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If you have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you may be finding it hard to come to terms with. It is difficult to understand why anyone would continue to abuse a substance that is so obviously having a negative impact on their life. Unfortunately, that is the nature of addiction. It holds people in its grip and refuses to let go. It changes the way the affected person acts and behaves and, in some cases, changes their personality altogether. The good news is that help is available. Both drug and alcohol rehab in Denton is available.

It is important to remember that your loved one has not chosen to be affected by addiction. This is not a choice that anyone would consciously make. Substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription medication actually hijack certain parts of the brain and make it impossible for addicts to resist their urge to use. Even when knowing they have an issue and are aware that there will be negative consequences if they abuse a particular substance, they are powerless to do anything about it. Thankfully, services such as alcohol and drug rehab in Denton can help your loved one to overcome his or her illness for good.

If you are worried about someone you love, please call us now for advice. We work with addicts and their families up and down the UK and we can assure you that we have the answers you need. We know that it is impossible to force someone to get help if this person is not ready to do so, but there are ways in which you can encourage the individual to accept his or her need for rehab in Denton. Call us today and we can provide the information you need.

Does Your Loved One Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Denton?

It is difficult to broach the subject of substance abuse or addiction with a loved one. If you suspect that someone you love is in trouble, we recommend that you raise the issue as soon as possible. It is likely that you will be met with denials or anger, but this is common. Most addicts are not ready to accept their need for help initially. However, you should not give up if you still suspect that the problem exists.

Denial forms a huge part of addiction and is often the obstacle facing those who really do need alcohol or drug rehab in Denton, or anywhere else for that matter. Call us now and we can assist by providing information on methods you can use to encourage the affected person to get help.

In the meantime, you can ask yourself the following questions about your loved one to get a clearer picture of whether he or she could benefit from drug or alcohol rehab in Denton:

  • Does your loved one get drunk regularly?
  • Is he or she taking illegal drugs or prescription medication?
  • Have you noticed that the affected individual suffers from severe mood swings; i.e., down in the dumps one moment and then elated the next?
  • Does your loved one become angry at the mere suggestion that his or her substance use is getting out of hand?
  • Does the person try to hide his or her drinking or drug taking from you?
  • Does he or she often say that they are not going to drink on a night out but is then unable to resist?

Answering yes to two or more of the above questions could indicate that your loved one is in trouble and could benefit from a programme of rehabilitation. But how can you get this person to accept the seriousness of the situation?

How to Acknowledge the Need for Rehab?

You cannot force the affected individual to get help, but you can encourage him or her to accept that professional help may be necessary. In many instances, a family intervention is the best way to do this.

Family interventions are often seen as a last resort for those desperately looking to get a family member or friend to see how serious his or her situation is. The good news is that the majority of interventions end in a successful outcome. They not only help the affected individual to realise the harm that his or her behaviour is causing but they also help loved ones to air their issues as well.

A family intervention is a meeting where a group of people close to the addict will meet with the addict to discuss the illness and how it is affecting their lives. The idea is not to come down hard on the person with the illness but rather to explain how his or her actions are affecting others.

Could Rehab in Denton Help Your Loved One?

If you have been losing sleep over your loved one and want to do something to help, please get in touch with us today. A programme of rehab in Denton could help this person to overcome addiction for good and could help to improve the lives of everyone close to him or her.

Issues such as poor health, relationship problems, and financial struggles plagues the lives of addicts and their families, but with a programme of rehabilitation, many of these issues can be reversed. Health will improve once a person is no longer abusing alcohol or drugs, and you can all look forward to getting relationships back on an even keel.

With the need to fund an alcohol or drug habit a thing of the past, the whole family can look forward to an improvement in finances. Your loved one will more than likely be provided with both life and work skills during his or her treatment, and these skills can be used when back living an independent sober life.

For more information on rehab programmes in Denton or for advice when it comes to helping your loved one to overcome addiction for good, please contact us now via our 24-hour helpline. We provide free expert advice to addicts and their families, and we want to help you too. Our advisors are friendly and professional. They will take your call and answer any queries you may have, and you can rest in the knowledge that this will all be done in strict confidence.

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