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In the market town of Saffron Waldon, problems with drug and alcohol abuse exist, just as they do almost everywhere else in the United Kingdom. For those with experience of addiction, either directly or indirectly, it is not difficult to comprehend the damage that can be done by substance abuse. However, for those with little or no experience of the issue, it can be tough to understand how substances such as alcohol or prescription medication can cause harm to so many lives. The reality though is that both drug and alcohol rehab in Saffron Waldon is required.

Since alcohol is a legal substance and one that is regularly enjoyed by the majority of UK adults, it is hard for many to see how it can be dangerous. Nevertheless, this is a substance that is highly addictive and those who do end up with an alcohol problem will inevitably suffer the consequences. On the flip-side, it may be easier to understand why drug rehab in Saffron Waldon is necessary for those who abuse illegal drugs such as ecstasy or cocaine, but when it comes to prescription medication then this is another matter entirely.

As with alcohol, the idea of prescription medication being harmful or even addictive can be a struggle for many. Alcohol is widely consumed by the vast majority of adults while medical professionals prescribe prescription drugs to treat genuine medical conditions. So how are these capable of causing so much harm?

Why Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Saffron Waldon?

The truth is that anyone who uses mood-altering substances, including alcohol and prescription medication, can develop an addiction. Despite alcohol being legal, it is very dangerous when abused. The same can be said of prescription medication. Nevertheless, most assume that the pills they are advised to take by a doctor are completely safe. The reality is that these pills are intended for short-term use only and any abuse of them runs the risk of addiction. The problem is that most people do not realise what prescription drug abuse actually entails.

When it comes to prescription medication, pills should only ever be taken exactly as prescribed by a medical professional. What often happens, however, is that the individual quickly develops a tolerance to their medication and may feel that these are no longer working as effectively as they once did. The affected person might believe that there would be no harm in increasing the dose. Others offer their prescription medication to friends or family members if they believe that these individuals would also benefit from the pills. This is all classed as abuse and it makes the likelihood of addiction higher.

With so many people guilty of alcohol and prescription drug abuse, it is easier to see why both alcohol and drug rehab in Saffron Waldon and other parts of the United Kingdom is so necessary.

Could You Benefit from Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Saffron Waldon?

It is common for those affected by addiction to be oblivious to how serious their situation is. Many cannot see themselves as addicts as they have an idea in their head of what the illness is ??? and it is not something they have. This has often been influenced by a negative portrayal of addiction in movies or TV programmes.

It is important to remember that addiction can affect anyone who uses a mood-altering substance. It does not matter on age, gender, race, or religion, nor does it matter how much money the affected person has. Addiction does not discriminate and has nothing to do with how much willpower an individual has. The only thing that all addicts have in common is their need for rehab in Saffron Waldon or wherever else it is they happen to live in the country.

If you are worried about yourself or a loved one, give us a call. We know that it can be difficult to accept addiction as a reality, but the sooner you reach out for help, the sooner you can start to put things right. For you to be here reading this article right now, we are assuming that addiction is affecting your life in some way.

Perhaps you are aware that you have a problem but fear what others will think of you if you were to ask for help. Maybe you are concerned about a loved one who is reluctant to accept the truth. Either way, Addiction Helper can help. We can put you in touch with a provider of drug or alcohol rehab in Saffron Waldon from where you or your loved one can get the help needed to overcome addiction for good.

What Are Your Options for Rehab in Saffron Waldon?

When it comes to rehab in Saffron Waldon, there is plenty of choice. As well as the NHS-run programmes that are widely available, you can choose to be treated in an outpatient clinic run by a charity, local support group, or private clinic.

Outpatient programmes are ideally suited to those who have realised quite early on that they are in trouble. Patients will attend regular counselling or therapy sessions while also dealing with their everyday lives.

Alternatively, residential programmes are also available, and for the most part, these are provided by private clinics. The difference with a residential programme is the fact that the patient is removed from his or her everyday life and placed in a safe and secure environment where there are no distractions from the outside world.

Typically, inpatient programmes run for between six and eight weeks. An intensive programme of treatment will be created for the patient and he or she will spend most of their days in counselling, therapy and other activities designed to help speed up recovery. Many clinics adopt a person-centred approach that aims to heal the mind, body, and spirit. This means that a combination of traditional therapies will be used along with alternative methods to improve wellbeing and reduce levels of stress.

Choosing the most suitable rehab programme in Saffron Waldon can be overwhelming for those who really do not know what their needs are or what they are looking for in a provider. That is where Addiction Helper comes in. We are a free referral service working with providers of rehab throughout the UK and overseas. We can assess your situation to determine what your treatment needs are and can put you in touch with a provider that can meet these requirements.

For more information about who we are and what we do, or to discuss your options for treatment, call our dedicated helpline today.

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