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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Braintree

Most people assume that the term ???addiction??? refers only to those who are hooked on illegal substances such as heroin or cocaine. However, alcohol, although a legal and socially acceptable substance, is highly addictive and dangerous when consumed in excess. Across the UK, people are affected by both drug and alcohol addiction, and they need help. In cities such as London or even smaller towns such as Braintree in Essex, drug and alcohol abuse affects the lives of many individuals and their families. Fortunately, both drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree and beyond is available for those who need it. Here at Addiction Helper, we work hard to make addiction services easier to access for those struggling with alcohol and drugs.

If you or someone you love needs alcohol or drug rehab in Braintree, call us today via our 24-hour helpline. We work in all areas of the country and have a massive database of information on the various treatments available and the organisations providing these treatments. We can access this information in a matter of minutes, saving you valuable hours of your time researching the various treatment providers in your area. We work with private clinics, the NHS, local support groups and charities, and we can refer clients to any of these organisations depending on their needs and circumstances. Call today for more information or to access the treatment services you need as soon as possible.

Do You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Braintree?

We often find that clients are reluctant to access drug or alcohol rehab in Braintree or other parts of the country because they are finding it difficult to accept that they have a problem. It is hard for some individuals to accept that drugs or alcohol have become a negative force, and they will practice denial in an effort to protect themselves from the reality of their situation.

Many of those abusing alcohol or prescription drugs, for example, will find it difficult to comprehend that they could have an addiction. These individuals cannot understand that legal substances can cause this illness and so are unable or unwilling to see the truth. For them, it is easier to deny that the problem exists than to admit it and ask for help.

Some do not want to face up to the truth because they are afraid of what others will think of them. With so much stigma attached to the illness, many people are ashamed or embarrassed upon the realisation that they are affected and so will ignore the problem rather than ask for help. Nevertheless, this can be detrimental because ignoring an addiction will not make it go away; in fact, it will in all likelihood get worse.

Could Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Braintree Benefit You?

If you are of the opinion that alcohol or prescription drugs could not possibly be dangerous because they are legal, you need to think again. Alcohol is, in fact, one of the most dangerous and widely abused substances in the UK.

While most drink in moderation, many are regularly drinking more than the government???s recommended weekly guideline allowance of fourteen units. This means they are risking their health, and even their lives in some circumstances. Alcohol abuse is a leading cause of poor mental and physical health and is one of the top three contributors of premature death in the country.

Prescription medication can also be dangerous when abused. Although prescribed by a doctor, this medication should only be taken over a short period and only exactly as prescribed by a qualified professional. Taking more of the medication than advised or taking it at increasingly frequent intervals is classed as abuse and could lead to a devastating addiction and the need for drug rehab in Braintree or wherever else it is the affected person lives.

The good news is that with rehab, your life could dramatically improve. You will benefit from improved health and your relationships with family members, friends and even work colleagues can be repaired. If you are worried that your life or the life of someone you love is in danger of spiralling out of control, we urge you to call us right now. We can help you get things back on track and will provide all the details you need to help turn your life around.

Accessing Rehab in Braintree

We know that you could find a suitable rehab provider in Braintree yourself, but we also know that this will take many hours of your time. Searching for rehab in Braintree will mean sifting through mountains of information, not all of which will be relevant to your situation.

By using our free service, you could be matched to a suitable provider in minutes. We will take a good look at your situation to determine the severity of your illness before making any recommendations. We understand that a recovery programme should meet more than just your treatment needs, however.

We will provide a fully comprehensive assessment that will look at your substance abuse history, your general health, your family commitments, and your budget. With this information, we can find a suitable rehab provider where you will be completely comfortable and where all your needs will be met.

Committing to Rehab

If you would like to put your life of substance abuse behind you, you have come to the right place. We have helped countless people move towards a life of sobriety, and we can help you too. The organisations we work with are staffed by dedicated and passionate individuals who will do everything they can to help you overcome your illness, but you must be committed to getting better.
Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Braintree:

Great Notley

Alcoholics Anonymous
Christchurch, London Rd, CM7 2LD
Thursday, 13:00
Great Notley

Great Dunmow

Alcoholics Anonymous
The Day Centre, Chequers Lane, CM6 1EQ
Wednesday, 20:00
Great Dunmow

We only ask that you are prepared to make the necessary changes required to recover. You will be provided with full support throughout your recovery journey, but if you enter a programme with a half-hearted attitude, you will be wasting your time and the time of those individuals who want to help you.

Committing to a programme of recovery now could help to change your life. Call us today for more information on how Addiction Helper can assist you on the road to sobriety.

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