Halstead Rehabs

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Halstead

Even in a town with a population of around 12,000 people, problems with drug and alcohol abuse exist. Halstead is in Essex, but this small town has its fair share of substance abuse problems, just as almost every other part of the UK does. With so many people guilty of drinking more alcohol than the recommended guideline amounts, and with prescription drug addiction on the rise across the country, it is clear that drug and alcohol rehab in Halstead is as necessary as it is anywhere else.

Here at Addiction Helper, we work with providers of both alcohol and drug rehab in Halstead and other parts of the United Kingdom to ensure that those affected by substance abuse and addiction can get the help they need to recover. We are a free referral service with access to an extensive network of organisations across the country. We do not offer treatments ourselves; instead, we provide a necessary link between the people who need help for addiction and the rehab providers where they can access these services.

Providers of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Halstead

Many different organisations provide drug and alcohol rehab in Halstead, and these include both paid-for and free services. We exist to make sure that everyone affected by drug and alcohol addiction can access the treatment services they need to get better, regardless of their circumstances.

We know that anyone can be affected by addiction no matter how old they are, what their gender is and where they come from. Despite what many believe, addiction is an illness, and those affected are not ???bad??? or ???weak??? individuals from a particular background. Anyone who uses mood-altering substances such as illegal drugs, alcohol or prescription medication is capable of allowing this use to spiral out of control. It is our mission to help them overcome their problems once and for all.

The organisations we work with include the following:

  • The NHS ??? NHS-run programmes are typically the first port of call for most people, and while many of these programmes are excellent at helping addicts to get better, they are heavily subscribed. It can be difficult to access an NHS-run addiction programme, and there tend to be long waiting lists.
  • Charities ??? Charity organisations operate across the UK to help those suffering from addiction to get better. While these organisations also do excellent work in tackling the issue of addiction, they rely on funding and donations and are often unable to meet the demand for their services.
  • Local Counsellors ??? Local counsellors may be private or funded by the NHS, and they provide their services on an outpatient basis. These services are excellent for those who have completed an inpatient programme and require further help or for those with a less severe addiction for whom an inpatient programme may be inappropriate.
  • Private Clinics ??? Most private clinics provide inpatient programmes for clients who require intensive treatment over a six to eight-week period. Although there is a cost involved with private clinics, patients can usually access treatment within 24-48 hours of their initial enquiry.

Choosing the Best Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Halstead

Once you have accepted that you need help for addiction, you will be ready to look at a drug or alcohol rehab in Halstead. We can help you to find the one that suits you best. Most people assume that there is one specific clinic in every area that is classed as ???the best???, but we disagree.

It is our belief that the best clinic for one person may not be the best clinic for another. It is all about finding that rehab provider that will best suit your individual needs and circumstances, and these will not be the same for everyone.

As part of our free service, we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation from which we can determine what your requirements and circumstances are. The results of this assessment will allow us to get a clearer picture of what you are dealing with, and we can then match you with the right provider in your area.

We will need to know the type of substance(s) you have abused both currently and in the past, as well as how frequently you use these substances. We will also ask questions about your physical and mental health because if you have any underlying medical conditions, it could affect the type of treatment we recommend.

We want you to be completely comfortable with your choice of rehab provider. As such, we will need to know your preferences and budget as well as whether you have any commitments at home or work. This will allow us to decide if you would be better off with a residential or an outpatient programme.

Your Options for Rehab in Halstead

When it comes to rehab in Halstead, you have several options but programmes are typically inpatient- or outpatient-based. We believe that inpatient programmes are beneficial for most affected individuals, although there are some clients for whom this type of care would not be appropriate, particularly those with young families or those with commitments at work.

Inpatient programmes tend to run for around six to eight weeks, and during this time, patients will stay in the clinic where they will receive intensive treatment for their addiction. They will spend much of their day in counselling or therapy sessions and will have around-the-clock access to care and support.

Outpatient programmes are ideal for those who cannot commit to a residential programme, and particularly those with a strong support network at home. Patients who attend an outpatient programme for addiction will attend regular counselling sessions with a qualified professional but will return home afterwards. They will not stay in the clinic.

The type of programme you choose will be determined by your own needs, circumstances and preferences, but Addiction Helper can offer advice and guidance about the various options available to you. We will provide helpful advice but will never try to influence your final decision. For more information on alcohol or drug rehab in Halstead, contact us today via this website or our 24-hour helpline.

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