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Addiction Helper works with a full range of clients needing drug and alcohol rehab in Bury. In light of how many people we assist, it’s fairly common for counsellors to talk with clients hoping to overcome their problems with a simple detox programme. Some succeed this way; most do not. Someone in need of detox is someone with a problem serious enough to require additional therapies.

The ethos and philosophy Addiction Helper operates under prevents us from ever attempting to force clients to accept a 12-week residential programme for drugs or alcohol. That same ethos and philosophy require us to make every option available. We strongly urge clients in need of alcohol and drug rehab in Bury to consider the benefits of residential treatment as opposed to a detox-only programme.

What Is the Goal of Detox?

We will explain in just a moment why detox alone may not be appropriate for rehab in Bury. But first, let us talk a little bit about what detox is and why it is necessary. Bear in mind that detox is a required treatment for anyone who is clinically addicted.

Detox addresses the physical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction by separating the addict from his or her substances of choice. This separation allows the body to naturally cleanse itself of the chemicals within. Complete recovery from drugs or alcohol can never be accomplished until physical cleansing is achieved.

With that in mind, any substance abuser requiring detox to overcome drugs or alcohol is someone who is addicted. That is the nature of the beast. As an addict, that person also has psychological issues to deal with. You see, addiction runs deeper than just the physical body. It also affects the mind and emotions as well.

What About Vitamin Detox for Alcohol Rehab in Bury?

You may be aware of drug and alcohol rehab in Bury based on detox that uses high volumes of intravenous vitamins and minerals. Often, these high vitamin detox treatments are advertised as being the only thing a person needs to overcome drugs or alcohol. Be very cautious of these kinds of treatments.

It is true that high volumes of vitamins and minerals can significantly help the detox process. Take amphetamine addiction, for example. Amphetamine addicts routinely lose weight as a consequence of their addiction. Why? Because amphetamines increase energy, decrease appetite, and accelerate heart rate. It is a perfect recipe for significant weight loss.

Supplemental vitamins and minerals during amphetamine detox help to replace the depleted levels that are a direct result of addiction. By replacing those vitamins and minerals, doctors are able to more effectively help patients detox by giving their bodies the raw materials needed to heal.

As helpful as this is, it is still not enough in most cases. Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction solely through vitamin detox is neither realistic nor highly successful. This sort of approach almost always results in future relapse, and in short order, we might add.

Isn’t Drug Rehab in Bury Supposed to Be Life-Changing?

A person addicted to alcohol or drugs is, by definition, someone whose life is controlled by the substances being used. Alcohol is controlling the alcoholic; heroin is controlling the heroin addict. It stands to reason that bringing an end to addiction once and for all requires changing a person’s life. If that life is not changed, alcohol or drugs can easily return to once again take control.

The whole point of alcohol and drug rehab in Bury is to change lives. Rehab changes lives by breaking physical addiction, breaking the psychological addiction, and training patients how to think and act in different ways so as to prevent future relapse. Thorough and comprehensive recovery is something that just does not occur very often with detox alone.

This is not to say that detox is a bad thing or isn’t useful. Quite the contrary, detox is a vital part of rehab. Here’s the thing: rehab is not a ‘one or the other’ scenario. In other words, an addict is no more likely to recover relying only on support group membership than he or she is by going through a quick detox programme and leaving it at that. To experience a truly life-changing rehab, that rehab must include both detox and psychotherapeutic treatment. There is no way around it.

Are There Any Success Rate Statistics for Rehab in Bury?

Clients occasionally ask us what the success rates are for different kinds of treatments. Well, rates differ depending on who you ask. The good news is that statistical trends have remained steady over years of research, even though details may vary from one study to the next.

As a general rule, alcoholics and drug addicts who attempt to recover using detox alone are statistically less likely to achieve permanent sobriety. The vast majority of them end up relapsing within one year. For the record, the one year mark is critical. Why? Because as a general rule, recovering addicts who make it past the one-year mark are statistically more likely never to return to substance abuse.

Recovery programmes that do not include detox are subject to the same results as detox-only rehab. Patients may remain substance-free for a few weeks or months following treatment, but they are likely to relapse without a good detox programme.

Research studies consistently show the best way to offer drug and alcohol rehab in Bury, and everywhere else for that matter, is to provide a combined programme that includes both detox and psychotherapeutic treatments. A comprehensive rehab that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction is the most likely to achieve high success rates.

Drug and alcohol rehab in Bury is not a simple matter of taking some vitamins and talking to a counsellor once or twice. There is a lot more to it than that. Here at Addiction Helper, we can help you make sense of it all through our free advice and referrals.

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