helping drug addicts get their lives back on track. Yes, some drug addicts need to be put in prison because they are too far out of control to be trusted otherwise. But the vast majority just need a good rehab programme to help them overcome addiction.

By helping drug addicts get their lives back together, we are also helping them retake their place in society. We are helping them restart their lives in a way that does not include drug use. Rather than continuing to pursue a life of crime just to sustain a drug habit, the recovering addict can get a job, go to school, or do any number of other things that makes him or her a productive member of society.

Different Treatments Produced Different Results

Addiction Helper is firmly committed to the residential treatment model as the best model in most cases. We understand that not everyone is well-suited to residential treatment, but it is the most effective method for addressing drug and alcohol issues we have available right now.

It is clear that drug and alcohol abuse contributes to social breakdown if not kept in check. All over the UK, there are communities with profound substance abuse problems affecting nearly every aspect of life. If those communities are to rise above it, something needs to be done. We believe residential rehab is the solution.

The truth is that different treatments produce different results. Outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Fallowfield may be appropriate for substance abusers whose conditions does not rise to the level of addiction. Such clients may do very well with prescription medications and counselling. But what about a person who has been addicted to drugs for years? How likely is outpatient treatment to lead to permanent recovery? One need only look at how we treat heroin for the answer to that question.

The preferred outpatient treatment for heroin addiction is to write a prescription for methadone. While the heroin addict may eventually stop using the illicit drug, he or she may also remain addicted to methadone for the rest of his/her life. This isn’t true recovery. It is substituting one addiction for another.

A residential recovery plan would not include full-time reliance on methadone. To the contrary, residential rehab is designed to produce total abstinence that lasts for a lifetime. Just the philosophy of residential rehab alone leads to better treatments and greater success.

Are You Looking for Rehab in Fallowfield?

We have made it clear in this article that drug and alcohol abuse contribute to social breakdown. It causes family breakdowns which, in turn, erodes the very fabric of our communities and social institutions. Once you understand the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse, it’s easy to reach the conclusion that our communities need to commit themselves to supporting successful rehab programmes.

If you’re looking for rehab in Fallowfield, we can help. We work with private rehab clinics and other service providers who specialise in treating people with drug and alcohol problems. Feel free to call us on our 24-hour helpline to learn more. Doing so could be the most important decision you’ll ever make.

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