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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Harwich

Most people drink alcohol sensibly and never drink to get drunk. However, there are others who only ever drink to get drunk, which means they usually drink more than the recommended guideline amount. The government has advised UK adults to drink no more than fourteen units of alcohol each week, with a few alcohol-free days in between. While most people can say that they stick to these limits, many others are drinking more than this on a regular basis, putting their lives at risk as a result. In Harwich, as in other towns across the UK, some individuals drink more than the recommended weekly amount in one drinking session. This can lead to an increased tolerance, physical dependence and eventual addiction. For those affected by alcohol addiction, alcohol rehab in Harwich and beyond is often the only way they will recover.

Most people do not associate alcohol with addiction and harm, however. This is often due to the fact that alcohol is a legal substance that is widely accepted in society. The term ???addiction??? is more commonly associated with illegal substances such as cocaine and heroin. The truth is that alcohol is highly addictive and is one of the most abused substances here in the UK. That being said, it is important to remember that drug abuse and addiction blight many lives across the country, and it is not just illegal drugs that cause a problem. Prescription drug addiction is on the increase as well, and for those affected, drug rehab in Harwich is available if needed.

Do You Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Harwich?

Accepting that addiction has become a problem is a very difficult thing to do, particularly for those who abuse alcohol or prescription drugs. Many affected individuals do not even realise that their use of these substances even constitutes abuse, and end up being shocked at the suggestion that they could have an addiction.

In many cases, it is the family members or friends who first notice that an individual???s drinking or drug-taking is getting out of control. Many clients call us because a loved one has raised concerns about their substance use, but most will be of the opinion that they do not actually have a problem. Nevertheless, after talking to one of our advisors, these affected persons may come to realise that they do indeed require alcohol or drug rehab in Harwich or wherever else it is they live in the UK.

Taking a good look at your own use of a substance is important, but you must be honest. Lying to yourself and others will mean you will not get the help you need. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need more alcohol than you used to in order to achieve the desired effect?
  • Have you increased your prescription medication dosage because you felt they were not working as effectively as in the beginning?
  • Have you tried to cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink?
  • Do you lie to loved ones about the amount of alcohol you have consumed?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, you may have a problem that requires professional help. We urge you now to get in touch with us here at Addiction Helper. We can assess your situation and either confirm your fears or put your mind at rest ??? you have nothing to lose by calling our 24-hour helpline today.

How We Help People Access Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Harwich

If you have already tried to find a suitable drug or alcohol rehab in Harwich, you will be aware of the minefield of information available online. Sifting through the good and the bad takes time, and if your mind is clouded by substance abuse, this can quickly become a frustrating and overwhelming task.

We fully understand the difficulty that faces many individuals when they try to find a suitable rehab provider in their area. We have compiled a database of relevant information and we can access this in minutes. By calling us now, we will provide a fully comprehensive evaluation of your situation before matching you to the most suitable provider based on your individual needs and circumstances.

We work with various organisations across the country, including in Harwich, where treatments are provided for those struggling with addictions to all types of substances. These substances include:

  • illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin
  • alcohol
  • prescription drugs
  • over-the-counter medication
  • inhalants and solvents
  • former legal highs such as Clockwork Orange and Spice.

Treatments to Expect at Rehab

If you are thinking about signing up for rehab in Harwich, you may be wondering what to expect. Programmes tend to be based on either the inpatient or outpatient model, and the choice of programme you opt for will depend on several factors, such as how severe your illness is, any commitments you have at home or work, and your budget.

While the programmes differ in some ways, the types of treatments provided by both should be similar. Whether you are attending an inpatient or outpatient programme, you can expect your plan of care to include some of the following:

  • peer-to-peer therapy
  • individual counselling
  • family therapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • dialectic behavioural therapy
  • 12-step work
  • contingency management
  • motivational interviewing.

With an inpatient programme, your treatment plan may also include various holistic treatments such as:

  • art therapy
  • acupuncture
  • acupressure
  • drama
  • music therapy
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • massage
  • equine therapy
  • sports and nutrition.

Holistic treatments are used in conjunction with traditional therapies to ensure that the mind, body and spirit are treated. These treatments will not work to overcome addiction when used alone, but when used as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme, they have proven to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

If you would like further information on the various treatments available from rehab providers in your area, contact Addiction Helper???s 24-hour helpline today. Our fully trained advisors are on standby and can provide details about how and where to access the treatments you need to overcome your illness.

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