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We speak to a lot of people about substance misuse and abuse. From the middle-aged professional who believes he’s an alcoholic to the couple concerned about a teenage child using synthetic cannabis, we have dealt with just about every possible drug or alcohol problem here at Addiction Helper. Furthermore, the challenges we see in Gisburn are as real as they are anywhere else. This is why we work so hard to help people find alcohol and drug rehab in Gisburn.

The clients we work with often ask us what it’s like to undergo rehab. What they are really asking is what happens when someone undergoes drug or alcohol rehab in Gisburn. They want to know what the experience is like, how the rehab process works, what happens after rehab, etc.

We have put together this document to answer those questions. Please read it through carefully. If you have any questions when you are finished, please do not hesitate to contact us on our 24-hour helpline. We are here to help you or your loved one get the answers you’re looking for.

The Differences between Detox and Rehab

The terms ‘detox’ and ‘rehab’ are often used interchangeably in relation to treating substance abuse and addiction. In reality, however, they are not necessarily the same thing. Detox is one of the steps of rehab, but rehab is really a comprehensive programme that involves multiple treatments and therapies.

The best way to describe detox is to think of it in terms of separating the substance abuser from his or her source. A good comparison would be putting out a fire. Firefighters use water in order to deprive the fire of oxygen. Water smothers the flames so that the fire cannot ‘breathe’ well enough to continue burning.

Detox accomplishes the same thing. It addresses the fire of physical addiction by depriving the body of the substances it craves. Detox can be either immediate or gradual depending on the preferences of the patient, the substances being used, and the patient’s current physical health.

What must be understood is that detox alone is rarely enough to accomplish full recovery in a person who is clinically addicted. Detox only addresses the physical aspects of addiction; it does not deal with the mental and emotional consequences of substance abuse. This is what rehab is for.

As previously stated, detox is merely the first step of rehab. It is followed by psychotherapeutic treatments intended to break the psychological addiction so that a patient can begin the process of overcoming the mental and emotional consequences of past behaviours.

Alcohol Rehab in Gisburn

To give you an idea of what actually happens in rehab, we will describe a typical alcohol rehab programme in general terms. Please understand that individual clinics may do things differently in terms of the details. What we describe here is intended only to give you a general picture. Having said that, the process is as follows:

  1. Detox ??? Alcoholics tend to require a 7-to-10-day detox period. Detox is medically supervised to ensure the patient’s safety; medical and support staff do everything they can to make patients as comfortable as possible.
  1. Psychotherapeutic Treatments ??? Detox is followed by 3 to 12 weeks of psychotherapeutic treatments. These treatments are intended to help recovering alcoholics understand their behaviours, take ownership of them, and learn how to avoid future relapse.
  1. Aftercare Services ??? Upon completion of formal detox and rehab, patients will be integrated back into normal life. They are provided aftercare services that offer the support and counselling necessary to prevent relapse.

This basic, three-step process involves a lot of individual therapies that are applied according to a patient’s bespoke treatment plan. For example, one clinic offering alcohol rehab in Gisburn may embrace art and music therapy while another might focus on building the critical life skills patients need to reintegrate.

Accommodations for Drug Rehab in Gisburn

Along with the process, our clients often want to know what they can expect in terms of accommodations and facilities. Again, we will give you a general description. Please bear in mind that clinics differ in their accommodations based on the kinds of clients they are hoping to attract.

The most affordable rehab facilities in Gisburn combine sound treatments with economy. Accommodations usually include shared rooms and public spaces for leisure and group meetings. Actual treatments may be conducted on-site or at an off-site location to which transportation is provided.

The next level of accommodations generally offers private rooms along with the same kinds of public spaces. Clients will usually prepare meals together, and they may enjoy additional amenities like exercise rooms and lounges. Treatments are typically conducted on the premises.

Last are the luxury rehab clinics that offer private accommodations along with an extensive list of amenities. Luxury clinics also tend to provide all meals cooked by a professional kitchen staff as well as treatments provided in-house.

Aftercare Services Following Rehab

In closing this article, we want to provide a bit more detail about aftercare services. These services are included in the cost of most drug and alcohol rehab programmes offered by private clinics. In the rare case such services are not included, recovering addicts should make an effort to access them on their own. Statistics show that recovering addicts who receive proper aftercare are significantly less likely to relapse at one year.

Aftercare almost always includes support group participation. Whether it’s participation in AA, NA or any other organisation, the support group is an integral part of helping recovering addicts remain abstinent for the long term. In addition to support group participation, aftercare can include ongoing counselling, life skills building, vocational training, and even job placement assistance.

You should now have a general idea of what happens in rehab in Gisburn. If you believe you need professional help for a drug or alcohol problem, then contact us right away. We can help you find and access the right rehab facility for your situation.

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