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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Waltham Abbey

In the town of Waltham Abbey, most people drink alcohol in moderation and never have any issues with it, despite it being a highly addictive substance. However, there are some that will drink to excess on a regular basis and may go on to develop a physical dependence that could threaten to destroy their lives. With alcohol being such a highly addictive substance, anyone who drinks it has the potential to develop an addiction if they let their consumption get out of control. Nevertheless, most individuals are unaware that their alcohol consumption could be putting their health and lives at risk. Many will continue to abuse alcohol without realising that doing so could mean they are in danger of developing an addiction and that only with alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey will they be able to recover.

Here at Addiction Helper, we assist many people from the town to access treatment for alcohol addiction, but we also help many individuals to access drug rehab in Waltham Abbey. Both illegal drugs and prescription medications are prone to abuse and can destroy lives in the same way that alcohol can, and many people need professional help to get better. It is our mission to provide a vital link between the many organisations offering treatment for addiction and the individuals who need that help.

Do You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Waltham Abbey?

While we are here to help those in need of drug and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey and beyond, we are aware that many affected people will not contact us for help. This is because they believe they do not need any help.

It is common for those with addiction to think that they do not have a problem. There is a common misconception that addiction is something that affects a certain type of person. Negative stereotyping of addiction is very common and can be the cause of many of those affected failing to get the help they need.

As these persons have their own idea of what an addict acts or looks like, they may not believe they fit the profile and therefore could not possibly have a problem. The reality is that most addicts are just like everyone else. They have nice homes, loving families and are managing to hold down a job. But that does not mean they do not need help.

Addiction is not about the substance you abuse or when you abuse it; it is about how much control you have over it when you do use it. That means that just because you only drink beer and never touch spirits, you can still be an alcoholic. Or just because you have never touched an illegal drug and only use prescription medication, does not mean you cannot develop a drug addiction.

We urge you to take an honest look at your substance use and if you are at all concerned, contact us here at Addiction Helper now. We can provide a free assessment of your situation and will be able to tell you if you could benefit from alcohol or drug rehab in Waltham Abbey.

About Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Waltham Abbey

There is plenty of choices when it comes to rehab in Waltham Abbey, with options including paid-for and free services. Whatever your circumstances and requirements, we want to make sure you can access a treatment provider to suit; it is our mission to make this process easy and quick.

We work with charities, local counsellors, local support groups and private clinics in your area where addiction services are provided. We will work with you to assess your needs and will take many factors into consideration before providing you with several options regarding treatment. The type of choices available will include:

  • NHS-Run Programmes ??? The NHS funds a number of programmes to help those struggling with all kinds of substance abuse and addiction. However, as these are free services, they tend to be heavily subscribed, and there may be a waiting list for treatment.
  • Local Counsellors ??? Local counsellors tend to offer outpatient programmes and will either be private or funded by the NHS. A programme provided by a local counsellor will typically mean regular meetings for a variety of therapy sessions.
  • Charities ??? Charity organisations are often staffed by individuals who have been through their own recovery journeys and want to give something back. They typically offer free programmes on an outpatient basis, but there are some who will offer residential beds to those in most need.
  • Local Support Groups ??? Local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous provide a vital service to those who are in recovery from addiction. Members meet regularly to discuss their experiences and stories. This type of programme is recognised as being an essential part of the aftercare programme and has helped millions of people around the world to maintain their sobriety.
  • Private Clinics ??? If you want immediate access to treatment for addiction, a private clinic is often the preferred option. With this type of provider, you will benefit from an inpatient programme where you can overcome your illness with access to around-the-clock care and support from fully qualified

Whatever your needs and preferences, we will ensure you are completely comfortable with your choice of treatment provider. All you have to do is get in touch now, and we will begin working on your behalf.

How Rehab in Waltham Abbey Could Change Your Life

If you are ready to say goodbye to drugs or alcohol and want to start living a full and healthy life, then it is time to consider rehab in Waltham Abbey. We have helped numerous people from all over the UK to find the most suitable rehab provider, and we want to help you too.

By agreeing to get help now, your mental and physical health will improve, you can work on rebuilding damaged relationships with loved ones, and your finances will slowly start to recover. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reaching out for help so call us now.

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