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Some people have described addiction as similar to being in prison. An individual may not be confined by steel bars, but every thought and action is controlled by his or her desire to drink or use drugs. It is certainly no way to live. So, how about you? Do you feel like a prisoner to your drinking or drug taking habits? Could you benefit from drug or alcohol rehab in Billericay?

Your opportunity to break out of that prison exists by way of our 24-hour addiction recovery helpline. At Addiction Helper, we provide our helpline free of charge to addicts and their families in all parts of the UK. We do so because we are genuinely concerned about their health and welfare. We know how difficult it can be to beat a substance abuse or addiction problem without professional treatment. As such, we make it our mission to assist those who want help in finding alcohol or drug rehab in Billericay and beyond.

In addition to providing free advice and referrals, Addiction Helper works hard to maintain up-to-date information on every treatment option in the Billericay area. If there is a treatment out there, we know about it. We would be happy to share that information with you when you call our recovery helpline. Just think ??? one phone call could open the door to a happier, more productive life without drugs or alcohol.

Why You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

We sometimes counsel with clients who might not yet be addicted, but are well on their way to that end. Some of them mistakenly believe they have plenty of time to get things in order. However, that is rarely the case. Untreated substance abuse usually results in addiction. Moreover, addiction comes on without a person understanding what is happening. Make no mistake; time is passing you by. The longer you wait to get help, the more destructive drugs and alcohol are to you and your family. You need to reach out for help from providers of rehab in Billericay right now if you stand any chance of getting your life back on track.

Please also remember that time is a commodity that you cannot get back. For example, your children will never be young again. If substance abuse or addiction is interfering with your relationships with your kids, you are letting precious time pass. You need to seriously consider alcohol or drug rehab in Billericay before something happens that you will regret.

Rehab can be accessed on either an inpatient or an outpatient basis. Inpatient rehab is the better option for the full-scale addict with years under his or her belt. It is also a good option for those who have failed at previous outpatient treatment attempts. We can discuss these things with you when you call our recovery helpline.

Why Rehab in Billericay Is a Good Idea?

The effect that drug and alcohol abuse have on the individual is deep and lasting. It can affect both physical and mental health and can even result in premature death. However, it goes far beyond that; substance abuse has a negative effect on all areas of the individual???s life as well as negatively impacting the lives of the people around them.

Below are examples of the effect addiction can have on those concerned:

  • Mental Health ??? It is common for addicts to also suffer with mental health problems. There is a strong link between substance abuse and mental health, with some individuals abusing substances to cope with issues such as depression and anxiety and some addicts suffering with mental health problems as a result of their substance abuse.
  • Physical Health ??? Abuse of chemical substances such as alcohol or drugs takes its toll on the body too. Conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and some forms of cancer have all been linked to substance abuse.
  • Finances ??? Funding an addiction that has spiralled out of control can be difficult and could quickly lead to financial struggles. Some individuals will resort to borrowing or stealing from loved ones while others turn to crime to fund their addiction, which will inevitably lead to even more problems.
  • Relationships ??? The addict can very quickly become selfish and manipulative, which can have a devastating impact on relationships with loved ones. Addiction is often the cause of divorce and the breakdown of family units.

Accessing rehab in Billericay could help to reverse much of the damage caused by addiction. We urge you to get in touch with us here at Addiction Helper today if you want to get your life back on track.

What to Expect from Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Billericay?

With options for both drug and alcohol rehab in Billericay, there is no excuse not to reach out right now. We can help to determine what your needs are in terms of treatment. If you do reach out for help, you can expect to enter a programme staffed by fully trained professionals who will help you to learn all about your illness. These individuals are dedicated and work tirelessly to provide patients with the tools required to overcome their illnesses for good.

When it comes to what Addiction Helper can offer, you can expect us to begin working for you as soon as you get in touch. We will assess your situation and ensure that any provider we recommend is one that you are comfortable with. Addiction Helper counsellors take great care to make sure they provide a listening ear. We want to hear everything you have to say, including what you are thinking and feeling about drugs and alcohol. Listening to you is one of the ways we evaluate the seriousness of your abuse or addiction problem. Only by listening can we determine exactly where you are.

If you are ready to get rehab help in Billericay, Addiction Helper wants to partner with you. Our free and confidential services are offered to substance abusers throughout the UK.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Billericay:


Alcoholics Anonymous
Queens Park Community Church, Christian Link, Queens Park Ave, CM12 0SP
Tuesday, 10:00

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