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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres in??Nelson

Alcohol and drug rehab in Nelson are available in many different forms. NHS hospitals offer outpatient detox and referrals to counselling, for example, while private clinics take a more comprehensive approach that involves residential detox and several weeks of psychotherapeutic treatments. If you are in need of help with alcohol and drugs, we want to strongly encourage you to consider all your options. Please be aware that detox alone may not be enough in your situation.

Unfortunately, there are several online resources suggesting that drug and alcohol abusers can go through a simple week-long detox and be permanently free of their addictions. This is rarely reality. The reason comprehensive rehab programmes exist is that detox alone does not adequately address all the issues addiction encompasses. Detox only deals with the physical body.

Addiction Helper has seen first-hand how fruitless a detox-only strategy can be. Yes, there are some exceptions to the rule, but few addicts are able to ultimately conquer their addictions after a short stay at a detox clinic.

Detoxing before Going into Alcohol or Drug Rehab

Please don’t misunderstand our position on detox. We agree that it is a critical first step in a comprehensive recovery programme. In fact, it is impossible to overcome a clinical addiction without completely detoxing first. As long as an addict continues using drugs or alcohol, he or she can never truly overcome addiction. That’s just reality.

So, what does detox actually accomplish? It accomplishes the task of breaking the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. In other words, the body gets used to a certain level of chemicals after a person has been drinking or using for any length of time. The body then requires those chemicals just to function. The point of detox is to gradually remove those chemicals so that the body once again learns how to function without them.

In the past, detox was almost always administered cold turkey. The addict would be given a bed, made as comfortable as possible, and left alone to withdraw. Things are done differently today. Detox in a residential rehab in Nelson is medically supervised at all times; prescription drugs may be administered to make patients more comfortable.

The way we do detox now makes the process quite a bit safer. However, this relies on detox being conducted in a medically supervised environment located within a residential treatment clinic. Outpatient detox is an entirely different thing altogether.

Drug Rehab in Nelson – a Better Option

We opened this discussion with the premise that detox may not be enough in your situation. Now we need to explain why. It all boils down to how drugs and alcohol affect the brain.

Positive feelings associated with substance abuse are the result of drugs and alcohol inhibiting certain brain chemicals. When those brain chemicals are altered, thoughts and emotions are altered as well. You need only think of a drunk to understand this. An intoxicated person tends not to think clearly. He or she also tends to lose inhibitions and become more emotional while under the influence of alcohol. The same kinds of things are observed with drugs.

Comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab in Nelson is a better option than detox alone because it addresses the thoughts and emotions long after physical dependence has been broken. What must be understood is that completing detox doesn’t restore the thoughts and emotions. If only restores the physical functioning of the body.

Rehab utilises several different psychotherapeutic strategies to address the thoughts and emotions. As the patient goes through therapy, he or she learns to refocus his/her thoughts and channel them in a positive direction. He/she learns to control his/her emotions rather than the other way around. Through refocused thoughts and emotions, the client learns strategies to avoid future relapse.

Alcohol Rehab in Nelson -??Begin Your New??Life

When drug and alcohol rehab are successful, they result in a changed life. This principle should help you better understand why detox alone may not be enough. You see, changing one’s life generally requires a change in thought patterns and outlook. And as we have already discussed, detox is not sufficient for those kinds of changes. Psychotherapeutic rehab is.

Rehab therapies teach clients how to see life differently. Rehab teaches them to embrace a full and productive life without the use of alcohol or drugs. Best of all, rehab therapies help recovering addicts find hope, purpose, and meaning. The changes are all good for recovering addicts and their families.

Without comprehensive drug or alcohol rehab, patients are faced with the same kinds of problems that led them to their original addictive behaviour. They return to life after detox but are no better equipped to handle stress or fight temptations. Most of them face the desire to start drinking or using again within a very short time. And too often, they go right back to past behaviours.

Are You in Need of Rehab in Nelson?

If you are currently misusing drugs or alcohol, our question to you is whether you are in need of rehab in Nelson. If you are, please understand that detox alone may not be enough to help you permanently overcome your issues. Detox may help you break the physical dependence to drugs or alcohol in the short term, but what will you do when the pressures of life start closing in on you again?

A comprehensive rehab programme that addresses both the body and the mind is what you probably need. We can help you locate such a programme. Addiction Helper has access to private clinics and other service providers not to far from the Nelson area.

Your future may very well depend on the kind of treatment you received. So do yourself a favour and don’t depend on detox alone. Let us help you find a comprehensive rehab in Nelson where you will receive the treatment you need to permanently overcome.

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